What Does it Mean When a Guy Compliments Your Eyes?

Generally, when a guy compliments your eyes, it means he is into you. He has developed a huge crush on you, and now he wants to express his inner feelings to you. He also wishes to know your feelings about him, and hence he indulges in complimenting you.
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Love has its own language. For some, it's grand gestures, posting on social media every single moment of your love life. While for some, it's only the little things like sending a cute good morning message, checking up on you after a long tiring day, or just complimenting your little actions, your beauty. 

Everyone has their own love language and their own way of making their partner feel loved. Complimenting your partner is a simple yet great way to let your partner know what you appreciate about her. She also likes that you do notice the little things about her. 

While two people are still in the dating phase and are planning to take the relationship to the next level, complimenting your girl is an amazing way to express your feelings. If you feel shy, or you are not sure whether your girl will give you a positive response, then slowly start complimenting your girl to understand her vibe.

Compliments can be of various types. Some guys are a bit too candid, and they go about complimenting the girl's physical features even on the first date. However, some guys like to do things one step at a time. They like to start by complementing the hair, smile, and then move on to other physical features like lips, eyes, etc. 

Before we delve deep into the various meanings of why a guy compliments your eyes, let us first know why complimenting is a great way to convey one's feelings.

Why Does A Guy Compliment A Girl?

When you are head over heels for someone, you try to find several ways to attract the girl and convey your feelings. Sending out a card or tying out a direct message can seem a bit desperate, especially if you two have just started knowing each other.

Also, when the guy does not know what the girl feels about him, it becomes really difficult for him to make the correct move.

Basically, the situation is quite tricky. So, what does a guy do at a time like this? He certainly wants the girl to know about his feelings, and at the same time, he doesn't want to make any stupid mistake that would upset the girl.

So, he chooses the safest option, and that is giving compliments. Usually, on first dates, many guys compliment the girl on their way of dressing, hair, or how they talk, etc. 

But when the guy has spent some time with you and likes you, he moves on to some deeper levels. And that includes complementing not just your physical appearance like your dress, nail paint, etc., but your beautiful features like eyes. 

Girls love when a guy notices certain things about them and compliment them for that. So a wise guy who wants to tell his feelings to the girl will always choose to compliment. Compliments eyes suggest that he likes you genuinely, he wants to spend more time with you to know you fully, he wishes to take this relationship to the next level. 

10 Meanings When A Guy Compliments Your Eyes 

When a girl receives a compliment, she certainly likes it. But she also starts thinking what is the meaning behind it. And especially when it involves your eyes, girls like to think a bit more. So, let's not puzzle our brain anymore and find out the true meanings when a guy compliments your eyes. 

#1 He Has A Big Crush On You

When the guy you have been talking to or just met for a couple of casual dates compliments your eyes, then it surely suggests that he has a crush on you. He could have expressed his liking for you in a different manner by saying that your voice is great, or the bag you carried was a good one. But he chose to appreciate your eyes.

This means that he has a huge crush on you, and he wants you to know about his feelings. He doesn't want to miss any opportunity of losing you, and hence he quickly complimented your eyes. 

#2 He Wants To Take You Out On A Date

This is the guy you have been talking to for the past few weeks. Probably you two met online via a dating app or simply on social media. He has grown interested in you and loves talking to you. You also enjoy talking to him, sharing memes, sending photos of each other. But neither of you have finally gathered the courage to ask out?

So, the guy chooses to complement your eyes. He knows that this compliment would flatter you a lot. You would understand that he likes you a lot, and this will set a perfect background for him to ask you out on a date. Thins won't be awkward at all; rather, it will be buttery smooth. 

#3 He Wants Your Number

When couples meet on dating apps, usually they won't have each other's number. And it's always a hard task- who will ask for the number first? Most of the time, girls want the guys to ask for their number. But what if the guy is too shy or does not want to sound desperate? 

The guy would like to drop hints so that the girl herself comes forward and gives her phone number. This is a smart move indeed, and many girls fall for this trick. Especially if you compliment genuinely and the girl gets your true sense, then voila, you've achieved what you wanted. 

#4 He Wants To Send You Gifts

Sending gifts to your loved one is a sweet gesture. But things can be tricky when you have just started dating each other. Both of you are in the preliminary stage of dating and are not sure where the relationship will go in the future. However, both of you do like to spend time with each other. 

The guy is being a bit shy in sending out gifts to you all of a sudden. So he is trying to convey his feelings for you by giving you compliments. Once you start noticing that he is not just talking to you but appreciating your beauty, you will be more attracted to him. It will also not be awkward for him to send you gifts as he has already confessed his feelings for you in a different way. 

#5 He Wants You To Meet His Friends

Well, a guy wants his friends to meet you, then he is very much into you for sure. But asking you to meet his friends can backfire on him if he is unsure about your feelings. So, he wants to let you know about his feelings, and then he plans to invite you to meet his friends. 

Complimenting the eyes is a very generous gesture, and girls greatly appreciate it. He knows the moment he asks you to meet his friends; things can get serious. So he gives you compliments, and slowly he will move on to the next step. This way, you will also get a hint about what's going on in his mind, and later on, when he invites you, it won't be embarrassing at all. 

#6 He Is Serious About You

Not every guy wants a serious relationship. Some are here to have fun. They will go on a few dates with you, click nice pictures, post on social media for attention, and after a month or two, you will find them with another girl.

But some guys are here for the long run. They are genuinely into you and not dating you to post on social media. So, when a guy is serious about you, you would observe that he listens to you, pays attention to your little details, remembers about your likes and dislikes.

A serious guy will not often compliment you for your physical appearance because he is looking at your inner beauty. And the eyes are the reflection of ourselves. So, when the guy compliments your eyes, he is pretty serious about it. 

#7 He Wants Compliments For Himself

I'm sure we all have met that one guy in our lives who loves to get compliments. He is too much into himself that he does not even bother about the girl he is dating. He would go any length to get some compliments for himself. 

These types of guys are looking for attention, and they can apply any trick to get that much-needed attention. His objective here is to tell all his other friends, especially female friends, that he receives many compliments. That's why he compliments your eyes because he is aware that you will be delighted to hear that, and in return, you too will give you some compliment. 

#8 He Wants To Know Your Feelings

Asking directly about your feelings is a great option, undoubtedly. But you can mess up also. So guys often go for the safest option. And that is complimenting. The guy likes you but is getting mixed signals from your side. He is unsure about your feelings for him, and at the same time, he is not brave enough to ask you upfront.

So, he compliments your eyes, and after that, he wishes to understand your reaction. If you get angry or try to avoid the situation entirely, or start speaking less with him after the incident, he will get a hint that you are not interested in him as much as he is.

But if you are interested in him, then you would blush, you too would compliment him, and there will be a definite change in your tone and language. And that's going to be his indication of your heart's feelings. 

#9 He Is Romantic By Nature

Girls love romantic partners. Some can say that being romantic is cheesy, but a little bit of romanticism never hurts a relationship. It spices up even more. Your guy happens to be the romantic kind. He writes letters for you; he gives you flowers whenever he meets you; he asks for your favorite things from childhood to keep with him as a reminder of you. He is a romantic at heart.

You would experience many romantic things with a guy like this, from candle night dinners to surprises. He would make sure to shower you with love, attention, and compliment all the time. And truly romantic guys love to convey their feelings by complimenting the eyes as it is a more profound way of expressing love for the partner. 

#10 He Is In Love With You

A guy who is in love with you will make sure to let you know your feelings by all means. He will be true to his feelings, and his every gesture will reflect his genuineness for you. 

He won't just take you to dates for the sake of it. He is here to stay. He wants to know you more; he wants to be your companion and, in the future, your soulmate. He will compliment your eyes to express his love for you. He wants to take this relationship to the next level and move on from this dating phase. 

How to Respond When A Guy Compliments Your Eyes?

Just knowing the meanings is not enough. You also need to know the correct way of responding to such compliments.

  • Take it lightly. If you have started dating the guy very recently and are unsure about your feelings for him, then take it lightly and change the topic of conversation. It will give him a hint that you need more time. 
  • Compliment him back. If you like him and have a crush on him, you should not hold back your feelings. Let him know how you feel by complimenting him back. 
  • Don't give attention. When you know that the guy is doing it only for attention, the best way to respond is to ignore him. Even if he compliments you, you ignore him completely. You pretend as if you did not hear him.
  • Understand his tone. You have to understand how he is complimenting you. Is it only when his friends are around when you dress up for a fancy dinner? If that's the case, then he is not into you genuinely. He is doing it for attention. So, keep an eye on his tone whenever he compliments you. 
  • Ask him directly. If you have feelings for him and you see that he is giving you compliments but not directly expressing his feelings for you, then asking directly is the best option. This way, you don't need to be puzzled anymore. You will get a clear answer, and it will help you decide your further moves. 
  • Tell him to stop. If you are not into him, and this is just casual dating for you, then be honest about it. Tell him that you are not comfortable with such compliments and you would appreciate it if he stops. 
  • Reciprocate his feelings. When you are interested in the guy, and by his gestures and actions, you also know that he feels the same for you, then reciprocate your feeling to him. He might be shy, so he cannot tell you directly but is giving you hints. So, it's your turn to take the cue and let him know about your feelings. 

How To Understand That The Guy Is Being Genuine?

If you think that when a guy compliments your eyes, he is madly in love with you, you are wrong. It can be a trap for him to attract you and show you off to his friends and social media, especially if he is a playboy or has a record of flirting with girls.

So, don't just melt away the moment he compliments you. You must observe his other actions as well. Does he listen to you when you share your stories? Does he remember little details about you? Does he pick up your calls always or reply to you quickly?

Well, if you put a checkmark on all the above things, then the guy is into you. He likes you and is invested in you emotionally. 

However, if he only compliments you before taking you out to dinner or before asking for any help from you, then he is only taking advantage of you. He is casually dating you, and he won't even hesitate to call off the relationship after some time.

So, make sure to check his behavior, not just when he is complimenting you. 

Let's Wrap Up

Compliments can make you very happy. And when it comes from your partner or your loved one, the happiness quotient doubles up. However, a partner's true feelings can't just be determined compliments. Love has many languages, and compliments are just one of them.

So, don't just concentrate only on compliments, rather focus on the bigger things that hold a relationship together for longer, like trust, communication, and companionship. 


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