What Does It Mean When A Girl Fixes Her Hair When She Sees You?

If a girl fixes her hair in front of you, she is trying to draw your attention towards her and wants you to flirt with her. If you feel attracted to her, do something to make it clear that you would be interested in taking her out on a date.
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If a girl fixes her hair in front of you, she is trying to draw your attention towards her and wants you to flirt with her. If you feel attracted to her, do something to make it clear that you would be interested in taking her out on a date.

Girls have a habit of playing with their hair as with their jewelry. They like to get fixated on something or the other when they are not taking a selfie or standing before a mirror.

If a girl happens to fix her hair, say make a bun by pulling all her hair up but keeping her eyes on you, or opening her hair and making the cascade fall down in front of you, get a bit closer to her, and she may whisper some secrets to you as well. She might be horny and craving attention. 

Why She Fixes Her Hair Infront Of You

She is either lonely or too attracted to you. It can be either your style or your manners that has mesmerized her so much that she is perhaps not even conscious that she is looking at you unblinkingly while fixing her hair right. 

However, women are complex creatures, and there might just be more to it that only you will be able to tell best. We are going to help you out nevertheless in decoding all the major possibilities and driving at the most probable conclusion.

#1 Trying To Lure You

She is mesmerized by your charms and wants to feel you the same way for her. Guys are generally attracted to the way a woman keeps her hair; its texture and volume, as well as its aroma, bewitch them of their senses.

If you have the hots for her, drop hints in an equally playful manner that shall attract her further.

#2 Wants Your Attention

She is craving your attention. It can be that she likes you and has been looking for an opportunity to get closer to you, or it can be instinctive too. 

If it is more spontaneous than premeditated, go with the flow, and you might end up getting lucky that very night. On the contrary, if it is a repeated behavior from the same lady, make subtle moves to show her that you are genuinely interested.

#3 She Wants You To Ask Her Out

It is her way of indicating that she is available and wants you to ask her out on a date. Don't take too much time if you feel attracted to her and indeed want to go out with her. Girls are capricious, and they lose their interest as soon as they get it. Keep her engaged and occupied, and it shall be fine.

#4 She Is Interested In You

She is interested in knowing you. The chances are high that it is more related to being physically attracted towards you. However, there might be more to it. You have some influence or capacity to bring her some favors, and all she is looking for is an opportunity to ask you for the same.

If you feel you would like to help her out for you, know you are quite an influencer, then play along. If not, then change your position and stop looking back at her.

#5 She Is Being Playful

It is not specifically about you, and she is just in a mood for some fun and frolic. She might want to get loose and enjoy the moment. If you are on for it, too, you can seize the moment together by playing it right.

#6 She Is Flirtatious

She likes to flirt but doesn't want any serious business. She got an impression that you like casual relationships too, and hence she is making room for you to start with some foreplay and amuse her with your moves.

#7 She Is Nervous

It might be that she finds you intimidating or is nervous in general by the people she is surrounded by. She is fixing her hair, and you are standing in front of her like a pillar, so she happens to be looking at you.

That is all there is to it. However, you can make her feel comfortable and help her ease herself down by giving her a glass of water or smiling a short and soft smile at her. 

#8 It's Out Of Habit

Just like guys have a habit of doing their hair now and then. They think that it makes them look like a cool dude. Girls have the habit of fixing or playing with their hair. She is not doing t to gain your attention or to drive you crazy in some manner. She is doing it because she likes to do it.

#9 She Is Making Herself Comfortable 

It may be that she was in a hurry while leaving her house, playing, and she didn't get proper time to fix her hair or put her makeup right. She is using this time when she is not surrounded by many but you, to make herself comfortable.

She might be looking at you while doing this because you are the only person around, and she is in a way asking for her excuse for not wanting to go to the restroom to carry it out.

#10 She Is Horny

It might be that she is in the mood for some mischief, and your looks are just driving her crazy. She is turned on and giving you green signals to come and play along.

What To Do When A Girl Fixes Her Hair In Front Of You?

If a girl is seeking your attention, the first rule is to give it to her. Focus all your energy on her, but don't push it too hard. Be composed. Do not fret even for a second. Just keep that calm countenance, and since she is already impressed, the rest of the things will be effortless.

#1 Continue With The Eye Contact

First of all, do not break eye contact. Even if you are on a call or talking to someone, keep looking back at her, at least for as long as she does. Captivate her with your gaze. Don't let the charm dispel into thin air.

#2 Make A Remark

Make a remark on her style or about the weather. If she replies or utters something, she is interested in the conversation. However, if she ignores it, then she is just staring at you blankly, and you might move on and go about carrying on with your business.

#3 Tease Her 

Doing something as playful as her and getting a bit naughty will lighten things up. Match her energy and vibe along in the same manner. Don't let her get out of the zone, and if it all feels right, you can ask her to excuse herself from the immediate setting and go to someplace more romantic.

TIP: Roll eyes all over her body, rub your lips with your thumb.

#4 Set Your Hair

If she is doing her hair in front of you, you do your hair in front of her. This might make her laugh and giggle, and you can vibe along well immediately. Don't let her laugh alone, though. 

#5 Ask Her If She Needs A Hand

Get talking and make it fun. Ask her if she would like you to hold her clip or her clutch while fixing her hair. If she gives an affirmative response as much as a nod or says that it would be appreciated, then get closer and help her out.

#6 Act Flirtatious

When she is flirting with you, flirt back all the same. Amuse her with your gentlemanly moves and do something nice for fun. Blink at her or get closer to her if she allows you to.

#7 Don't Try Too Hard

At any moment of teasing and playing, don't make her feel embarrassed, or don't come up as if you are very desperate and eager to get into her pants. Take it slowly. Make it romantic and fun. Enjoy pleasing and playing but don't get too uncontrollable or out of your wits.

#8 Ask Her Out

If you get an opportunity, then ask her out on a date. Take her to someplace that is cozy and romantic with the right music and setting. It can be solitary or with other love birds to create the perfect mood for a fairly romantic and engaging evening.

#9 Fix Her Hair

If she is having trouble fixing her hair, then lend your hand and help her hold things or hold up her hair while she fastens it. While you are at it, give her a lovely compliment on her beautiful hair.

#10 Offer Her A Drink

If you happen to be at a bar or a cocktail party, send her a glass of dirty martini and if she accepts it and takes it, then fix a scotch for yourself and move towards her to keep the game going.

#11 Smile At Her

Smile at her. That's the universal language, right? If she smiles back, it's a yes. You can go ahead and ask her to be your date. If she breaks eye contact, then staring at you while fixing her hair was unintentional.

#12 Bite Your Lower Lip

Make it as sensational as it can get without putting in a lot of effort. Bite your lower lip and see how she reacts. If she blushes and keeps looking, she goes and holds her hands. If she reacts repulsively, well, stop biting your lips and look somewhere else.

#13 Pose In A Gentlemanly Manner

Face yourself towards her but do not take the liberty to increase the gap between your legs or make any pose that could be considered offensive. Be gentlemanly in your manners. Whatever you do, don't make her uncomfortable.

#14 Lean Forward While Speaking To Her

Getting completely closer to her would be a mark of audacity. Instead, you can try and lean forward while talking or listening to her. If she is attracted to you, you never know. She might come closer and give you a peck on your face as well.

#15 Give Her A Compliment

Girls love compliments, and if the woman is gazing at you while doing her hair, then that's the best thing that you can offer her, for starters. You can either give a compliment on her hair, or her eyes, or the way she looks, the way she is dressed; just do it right.

#16 Don't Ask Anything Too Personal

If you get talking, keep the conversation light and hearty. Don't start interrogating her, don't ask anything very personal; keep it on a surface level and try to match her energy. Vibe along and see how it goes.

How Can You Get A Better Idea Of What A Girl Thinks When She Touches Her Hair In Front Of You?

There is more to body language and playful gestures than immediately known. If you pay close attention and take your time to notice all the movements, you will get to know the woman in question a lot more. I have shared some aspects that can reveal if the lady is indeed into you.

#1 See The Way She Flips It

The way a woman flips hair tells a lot about what is going on in her mind. Whether she is nervous or musing on some thought, or does she think about you.

#2 Count The Number Of Times She Does It

If she keeps doing that many times, perhaps it is out of habit and not gaining your attention. However, if she does it once or twice or only when you look at her, then boy, oh boy, she is craving attention and perhaps even desiring you.

#3 Look At Her Eyes

Keep looking at her eyes and see when it flickers, blinks, or looks away, and if it rolls. The ocular movements can tell you much more than the words can reveal. As the saying goes, eyes never lie. Follow her eyes, and you would know her intent.

#4 See If Her Lips Twitches

Along with their eyes, pay special attention to the movements of her lips. If she is twitching, it would mean that she is talking to herself and is busy contemplating things, absorbed in her thoughts. If she bites her lips, perhaps she is horny and wants to make some mischief.

Whereas if she is busy making conversation or eating, then nothing is going on in her mind at that moment, and it's all your mind's dirty play that is making you restless.

#5 Look At Her Feet

Suppose her feet are pointing and resting in your direction for longer than a few minutes. In that case, it might be deliberate, and you might just go ahead and start making a conversation. If it's a wave from you that is not symmetrically towards you, then take some more time before making your move.

#6 Observe The Way She Is Making Conversation

Suppose she is hesitant or carefree while making conversation; if she looks at you while she's talking, she refers to something particular, or she is being evasive in all her talks. It would tell you a lot about her personality and what was going on in her mind at that very moment.

Summing Up

If a girl fixes her hair in front of you, it would mean that she is comfortable doing things in your presence. It implies that she is ready to break the rules. She does not want to follow the stereotypical ways of doing things. She is not trying to impress you by putting up disguises.

She is being raw and natural. She would like to see if you like her that way, which if you do, you should take a step closer to her and ask her out. You never know. The next time when you see her, you may be helping her in fixing her hair or tucking it for her.


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