My Ex Blocked Me On Whatsapp But Not Facebook: Here's Why!

Your ex has blocked you on WhatsApp but not Facebook, maybe because they don't want you in their personal space, or they're annoyed with you. People tend to block their ex after a breakup if their ex constantly keeps pushing them for something like patching up again.
Adhideb Ghosh
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You've recently broken up with your partner. You guys are not currently talking to each other, yet you're checking out on them on Instagram, WhatsApp, or maybe Facebook. Checking out on our ex-partners' social media handles isn't something very rare. Many of us keep checking on our ex even after years of breakup.

But while checking, you noticed something strange. You saw your ex had blocked you on WhatsApp, but you are still unblocked on their Facebook. Quite a confusing situation indeed! Maybe you're thinking, what the fu*k is going on with your Ex! Are they trying to remove you from their personal space? Are they trying to hide something from you? Or are they annoyed with your small talks on WhatsApp?

Anyhow, if you become able to figure out the reason behind blocking you on WhatsApp, you're still mindfu*cked due to their approach towards you on Facebook. Why did your partner keep you unblocked on Facebook! Are they trying to show off something? Are they trying to make you jealous! If yes, then why did in the first place your ex block you on WhatsApp!

Thus, this loop of confusion keeps continuing.

To break this loop, I'm here today to help you with a dedicated blog exclusively focused on finding the reason behind this strange approach of your ex.

Here, first, we will try decoding the potential reasons behind this approach, and then you're gradually gonna understand what a person should do in his specific situation. In the end, I would like to share with you some dos and don'ts a person should ideally follow in such a confusing loopy situation and some other fundamentals regarding this situation. 

So, keep reading this blog carefully, and please try not to miss any specific point. 

Why Your Ex Blocked You On WhatsApp But Not Facebook?

If our ex-partner blocks us on all social media platforms and other messaging apps, that's one kinda relief. A relationship between two different individuals didn't work; they broke up and now don't want to stay in touch. Blocking from everywhere means something as simple as that.

But confusion starts when our ex-partners block us on WhatsApp but not Facebook. I suppose you're dealing with quite a similar situation and desperate to know the reason, along with understanding the meaning of this approach.

So, come with me. Let's understand the thought process of your ex in this regard. Here we'll talk about the potential reasons why your ex may have done this and then try to understand which reason applies specifically for you. 

Your Ex Wants To Avoid One To One interaction

After breakups, continuous one-to-one communication with our ex reminds us of old memories. During this post-breakup period, those memories hurt a lot. Maybe this is the case with your ex. Or perhaps your ex is afraid of being vulnerable while talking to you. Maybe that's why now they desperately want to avoid one-to-one interaction with you. 

To understand whether this is your reason or not, you first have to remember how your ex used to interact with you before blocking you on WhatsApp. Did they try to avoid talking as much as possible? Did they use to become emotional while talking to you? Did they block you on Facebook Messenger too? 

If your answer for all these questions is yes, then likely your ex fears being over-emotional to you, and that's why they don't want to interact at that personal level, hence ending up blocking you on WhatsApp. 

They Don't Want You In Their Personal Space

Here you must understand that WhatApp is very much a personal space, and people tend to share their personal photos as DP and stories on this platform.

Perhaps it's been a long time since you people have broken up, and your ex has now moved on. Maybe this person is now settled with a new life, planning for a new future, and they don't see or want to see you in that future. Perhaps blocking you from WhatsApp means wiping you out of their life.

People consider Facebook as a bit of a non-personal space, and hence they allow many random people to be in that circle. 

If this is the case with you, then your ex may have left a goodbye note for you before blocking. Usually, people want to end things not with bitter experience, but with a clear mind. So, if your ex left a goodbye note and blocked you on WhatsApp, that likely means you're no longer a part of their personal space and just a random person in their life. 

Your Ex Is Annoyed With You

You guys have broken up. You had a bitter breakup experience with the breakup, and you have constantly been poking your ex with something. This 'something' could be about patching up again, blaming them for creating the sole reason for the breakup, or maybe giving a guilt trip to the person on the other side. 

During the post-breakup period, when some people start missing their ex consciously or subconsciously, they become almost desperate to connect again. But as there was bitterness in the relationship, most people end up annoying the other person.

Evaluate your behavior. Have you done something like this? Did your ex give you any kinda warning? Or did they ask you not to irritate with your texts? If yes, then that annoyance may eventually have led you to be blocked on WhatsApp. 

They Want To Control Their Instinct 

Undoubtedly, breakups hurt a lot. Most people want reunification with their ex-partner at least once after breakups. Here you must understand that inside our brain, emotions and logic work separately and most of the time work in opposite directions.

That's why, during the post-breakup phase, our mind pushes us to text our ex, but the logical part of our brain often wants to resist it. Maybe your ex-partner was also facing this emotional dilemma and ended up blocking you. 

Did your ex-partner suddenly block you on WhatsApp? Did you often talk with your ex before getting blocked? Did you notice anything vulnerable in this person while talking to you? If yes, then most likely, this reason applies to your situation. 

Now you may ask, why didn't your ex block you on Facebook! The answer is, Facebook is such a place where a person can check out on another person without messaging. Maybe, your ex still doesn't want to cut off every kinda connection with you. 

Still Seeking Your Attention

Though you guys broke up, you still used to talk casually. Maybe you have been talking to your ex a bit emotionally for the last few days. 

Maybe you guys were becoming vulnerable to each other while talking. Recalling sweet memories, talking about reunification, again started getting involved in each others' personal space. Everything was going as fine as you desired but bang. Suddenly this ex-partner blocked you on WhatsApp. 

You are mindf*cked and now desperate to know why this person blocked you on WhatsApp despite maintaining quite good terms. Here I must tell you; this can be a direct provocation from your ex to seek your attention. Maybe seeing such good terms growing, your ex-partner has also wanted a reunification. This person would provoke you to be desperate and give them more attention in this situation.

They Are Finding It Difficult To Block You On Facebook

You guys have broken up. Maybe your ex-partner doesn't actually want to maintain any connection with you, and that's why they blocked you on WhatsApp. You could understand and cope up with the situation, but you are still unblocked on Facebook and maybe even on your ex's friend list. 

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is one thing and blocking on Facebook is completely another. You can easily block and unblock someone on Whatsapp without losing any text, photos, and other memories stored as a form of multimedia.

But if you block someone on Facebook, you're eventually wiping out the friendship history with the person. You can't check the person's timeline, photos, or anything.

This may still be an issue for your ex. Maybe, for now, they are finding it difficult to completely block the person with whom they share a lot of memories. 

They Are Not That Active On Facebook

Till now, we have discussed many confusing situations. So, let's talk about some simple probabilities now. As Whatsapp is a messaging platform, people generally stay much more active on WhatsApp than on Facebook.

Many people often use WhatsApp for even official purposes. That is why the presence of an ex-partner in the chat list may seem quite distracting to them. 

Maybe this is why you ex-blocked you specifically on WhatsApp, not on Facebook. In this scenario, your ex is maybe not that active on Facebook or may have forgotten to block you there too. It can also mean that your ex doesn't want to cut off the connection with you fully. Perhaps, they want to maintain a casual relationship but with a specific distance. 

Has your ex talked about something like this ever? Did your presence ever bother your ex after a breakup? Did they text you on Facebook even after blocking you on WhatsApp? If yes, then maybe this is your reason. 

It Was An Instant Reaction

Blocking you on WhatsApp may also be an instant reaction to something. Out of many situations, we all react in significant ways. Maybe your ex didn't actually mean blocking you, but out of some circumstances ended up blocking you on WhatsApp. 

In this scenario, you are supposed to have no clue about this behavior from your ex-partner. It may seem, out of nowhere, the person blocked you. Perhaps, you had a fight with your ex, or some of your words have hurt them, or maybe their current partner asked them to block you. There may be many such things. 

That's why, as blocking you on WhatsApp was nothing but just an instant reaction from your ex, they didn't think about blocking you on Facebook too. 

It May Be An Honest Mistake

The reason behind blocking you on WhatsApp may be nothing but an honest mistake. Perhaps your ex has blocked you on WhatsApp but not on Facebook just by mistake. Maybe your ex is not as techy as you and blocked you on WhatsApp. 

In this situation, your ex would eventually ask you about this glitch they are facing while messaging you. If not, they would at least connect with you somewhere else, maybe Facebook itself.

What Can You Do Of It?

Now comes the most important part of this blog: the call for action. You know why your ex blocked you on WhatsApp but not Facebook, but you're still confused about what you can do about this situation! 

Should you react aggressively? Is becoming desperate okay? I'll try to answer all your queries regarding your ideal reaction in this part.

But before proceeding further, I want you first to understand that social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or messaging platforms like WhatsApp, etc., are very much their own space. What they would do with their contacts on those platforms, it's totally up to them.

No matter how much it bothers you or how badly you want to control it, you can never. What you can do is to influence the person to take some action in your favor. 

So, what can you do if your ex blocked you on WhatsApp but not Facebook? DIrectly, nothing. But indirectly? Yeah, there are a few. So, let's look at them one by one. 

Communicate And Clear Your Confusion

What keeps the hold on a relationship? Honest and mutual communication, right? So, out of your ego, if you avoid communicating with your ex, then neither your purpose will be served, nor your ego is gonna be satisfied. So, to get rid of this confusing situation, start communicating.

An ideal way is to call your ex. But if you aren't comfortable or you think your ex won't be comfortable talking to you over the phone, drop the person a text message. 

People may often ignore messages in Facebook messenger, but we hardly avoid text messages. So, either call or text them. Be humble and clear with your intention of texting or calling. Ask the reason why you got blocked. Learn not to argue at this point and listen carefully. 

Respect The Decision

Never forget that blocking someone on social media is completely a personal decision. You can not or shouldn't even try to control that. Yeah, you may influence your ex's decision, but before that, you must learn to respect the action they have already decided to take. 

With this respect, you're respecting your ex's decision and showing respect to the person's intellectual ability. This gesture can be your initial game changer. 

So first, ask your ex about the reason, listen patiently, and then react with ultimate maturity. I'm definitely not asking you to hide your feelings but don't react overwhelmingly.

Don't be too aggressive with your attitude. Show your ex that you respect whatever decision they have taken and are ready to accept it. Now add that you want to make your point before closing this argument. 

Make Your Point

I suppose, as of now, you already know the reason why your ex-partner blocked you on WhatsApp but not Facebook. Now it's very important to make your point. Your point may be fruitful or futile, but until you make it, you don't know it. 

While making your point, try to be extremely logical and avoid being over-emotional. Be slow with your words, but steady, and don't use past memories to defend your present. Your argument should only revolve around the reason why your ex has blocked you. 

Tell them why you think you shouldn't be blocked. And also make them realize how much they still mean to you. But again, the ultimate suggestion is, don't be too extreme with your overall approach. 

To Summup

Hopefully, after going through the blog, you have understood all the aspects of the issue and have learned to handle it. But always remember that getting blocked in WhatsApp by your ex shouldn't be the end of the world for you.

Try to understand that the person is your ex for certain reasons. So, it shouldn't that much affect your emotional and personal life. If your ex blocked you on WhatsApp, you may use this opportunity to move on with your life finally. 

Keep loving yourself, grooming yourself, and thus revive yourself. An entire world is waiting to welcome you. 


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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