What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends You A Picture Of Another Girl?

If a guy sends you a picture of another girl, he is trying to show you that he is with her. Even though he might have a liking for you, he can't be with you. However, he wants you to be his friend anyway.
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We are more used to getting selfies than pictures of someone else from the sender. Sending selfies is the new trend, and when you get a picture from a guy, you might open it excitedly if you have a crush on him. However, on opening it, you see a picture of another girl.

This girl might be someone you know or someone you have never seen before. She might be attractive or pretty enough. However, the question is, why would he send you this picture anyway? Is he trying to prove something? Let's find out!

Why Would A Guy Send You A Picture Of Another Girl?

While there can be a great many reasons for a guy to randomly send you a picture of a girl, the most common reason is to make you jealous. It is said that women can never be best friends. They are not as supportive and understanding as guys. They get jealous easily.

If that is the case, we need to figure out why he would want to make you jealous and why you are falling into his trap. However, let's first study the other possible and popular reasons to find out why a guy would send you a picture of another girl.

#1 He Likes Her

It might be that she is his crush, and he is showing you her photo because he had mentioned her to you in a discussion before. It might also be that he wants to show you the kind of girls he likes.

If he is a dear friend to you, you can also show him and share the photos of your crush or the kind of guys you like. It's a fun thing to do. Rather than taking it the wrong way or feeling jealous, one should be comfortable that one has a bond where you can exchange photos of the kind of people you find attractive. This photo can also be of a celebrity.

#2 He Is Trying To Make You Jealous

Even though a petty move, it is possible that he is trying to make you jealous. Why he is trying to make you jealous is another question. It can be because you are not paying attention to him or because he is mentally disoriented. 

Hug him and remove his fear of feeling left out if you like him. However, if you do not feel for h, it must not be much of a bother. You can ignore the photo and not make a big deal of it.

#3 He Wants Your Opinion

It is possible that the guy in question likes and adores you, but you are already committed, and hence we cannot date you. However, the next thing that he would want to do is the date a girl like you or someone you might regard well.

If you know the guy well or feel that he likes you and might be looking for an opinion, give him your genuine thoughts if possible, tell good things about the girl and appreciate his choice.

#4 You Know Her

It is possible that the guy in question is your friend and the girl in question is someone whom you have known in the past. She might be your classmate, or she might be your colleague.

The guy wants to know more about her and hence has sent you the photograph to see if you could provide him with some not easily available information, some insights into the nature, likings, and character of this girl.

#5 He Is Dating Her

It might be that the guy is dating her. However, why would he send a photograph of his date to you? It must have a background context. It can be that you have expressed your liking for him, and he wants to show you that he is already seeing somebody. However, if that is the case, it isn't nice of him to send photographs like that. 

It was immature of him to do so, or it might be that you were not ready to believe that he is dating somebody and he is sending you this photograph trying to convince you of the same.

#6 He Wants To Know More About Her

He might want to know more about her and needs your help for the same. He wants you to use your friend circle to discover more facts about the girl. 

If he is your friend and there is any way to help him out, and you feel that they can have chemistry, then give your best shot and help him out.

#7 She Is His Ex

It is a photograph of his ex. He might have sent it to you for various possible reasons. The most probable one is that you had asked for it. It might be because you might have mistaken her to be somebody else. However, the best thing to do is ask him directly why he sent you the photograph or if she is one of his exes.

#8 She Is His Best Friend's GF

It might be a photograph of his best friend's girlfriend. Again, there is room for a possible background context to it. It might either be that he has mentioned her to you and wanted to show you her photograph, or it could be that he is trying to draw a comparison between his best friend's girlfriend and you.

It can also be that he wants you to draw a comparison between his best friend's girlfriend and his girlfriend and give your insights to him.

#9 She Is His Best Friend

It is a photograph of his best friend. He might be showing you to prove to you that she is friend-zoned, and even though they might hang out a lot, it does not mean that they have chemistry.

#10 They Have A History

The girl in the photograph might have heard some history with this guy sending you the picture. You might have either mentioned the girl before him, or he might be trying to prove some point to you.

#11 He Is Trying To Manipulate You

He wants you to feel jealous or prove his grounds for some notions. It is trying to manipulate you in a way or the other. Such people are toxic, and it is better to stay away from them and not react to such messages. 

#12 He Is In Love

The photograph is of his beloved. He is madly in love with her, and the love fever has taken a toll on him in such a way that he is sending her picture to his friends and to random people on his contacts to show them that he is in love or that she is taken.

#13 He Is Insensitive

He is an insensitive lad who does not care enough for your feelings. Even though you might have told him that you are insecure and possessive about him and like him and want to have something to do with him, he is just being insensitive and playing with your emotions rather than regarding it seriously.

#14 He Wants To Show That He Is Desirable

It might be that you had made some rude remark to him and he is trying to show you that he is desirable too. It is a desperate attempt on his part to prove that girls find him attractive. If you had indeed made some rude remark, then now is the time to tell him that you get his point and you didn't mean it that way.

#15 He Is Trying To Secure Attention

You might have been very busy and not paying him his due attention, which has made him feel insecure. He sends you a random picture of a girl in a desperate attempt to draw your attention. If you become inquisitive and try to get to know more about her, then the ball is in his court, whereas, if you do not react to it, you understand that you are not into him.

#16 He Cheated On You

It is possible that he cheated on you with her, and he is not ashamed. He considers her his newfound love and does not care for your emotions or feelings. It might also be that he is doing it deliberately to hurt you.

#17 It Was Sent By Mistake

It is possible that the photograph lacking any caption was dropped in your inbox by mistake. Just ask him about it and if he says it was a mistake, stop right there. Try not to push very hard and ask him about the source of the photograph or what the photograph was doing on his cell phone in the first place.

#18 Somebody Else Sent It

It is also possible that someone else had his phone and sent you this photograph to create perhaps a misunderstanding between both of you. In situations like this, it's best to clarify it directly, give him a call, and ask him the purpose of sending the photograph or who the girl is, et cetera.

How Should You React When You Get A Picture Of A Girl From A Guy?

The first time is not to overreact. Never give him what he wants or expects out of you, all at once. Take your time to understand his intention. Do a little study. Find out more about the girl in question, only then give a suitable reaction, preferably a thumbs up!

#1 Don't Be Jealous

If you feel that the photograph was sent to make you jealous, the first thing you should avoid doing is to get jealous. Jealousy is a very petty feeling, and one must try and avoid engaging oneself in a futile and unproductive emotion like this.

#2 Give A Compliment

The best thing to do if a person is getting on your nerves is to compliment them. If a guy sends a random picture of a girl to make you jealous or make you feel uneasy, the best thing to do is compliment them that she looks great or she will be the perfect one for him or they two would look like couples made in heaven.

#3 Distance Yourself From Him

If the guy is bothering you or getting on your nerves, it's better to distance yourself from him at the earliest. If you are only getting emotionally drained, there's no point in paying heed to his messages or much attention to the things he does.

#4 Don't Get Attached To Him

The last thing you would want to do is get attached to a guy who, in a sort of way, tries to humiliate you or insult you by sending you pictures of another girl. Stay aloof, don't give prompt replies to his messages, try to avoid him. 

Guys are self-centered, and they don't like to get avoided or ignored, and if it continues for a very long time, they stop bothering and draining your time and energy for good.

#5 Gift Him A Self Help Book

Gift him a book. What he needs is knowledge. Books can become a very good friend to him. If you feel that he has issues in relationships, give him something thoughtful in that area. 

Else, if you feel there is more of a need for self-improvement or he needs some purpose in life because he is lacking one, he is not well directed or oriented, give him a book from that genre.

This will help him and act as a message from your end that you care about him in the right way, but at the end of the day, he has got to help himself.

#6 Wish Him Luck

When you receive a photo of a girl from a guy, the best thing to wish him good luck and a bright future with her, if he replies with a smile or affirmative, you guessed it right. It's his girlfriend, whereas if he expresses his perplexity, you can expect an explanation and get your answers right away.

#7 Don't Make A Fuss Out Of It

If the photo has been sent to you once, there's no reason to make a hype out of it. There's no reason to even go on looking for an explanation. You've got better things to do and better ways to utilize your time. Keep reminding yourself.

#8 Make It A Big Deal

If this has been a pestering behavior, don't wait for an explanation this time. The reason you're reading this is that you've had enough. Block him this instant and delete his contact. Close all the avenues through which he can contact you.

#9 Move On

Never be with a person who doesn't respect you. To love and get loved is secondary. Respect is primary. Move on if you feel the person is ill-treating you or toying with your feelings.

#10 Help Him In Reaching Her Out

All things said and done, if the guy texts you or reaches out to you for help and if you trust him enough, help him in a friendly way. Don't be an over archer, do whatever you can within your limits.

Summing Up

If a guy sends you a photograph of a girl out of the blue, delete it from your phone, open your gallery, and take a look at yourself, the happy you. The smile right there, ill-treating, is magical! Give yourself a tight hug and paint a sweet smile on your face. If you have you, nobody can harm you. Before being available for someone else, always remember to love yourself first.


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