My Ex Blocked Me On Social Media But Not My Number: Here's Why!

The reason for your ex to block you on social media is that they do not want to see your life updates. Being on your social media can be difficult for them to move on. But having your number open can mean that they don't have any blood bad for you and only keep it for courtesy. 
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Being in a relationship can be the most wonderful feeling. One can have the best moments of their lives with their partner. But not every relationship ends happily ever after. Some relationships are just not meant to be. 

So, past relationships not only leave us with bad memories but also our exes. Yes, even after breaking up, your ex can be part of your life. But how? Well, if you thought blocking them would solve all your problems and your ex would leave your memories forever, then you're mistaken. 

Some of the behavior of your Ex can give you stress even after the breakup. However, you would be relieved knowing that your ex blocked you on all social media like Instagram, Facebook and you won't be bothered by their life updates anymore. 

But one fine day, you discover that they have not blocked your number yet. This will surprise you because having a number is the way of communicating with you directly. You will be left wondering why they have blocked me on social media but still has my number on earth. 

11 Reasons Your Ex Blocked You On Social Media But Not Your Number

Dealing with emotions can be tough, especially after a breakup. It can be all the more difficult when you have to deal with your ex's presence as well. When your ex does not block your number, it can have various meanings behind it. 

Let's find out the reasons why your ex did not block your number. 

#1 Your Ex Is Cordial With You

Blocking on social media is quite common for exes after a relationship has ended. The two past lovers don't want to see what's happening in each other's lives; they don't want old memories to trigger.

But blocking the number can seem quite rude. After all, you had some good times together. They do not want to come across as rude or insensitive to you. 

He has no plans to contact you. He won't bother you or irritate you with unnecessary messages. They are just trying to be cordial with you. There's no deep meaning underneath it. 

#2 Your Ex Wants To Keep In Touch

Most people use social media to see updates, follow people, watch stories of others. But for contacting someone, people still prefer having a number. And if it's your ex, they are bound to have your number. 

So, they are keeping your number to be in touch with you. If you have been a part of the same college or same friends group, there may be a chance of going to a common party or a reunion. 

Your ex might want to drop a text and want to know if you're coming to the party etc. They can also occasionally wish you on holiday or festive days. Another reason for not blocking your number is that they wish you your birthday every year. 

Once again, your ex is not being harmful here or trying to invade your privacy. They are just casually keeping in touch with you. 

#3 Your Ex Wants Closure

Many relationships end on bad notes. Often the two people who invested themselves emotionally in each other for a certain period do not get to know why the other person left them.

Ending a relationship without closure can be painful, especially if you truly loved your partner. Moving on becomes very, very difficult for you because your mind always wonders- "What went so wrong?" "Why does he/she forget me so quickly?" "Is there any way to fix the issue?" etc.?

A plethora of questions will bother you until you know the real reason. And your ex knows that social media is not an effective way to get closure. It will only haunt them with past memories and your current life updates.

So, they are not blocking your number with the hope of getting in touch with you and asking you candidly, "What happened? Why did the two of you have to choose different paths?

If you did not get a chance to contact them after the breakup, it's a good opportunity for you to connect with them. They are keeping an option open for you, giving you a chance to reconnect and clear out the bitter vibes. 

#4 Your Ex Wishes To Return Your Stuff

We pour not only our hearts when we're in a relationship but also shower our beloved with lots of gifts. Well, after the breakups, those gifts become quite a nuisance at your place. You don't know whether to throw them or keep them. On the one hand, some sentiments are attached to it, and on the other, you want to move on in your life.

Life can get you into many difficult positions sometimes. But some exes are different. They don't mind asking their partners to return their stuff once the relationship has ended.

So, if your ex happens to be like that, then this is the reason they have not blocked your number. They could have sent a message on Instagram. But swopping onto your inbox via your number is certainly more impactful.

So, be prepared if your ex has not blocked your number because they can jump onto your inbox anytime, asking for all of their old stuff to be returned. 

#5 Your Ex Was Your Childhood Friend

Friendships blossoming into romantic relationships are not surprising anymore. However, even the most strong bond of friendship can't survive the many ups and downs of a relationship, and eventually, the outcome is a breakup.

But if you have been childhood friends with your ex, then blocking your number is a very impolite and stupid thing to do. You two have known each other for so long. Yes, the relationship was not happy, but that does not mean you two need to cut off all kinds of connections.

Keeping your number is not only a form of courtesy but also shows you that they value the old friendship or the bond you two shared. The breakup did not negatively impact this pure bond of friendship. 

They are giving you a signal that you can come to them anytime freely for any help. Or any query, their door is still open for you. 

#6 Your Ex Misses You

Forgetting someone you loved is not easy unless you two had a toxic relationship and were waiting to get done with it as soon as possible. If you notice that your ex blocked you on social media but did not block your number, then they still miss you.

They don't want to stalk your activities on social media; hence they blocked you there. They genuinely loved you, and this moving-on phase has become hard for them to bear. 

So, they have kept your number. They go through the old chats sometimes whenever they are feeling too lonely. They look at your profile picture when they miss you a lot. 

They might text you sometimes only to get a reply back from you, to ask you "How are you"? Keeping your number gives them the satisfaction of connecting to you if they want. And the same is applicable for you too.

In case you happen to miss your ex, you can text them. But if the number is blocked, you won't get the chance; you would be more upset and angry with him. That's why he did not block your number. 

#7 Your Ex Is Jealous Of You

If you had dumped your ex and it ended on quite a bitter note, then chances are there that they might try to get back to you. 

Probably, you had problems with them and hence chose to dump them. But they are not ready to accept that they have been dumped. Their ego has been hurt. And now they are jealous of you. 

They will irritate you with texts. They will try to invade your privacy by texting something inappropriate or blaming you for ruining their life etc. And he is doing all of these out of jealousy. 

#8 Your Ex Wants To Apologize

Well, exes can be good too. After all, we are all human beings, and we have our emotions. If your ex did something that led to the relationship's breakup, then one day or the other, they will surely realize the mistake they made. 

And the best way to apologize is to communicate with that person directly. Social media is never a good option if you want to convey something important and sentimental. When it comes to a relationship and heartbreaks are involved, you need a direct medium of communication to express such serious matters.

Your ex has kept your number only to apologize and admit their fault. They do not need to know your whereabouts or unnecessarily stalk you on your social media. Their sole purpose is to say "Sorry" to you and be repentant for their mistake. 

#9 Your Ex Is Part Of The Same Friend Circle

If you two went to the same school or college, you do have a lot of common friends. Now blocking your number may come across as unpleasant. 

So, they have not blocked your number to keep things casual and normal. Following each other, liking each other's pictures on Instagram or FB would have been awkward for both of you.

But again, blocking the number seems quite crazy too. They are just trying to be nice to you because you two are a part of the same friend circle, and that's it. 

#10 Your Ex Is Waiting For Your Response

Relationships can break for several reasons. Sometimes it's mutual, and other times it involves a lot of fighting and bad blood. 

Yet, when it comes to the matter of the heart, we all want to give that one last chance. So, your ex is keeping your number as they are waiting for you to respond. They want you to start the conversation once again so that they can tell, "Let's meet up, let's sort these things out," etc. 

Yes, they could also be the first ones to text you. But they are unable to be so upfront and candid with you. Also, they don't want to hurt you by any means and lose the last chance they might have to mend things.

So, your ex wants you to text first and give them the chance to find a solution for this fight. 

#11 Your Ex Forgot To Block Your Number

We are talking about human minds and tend to forget many things. Your ex simply forgot to block your number. They do not even remember that your number is still in their contact list. 

We often block our exes on social media; first, it's an instinct. My friends who have been or are in relationships have done the same. We think about the number later on, and by the time it appears in our mind, it's already too late. 

Also, if you two had a very casual relationship or a fling for a few days, most likely, your ex won't block your number. 

What Should You Do When Your Ex Does Not Block Your Number?

Now you know that your ex is not blocking your number for certain reasons. So, what should be your part in this case?

  • Keep it casual. Treat your ex's number just like a random number, and don't stress about it. As long as they are not contacting you, you don't need to bother. 
  • Be cordial. If you've been friends before, or you are still in the same friends' group, then be cordial to each other. If they send you a holiday greeting or birthday wishes, reply cordially without sounding rude. 
  • Give your ex closure. If you find that the only intention of your ex is to get closure from you, then send him/her a long text explaining what went wrong. This way, both of you will be out of each other's way. 
  • Send their stuff back. If he/she is texting you constantly and nagging you to give the stuff back, then send those things to his/her address. Close the chapter as soon as possible.
  • Block their number. If you find that your ex is disturbing you and your current partner does not like it at all, then block his/her number.
  • Discuss with your partner. Have an honest conversation with your partner on dealing with the situation. Your ex's presence should not ruin your current relationship. 

What Should You Not Do?

  • Do not fall into their trap. If it's a way for them to blackmail you emotionally, don't give in to their situation. Ignore completely.
  • Do not hide it from your current partner. Hiding can only complicate your current relationship. So be honest about it. 
  • Do not be rude. If your ex is only keeping a cordial connection with you, then be polite with him/her. 
  • Do not let your partner insult him. Although he/she is your ex, that does not give your present partner to insult him/her. So, if your partner gets angry and wants to text or call them directly, don't let that happen. 

Should I Talk To My Ex If They Have Not Blocked My Number?

It depends upon you completely. If you miss them badly, if you two parted ways for very stupid reasons, then you can give it a shot. Since you have the number, you can be the first one to talk to him/her. 

Take the initiative if you truly loved your ex and want them back in your life. Drop a text, ask whether they are willing to meet you, and sort things out. 

However, if you had bad experiences with your ex and your past was extremely troublesome, then ask yourself- "Do I want to go back to that toxic phase again?" "Do I want my happiness to be compromised?

Suppose the answers are NO, then no need to bring your ex back into your life. Focus on the greater things in your life, and you will be able to move on and find your happiness. 

Final Words

Your cell phone has tons of contacts. Some contacts are your favorites, and some are just lying there with whom you hardly even talk.

So, if your ex does not block your number, don't let that piss you off. It's only a number. If the person genuinely wanted to connect to you, they would have done it by any other means. 

Move on in your life, and you'll find love once again with all its glory.


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