Is It Okay For My Girlfriend To Hangout With Another Guy Alone?

Yes, it is alright for your girl to hang out with another guy alone. It shows that you trust her and gives her all the more reason to love you. You guys have come far together. Find reasons to strengthen your relationship without imposing rules upon one another.
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If the beloved reciprocates the lover’s affections with the same intensity, then the lover should not have reasons to complain. A relationship is built on trust. If your girlfriend is hanging out with another guy, you must neither hesitate nor try to hold her back.

If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, then there’s not much that you can do anyway. You have invested yourself, and she has done the same. Rather than doubting her, you can guide her.

Teach her how to read a guy’s mind and drop hints or take control if he misbehaves. Tell her about the girls you work or go out with. That way, she won’t mind discussing the guys she hangs out with.

Give her the ‘friend’ in you while being her ‘boyfriend.'

Now let us see how you can be a great friend to your girlfriend rather than being a jealous boyfriend. 

Let's Begin With Some Introspection

Before coming to a definite yes or a definite no, let us first ask ourselves a few questions to understand the relationship you share with the girlfriend in question.

#1 Are You Having Good Sex?

If you have intense and regular sex, then worry not; you guys are strong. If not, then you immediately should!

#2 Do You Trust One Another?

If your girl hangs out with a guy, that doesn't mean she is getting laid. Recall how long it took you to win her trust and convince her to date you even though she had a crush on you.

#3 Do You Know Each Other Inside Out?

If you know each other well, then there is no room for doubt. If not, then it's time you learn more about one another. 

#4 Do You Go Out With Girls Alone?

If you do, and you can swear that you are not cheating on her, then the chances of her cheating on you are close to negligible.

#5 Does She Tell You How She Spent The Time With The Guy Alone?

If she shares her whereabouts with you, there is nothing to freak out about. However, if she tries to avoid talking about him, you have your reasons to worry.

#6 Does She Inform You Before Going Out With The Guy Alone?

If she keeps you informed and updated, continue to love her blindly. If not, then express your concern politely.

#7 Do You Tell Her How You Had Spent Your Time With The Girl Alone?

If yes, you can always ask her the titbits, and she won't mind sharing. If not, then better start sharing it so she won't mind sharing.

I had had such difficulties with my guy when we maintained a different friend circle. I never checked his phone, and he would mind his business too. When we broke up, and he started dating another girl from my class, I observed how she always used to hold his phone and check on all his social handles. He felt comfortable and alright with it. I used to wonder if I trusted him more or was about him loving her more.

Take your chances, see her reaction, you will understand a lot from that. If she is not cheating on you, she will not mind sharing details.

#8 Do You Inform Her Before Going Out With The Girl Alone?

If you don't and she does not find it upsetting, you should also understand and cooperate. On the other hand, if you keep her updated, you can politely tell her that you are concerned about her safety, and you would appreciate it if she keeps you informed about the people she goes out with.

#9 How Serious Are You With Your Girlfriend?

Ultimately it all comes down to this question. How serious are you two for one another? Are you making long-term plans? Have you ever discussed and talked about it?

You must express yourself. We have this firm belief that because they love us, they will understand our feelings and emotions. We think that they ought to know.

Let me clear it right away. They are not God. They want to know you. They want to understand you. They love you. But that does not give them the ability to decipher naturally what's going on in your mind and bothering you.

Learn it as soon as possible. Learn to communicate. They will lend you your ears and listen to you without any judgment. 

If you are indeed severe for her, then make it clear. Tell her that you get jealous or feel insecure when she hangs out with another guy, even if that guy is her best friend. 

Tell her that you want her to spend that time with you instead. Trust me, and she will love you all the more when she learns that she makes such a big difference in your life.

#10 How Often Is She Going Out With A Guy Alone?

Well, that's an important question to ask. If such an outing occurs regularly, what are its cause and purpose? Try to learn that. If it's pure business, then you should be okay with it. If not, ask her politely to invite the guy over for a drink or dinner someday.

#11 Is She Always Going Out With The Same Guy Alone?

This charges up the whole situation at once. If it's the same guy accompanying her time and again, then she can owe you an explanation.

Meet this guy in person and get to know him more. Does the guy in question have a girlfriend? How does he talk to your girl? Do they share a coded language between them? Does she enjoy his company? Does he know how to make her laugh?

#12 How Often Are You Guys Spending Time With One Another?

If she allows you some time despite having a busy routine and never makes you feel lonely, then she is your girl, and you need not worry anymore!

However, if she is ignoring you lately or not replying to your text or answering your calls, then it can be a bother.

It is still not a good enough reason to jump to any conclusions. All you need to do is have a dialogue. Take her out on a date, set the scene, and get her talking. Offer her your hand and remind her that you are there to support her.

#13 Is She Spending More Time With Another Guy Than She Is Spending With You?

If she is spending more time with someone else, she might explain. It might even be that he is helping her out to plan a surprise for you.

More than your girl, you might want to check on the guy's intention. Do a background check on him and if he comes out as decent, then relax; if not, discuss it with your girlfriend. She will appreciate you going to such lengths because you care for her.

#14 Do You Know The Guy With Whom She Is Hanging Out?

Familiarize yourself with the person your girlfriend hangs out with. That way, she will be able to narrate the incident,s and you will be able to relate. If you know the guy and the guys know you, there won't be much scope of misunderstanding either.

#15 Don't You Think A Little Tension And Jealousy Make Your Relationship All The More Romantic?

If everything's always happy and sweet, where is the fun of being in a relationship? A little tension and a bit of fight strengthen the bond and make it sweeter. So it's okay to get into a little cold war before a passionate make-out.

#16 Are You And Your Girlfriend Good Friends?

It is vital to be a partner to your friend. If your partner doesn't take you like one, there will always be some loopholes and emptiness. Whereas, if you are friends with her, anything that bothers her conscience shall be discussed with you without hesitation.

#17 Are You Friends With Your Girlfriend's Friends?

If your girlfriend's friends know about you and admire you, then they will also prevent any outsider from influencing your girl in any way. So if you haven't met them yet, then it's time to have a little get-together.

#18 Are You Guys Into PDA?

If you guys are cool with PDA, your relationship must not be a secret. If the word is out, then there's no strong reason to have any fear. Stay carefree and keep loving.

#19 Has Your Girlfriend Been Ignoring You Recently?

If your girl has been negligent about you or has forgotten some special occasion like your birthday, then it might be a worrisome cause. However, it might at the same time have nothing to do with this guy she hangs out with. So, if she ignores you or is negligent about you, then send her a token of reminder through a sweet gesture.

#20 Do You Notice Any Behavioral Changes In Your Girlfriend?

If anybody is influencing us, that leads to specific subtle changes in our behavior and how we talk. If your girlfriend has not been her natural self, it may imply that she is spending more time with someone new. However, that only means that you need to spend more time with your girlfriend and help her shed off the newly taken garb to embrace herself back.

#21 Does Your Girlfriend Smell Differently?

If your girlfriend smells differently, just follow the smell and see where it leads you. Has there been some recent change in her style or her cosmetics? If yes, then ask her playfully about it. You will get some of the answers that will lead you to the ultimatum.

#22 Is She Taking Your Name While Having Sex?

Umm, yes, this will tell a lot too. If your name is always on her lips, then worry not; you have captivated her mind and soul. If not, then worry a lot, for that might nearly imply that she is not under your spell anymore.

#23 How Does Your Girlfriend Behave When You Talk About Other Guys To Her?

If she is calm or composed, she thinks straight, and she is not involved in any nonsense business. On the other hand, if it irks or pains her, or she blames you for doubting her, then there's something going on beneath the hovering dark clouds.

#24 Do You Have Mutual Friends?

If you have mutual friends, you can use them to bring your communication gap. You can express your concern to them, and they can communicate it indirectly to your friend. This way, the problem will be resolved without leaving many areas for loopholes.

#25 How Often And How Long Do You Talk Your Hearts Out With One Another?

If you spend quality time together, in a sense, you open up to each other about things that are happening with and around you, then take it easy. All you need to do is spend some time together and talk it out. If she is undergoing some problem, she will share it with you. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, you will get your turn to talk.

How To Handle The Situation Wisely?

Hastily looking for your answers is not the way to clear your doubts or resolve yours. You must allow some time to understand the gravity of the situation and work accordingly in the right direction. Here are some ways that can help you overcome such botherations if your girlfriend hands out with another guy.

#1 Ask Your Girlfriend To Invite The Guy Friend Over For Dinner

In that way, you would get to know him, and that, in turn, will make you confident and understanding towards them.

#2 Make Your Relationship Official

If you make your relationship official, it will be out in the open, and there won't be many reasons to be insecure. So, if it matters to you a lot that your girl is hanging out with another guy, then make it known to all the people out there that she is your girl.

#3 Make Friends With Your Girlfriend's Guy Friends

Well, that's the easiest way to escape trouble and prevent overthinking before it drives you mad. If you want to go crazy, go with your girlfriend in the bed and not otherwise.

#4 Have Sex With Your Girlfriend

Having hot and steaming sex with your lady will sort out most of the problem. It will bring you closer to one another. It will make you love all over again. It will keep you smiling throughout t the day, and it will keep stray dogs away.

#5 Plan A Staycation With Your Girlfriend

What you and your girlfriend need is a staycation. Plan it out and have fun and adventure together, along with long love-making sessions. Even if there were a chance that the spark in your relationship was diminishing a bit, it would all come back again. 

#6 Recreate Memories With Your Girlfriend

Recreating memories are always a special reminder for both of you of how special and dear you are to each other. Now is the right time for anything you love doing together, and you have wanted to do it again.

#7 Take Your Girlfriend Out On A Romantic Date

Girls are talkative by nature. If you set the mood right and have a good time with her, she will tell you everything without even needing to put in any effort.

#8 Organize A Get-Together And Invite All Friends Of Yours And Your Girlfriend

If you organize a get-together and invite all your friends from both sides, then both of you will have a clear standing regarding your relationship. Now that your friends also are involved, it is official that you two are seriously into each other.

#9 Ask Her About The Nitty-Gritty Of The Day

Make her talk in a way that shows that you care for her. Ask her politely if she had a good day at work or if something out of the ordinary took place. Ask her about her weekend plans and if she is not very occupied, then plan to do something together.

#10 Give An Example Of A Guy Cheating On His Girlfriend By Getting Involved With His colleague

Don't make a direct reference to the guy she might be hanging out with. Fabricate a fictional instance where a guy spent more time with his colleagues than his girlfriend and how it bothered her. She will take the hint and start working on it if she follows you correctly.

Putting Together

There is always more than one way to resolve a problem. Breaking up or rudely confronting your partner will only make things worse. Try to put effort and figure out the best move to smoothen the curve and win back the trust. Work on strengthening your bond and always be a good friend to your partner.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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