If A Guy Drunk Texts You Does He Like You? (Answered)

If a drunk guy texts you, he is infatuated with you. This infatuation might be temporary, or it can even take the form of a long-term relationship if you feel likewise for him and you guys vibe along well.
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When we are drunk, we often try to reach out to people we hold close to our hearts. It strongly suggests that we like them or they have been on our minds for a while now. Often, it may happen that we are not conscious of our liking. It is only after we have reached out to them and have made it awkward that it hits us that we are attracted to them.

However, all things said and done, receiving a drunk text message is a tricky situation. A guy calling you up after being drunk is more probable and creates less trouble.

The foremost reason is that if he is drunk, how is he managing to type out his feelings for you, or is it that he wants to use his apparent drunkenness as an excuse to convey his feelings to you and for you. Let's find out more!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Drunk Texts You

If a guy is drunk but still manages to text you, it means that you have captivated him in a way or another. He cannot stop thinking about you, and even when he is not with you, you are on his mind. If you like him, it's good news for you. I've discussed below all the possible reasons why a drunk guy would choose to text you.

#1 He Likes You 

Yes, if a drunk guy texts you, he likes you. Whether he likes you as a friend or something more than that depends on many factors. If you are a reliable person and always there available for him in his hour of need, he likes you as a friend. If you are just someone he knows yet chooses to call you among all other people in his life, you mean more to him.

#2 He Is Infatuated With You 

If a drunk guy texts you, he is obsessed with you. There can be various possible reasons for his obsession. It might not necessarily be romantic. It's like one way or the other, you turn up, and he can't stop thinking about you. 

#3 He Is In Love With You 

The strongest reason a guy would like to drunk text you is that he is in love with you. It is very much possible that he is not aware of your feelings. It can also be that he is already committed. Yet, he picks up his phone, types out a message to let you know that he perhaps needs you.

If you feel the same way for him or are inclined to know him more, reach out to him. Reaching out doesn't imply that things got to happen between the two of you. It might mean that you both will gel up well together and enjoy each other's company.

#4 He Wants To Get Cosy With You 

An extremely common reason a guy would like to text you is to get laid with you. His interest may be purely physical if he doesn't text you much when sober.

If you think he will be good in bed and it will be an enjoyable session, you can play along. If not, keep your distance and don't humor him much.

#5 He Is Trying To Manipulate You 

This can be one of the cheap tactics that guys like to do. It's called breadcrumbing. He is texting you and many others at the same time to see whoever is available. If you reply in the affirmative and show interest in talking to him, either he will invite you to his place or show up on your doorstep. 

It is not wise to send prompt replies. Take your time before reverting to his texts. If he maintains the level of enthusiasm even after getting slow replies, he is genuinely interested in you. If not, he was trying to manipulate you into believing that he was thinking about you.

#6 He Is Trying To Lure You 

A drunk text can only be sweet. If a drunk guy texts you, he is trying to lure you into doing things you wouldn't have otherwise agreed to. It could be picking him up from the bar or giving him your shoulders to lean on if he insists. 

#7 He Wants You To Comfort Him 

He needs comfort, and he knows you're easygoing. He came to you in the hope of acceptance. He thinks you will be gentle with him because that's who you are, one of the most womanly and gentle ladies he has come across.

Well, if he is right in his deductions, you are sure going to help him out. Just don't do anything that you might regret later or wish wouldn't have happened. Remember, you can always ask a reliable person to help you out here.

#8 He Is Broken 

A guy may text you if he has recently had a breakup. He might need emotional support or want to make out if you're interested. Always remember, such people, are mostly toxic. Either they will stick onto you or will keep talking about their ex. It's very difficult for them to move on in life. If you don't want such troubles, stay away from him.

#9 He Regards You As A Dear Friend 

A drunk guy texts you because he trusts you. He trusts you because he feels secure with you. The bond that you two share makes him hold you close to his heart. He regards you as a dear friend. If he is dear to you too, don't disappoint him.

#10 He Did Not Know Who Else To Text 

You guys talk a lot, and you were the first person on his list. He wanted to talk to someone, so he dropped a message. If you're not very occupied doing something, allow him space to talk his heart out. Conversations can be soothing and make him feel better.

#11 He Wants To Ask You Out 

If a guy drunk texts you, he wants to ask you out but hasn't gathered the courage to do so. It might be because he isn't sure if you would like to be his date. Give him an opportunity if you are looking for hookups and see how it goes. As they say, you have to do it to feel it!

#12 He Wants To Make Some Confession 

It might be that he has been avoiding you for some time because he is guilty of something he has done. He was scared to face you or tell you about it. But now that he is out of his wits, he wants to make a confession and be at ease.

#13 He Wants To Apologize 

It is in this state of drunkenness that it occurs to him to give you a note of apology that has been long due. While we can fool our conscious mind, our subconscious state of mind knows us better. 

Engage him in conversation and get to know all he has been keeping from you. This will bring both of you to close, and it's something that doesn't happen twice.

#14 He Needs A Favor 

He needs some favor from you. He is in trouble or needs help. You might be the one with resources and contracts. Pay close attention to his tone and diction, try to read between the lines, and you will possibly understand a lot more than what he has managed to state in the text.

#15 It Was A Mistake

It is possible that the text was sent to you by mistake. He was trying to send it to someone else instead, but in a state of drunkenness, he didn't realize it. You may either inform him to recheck his message or wait until you receive another text from him.

What To Do When A Guy Drunk Texts You?

It is not a situation that shall cause panic. You're not sharing that moment with him. Keep your head cool. Even if you want to reach out to him or help, there are right ways to do it. The last thing to do on the list is get drunk and lose your wits. Let's see the possible ways in which this situation can be handled wisely.

#1 Try Not To Entertain 

If a guy texts you out of the blue in a state of drunkenness, it might be good but not healthy news. It is not something that you should fall for. If they're too embarrassed or unsure about their feelings when they are in a good state of mind, they don't deserve you when they're low either.

Do not humor or entertain him. Show him the boundaries. Prioritize nothing more than your self-esteem. Don't be readily available for people.

#2 Inform His GF 

Well, if the guy texting you in this uneasy state happens to be in a relationship with someone you know personally, call and inform her about it. This will not only lessen your burden of going to help him out but also prevent any confusion. If the girl truly loves him, she would appreciate your effort and reach out to him.

#3 Inform His Friends 

If the guy isn't dating, but you are in touch with some of his friends, you might inform them. They know him better than you do. They will reach out to him and assist him if there is such a need. Besides, next time the guy would know who to call and who to avoid.

#4 Call Him Up 

If you know him well, you might want to give him a call and talk to him to know if he's in the right place or with the right company. If there are things that he had wanted to tell you, he will be able to express himself promptly over a call than through text messages.

#5 Give Him A Drive 

If you care for him and want to help him out, ask him about his whereabouts and give him a drive back home. It would be extremely stupid if he dared to drive himself back home. You may also ask him to share his location and pick it up from there.

#6 Wait For Him To Get Sober 

If you don't know him well, it's better to wait till he gets sober. Once back in his senses, if he continues to pursue you, you might consider giving him a chance if you feel for him.

However, don't just entertain him for the sake of it. Figure things out from before. Don't overthink, but that doesn't mean you must go freely with the flow. Give words to your notions and feelings.

#7 Tell Him Not To Bother You 

If you are already committed or if you don't like him or if he is your ex, tell him straight not to bother you. If he continues to bug you and you feel that it is all a plaything for him, don't think twice before blocking him permanently.

#8 Calm Him Down 

If he is a nice person and you like him, calm him down. Talk to him, video calls him or text him, make him feel better. Tell him that you care for him and don't like seeing him in that state. You may ask him not to drink more and book an uber for him to take him back home. You may stay connected with him until he is back home and off to sleep.

#9 Reply In Short Phrases 

If you are unsure of his real intent but want to know more about him, reply in short phrases and single words. See if he continues to chat with the same enthusiasm or gets annoyed and rude. This will tell you a lot about his nature in general.

#10 Tell Him You Are Busy

If you had wanted to talk to him, but you have a feeling that this is not how you wanted to initiate your conversations, make an excuse such as you're busy in a meeting or a family gathering with a promise that you will catch up with him as soon as you get free. 

Summing Up

If a drunk guy texts you, it shows the strength of your relationship. He trusts you and perhaps even loves you. You've been on his mind for a long time, and he wants to get romantic with you, even if it is via text. 

Guys sound sweeter when in a state of drunkenness, and you might not want to miss the chance to hear their hearts out if they call or text you. However, do not get too excited till you are certain that they have not been texting multiple girls at the same time or at least till they express their feelings for you in as simple and plain words as it can be put.


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