What Does It Mean When A Girl Stares At You From A Distance?

When a girl stares at you from a distance, she checks you out. She finds you appealing to her taste and is attracted to know you. She is either trying to figure out a way to start a conversation with you or wants you to make the first move.
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You're at a party, and it's the third time that your eyes have fallen on a girl who has been eyeing you at the same time. You check her out properly this time and find her likable. 

She gives you an unflinching look. You are so moved that you want to go and start a conversation at once. But then you think to yourself, what if it's a coincidence, and she might take you to be a creep for staring at her in that manner. It might get awkward. You don't want it to get awkward. You want it to be romantic.

You take your time before making a move, but the time is elapsing or perhaps even elapsed. She got busy with her friends, and you got occupied too. However, now when you're back at home, you can't stop thinking about her. You can't be wrong greatly, right?

Why would she stare at you like that but maintain her distance at the same time? What was keeping her from coming close to you? If she wasn't interested, why would she look at you? Let's find out!

What Makes A Girl Stare At You From A Distance?

If a girl stares at you but keeps her distance, the highest chance is that she already knows you well. Even if you don't recognize her, she has information on you. I don't mean to imply that she is spying on you, not unless you have not voluntarily involved yourself in some nasty business. 

However, there might be a good many reasons for her to stare at you even though she knows you have seen her looking at you. Let's find out the most popular and possible reasons for her to do so!

#1 She Is Interested In You 

The foremost reason for a girl to eye you like that is because she is interested in you. This arousal of interest might be sudden or ongoing for some time now. 

The factors leading to such arousal have to do with either your personal or professional life. It may be that she is interested in someone you maintain close contact with or your area of work. Don't worry, if she is indeed interested in you, she will find a way to talk to you. 

#2 She Likes You 

The girl giving you the stare from a distance may have a deep crush on you. You are there on her Facebook and Instagram searches. It may be that you're popular in college or at your workplace.

If the face seems recognizable to you, ask one of your female coworkers about her and if she knows her well, tell her to establish contact between you.

#3 She Has Been Stalking You 

It is possible, though not very likable that she's on some mission. She might be really good friends with your girlfriend and is there to test your loyalty. She might be working with your competitor and is there to know some trade secrets. Do some background check on her first, and don't buy all her words at face value.

#4 She Knows You 

It may be that you don't remember or know her, but she knows you well enough. This, again, can have a history in itself. You might have been a close associate of either her boyfriend or brother. 

She finds your sudden appearance in similar places as hers intriguing. The best information about her can be fetched from your host. If you know the host well, you will not have trouble getting information.

#5 She Wants To Ask You Out 

It is possible that she finds you attractive and wants to ask you out. However, she is coy when it comes to expression. Hence, she is looking at you in that manner to take the first step towards her and make her comfortable.

#6 She Is Horny 

It might be that she wants some active play, and not many are available at that moment. Consider yourself lucky and if you are not already with someone, keep the ball rolling in style.

#7 You're Attractive 

It is just that you are attractive, and it's not only her but all the girls around you who have been darting their eyes on you. I suggest you look around to find out more about it and yourself.

#8 You're Rich 

A girl staring at you from a distance has got to do with your financial status. If you're rich or come from an affluent family, she might be a gold digger. Notice the way she is looking at you. Is it sensual and inviting, or more distant and studious? Take your steps accordingly.

#9 You're Single 

It may be that you are the only guy without a partner. And perhaps, she is the only girl without a partner too. It's awkward for her. She might be feeling left out. She desperately wants someone to hold her hands, maybe just for that night. If you feel attracted to her, don't waste your time.

#10 She Is Bored

It is just that there are not many things to do there. She might be new in the city and looking for people to show her around.

What Should You Do When A Girl Is Eyeing You From A Distance?

The first thing to do when you spot a girl looking at you from a distance is not to wave at her or rush towards her at once. Try to oversee the whole thing. Maintain your ground. Only when it has happened twice or thrice in a row can you raise your eyebrows flirtatiously at her and wait for a response. 

#1 Smile At Her 

All sweet beginnings start with a smile. If she is looking at you mysteriously and you're reading this right now, it implies that you can't stop thinking about her. It can turn into a giggle or laughter if she chooses to smile back at you.

#2 Offer Her A Drink 

When you see someone taking an interest in you, the courteous thing to do would be to offer them a drink. When this someone happens to be a girl who has been staring at you for a while now, it is more gentlemanly if you carry the drink yourself to her rather than sending a waiter to do the needful. 

How she would accept or reject the glass will give you hints to her real intention and help you find a conversation starter.

#3 Talk To Her 

When someone has been darting their eyes at you, they might as well be interested in talking to you. If you are much of a talker, you know what to do. Try to reduce the distance and begin a conversation at the earliest before something distracts her or comes between both of you.

#4 Ask Her If She Would Like To Go To A Quieter Place 

It might be that she is distracted and does not particularly enjoy the company or place. Offer her an alternative. Ask her if she would be interested in going to a quieter place. Offer some romantics a rooftop or even by the roadside for a walk. 

If she accepts the proposal, be friendly and upbeat. Take it slow, don't spoil things by making a personal remark or asking questions one shouldn't ask on the first date.

#5 Ask For Her Number 

If you guys get talking and you like her or feel that she likes you, don't forget to ask her number. If she doesn't make an excuse and offer it to you, you can ask her out on a date the very next day. However, if she laughs and offers you no digit, she is bored and looking for some company only for that time being.

#6 Offer Your Number 

If you feel hesitant in asking for her number, remember to offer her yours. Offering your number gets you brownie points as that way the weightage of texting first falls on her. You will not appear desperate, and you can play at her pace.

#7 Give Her A Compliment 

When a girl is eyeing you from a distance, offer her a compliment. It can be about her eyes since she has been darting it at you for a while. If it is appreciated with a nod or a smile, you can praise her beauty or comment on her style.

#8 Humor Her 

If you feel that she is mighty bored, crack an intellectual joke. That way, you would know her wavelength, and if she takes it right, it will give a good kickstart to a possible friendship.

#9 Talk Politics 

If you are present in a place that doesn't allow much humor, you can always discuss the political parties or the weather. That way, you would get to know her social standpoint and perspective.

#10 Ask Her For Dance

If the place allows it, ask her hand for a dance. That would not only give you space to vibe along well but might even help you in starting a conversation. Dancing together is a nice way to check the energy of a person and to make them feel comfortable with you at the same time.

Things You Must Avoid Doing When A Girl Is Looking At You

It is important to appear well-mannered, especially when being scrutinized. It doesn't mean that you shall not be at your best behavior otherwise. But as the dictum goes, your first impression must create a lasting effect. However, you do something out of the blue or overdo yourself. No, don't do any such thing. 

If she has been looking at you for a while, she likes you already. You just got to maintain it, and the ball will be in your court. So, what is more, e e important is to know what you must not do than what you can take the liberty of doing?

#1 Don't Be Rude 

The last thing you would want anybody to think about you is that you are a rude person. If not polite, be civil. Present yourself as a well-cultured man who comes from a good background. Mind your manners.

Be polite, courteous, and kind whenever you get the opportunity. That doesn't imply that you must go hunting for it. No, let it be effortless. Let it come to you, and when it does, don't let it escape into oblivion.

#2 Don't Get Too Excited

Please do not get too excited and make a big deal out of it. She is only looking at you, and that too from a distance. While the chances are higher that she likes you, that doesn't outdo the possibility of finding something strange about you. Ensure that all your shirt buttons are closed and you are well presented. Let's hope there's no food stuck between your teeth.

#3 Don't Start An Interrogation 

If you get to make a conversation with her, do not weigh her down with interrogations. Don't start taking an interview or being an inspector in any way possible. Neither ask her questions nor tell her how things are supposed to be done. Behave like an adult.

#4 Don't Send Her Request On Fb 

Don't take the chasing game to the next level. Even when you learn her name, don't open avenues for her because you feel that might get her talking. 

You can look through her profile on social platforms and even check for mutuals. But it's creepy to get a request from a guy you saw at the party last night but don't know much about. It will either be deleted or stay there stagnant.

#5 Don't Be Ill Mannered 

Mind your manners. Don't go and ask her if you are being a bother to her in any way. For even if you are one, she won't tell you to your face. And if you weren't one, this question shall change the status. Stay cool and composed, and keep it as effortless as possible.

#6 Don't Be Too Loud 

Be polite and humble. Talk softly with her and with others. Stay low-key. The tone of your conversation and the pitch of your voice reveals a lot about your personality. Be as gentle as possible.

#7 Don't Be Too Blunt 

Please don't go and ask her why she has been looking at you. If she wanted to tell you the reason, she would have waited for you to bring it up. Be subtle in all your verbal exchanges. That doesn't mean you must be diplomatic. Diplomacy up to a degree is forgivable but playing dumb is not.

#8 Don't Overdo Things 

Don't overdo things, and that implies for one and all. Be it giving her compliments or stating facts. If you have a phrase you keep getting back at, try not to use it. 

Don't fall into any stereotypical category. You are charming till the time she finds you as a mystery. The moment the secret is out, she will find a replacement, and the spell might not work anymore.

#9 Don't Make Out 

Try not to make out at the first go unless you're sure she wants it. When you make out for the first time, the relationship is generally short-lived. If you like her or feel attracted to her, allow yourself some time to play with the idea of being with her in your mind. The true pleasure shall not be far away.

#10 Don't Break The Eye Contact

Whatever you do, try your best not to break eye contact. Believe me; it is magical. But at the same time, it is momentary. The moment you look someplace else, she might disappear in thin air. Girls don't like to wait. I tell you this once again, do not break eye contact.

Summing Up

If a girl stares at you from a distance, she perhaps has done secrets to share with you. These secrets might be some insights about your being. Don't miss the opportunity, and don't keep her waiting for long. Move closer to her, show her gesture of fondness, get talking and keep the magic alive!


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