My Girlfriend Is Mad At Me And I Don't Know Why [Let's Find Out]

One of the reasons your girlfriend is mad at you is that you are spending much less time with her than you initially used to. While you were in the first phase of your relationship, she was the sun around which your world moved, but now she feels neglected.
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a girl is angry with her boyfriend
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An angry girlfriend is never a pleasing prospect. Yet more than most of the time, women undergo random mood swings that can take a toll on their man's mental health. In the moment of such emotional heaviness, they fail to convey their botheration plainly. They expect their guy to understand the problem and come forward with solutions.

Worry not if you are clueless about the recent irksome article in the life of your girl. We shall begin from the beginning and first scan all the likable causes that may have upset her and then move on to find solutions.

Why Is Your Girlfriend Mad At You?

If your girlfriend is mad at you, she must be having a strong reason for it. There might be a recent change in your behavior or habits that is not agreeable to her. We are listing below the most popularly observed causes that will help you figure out the reason for her annoyance.

#1 You Are Not Spending Time With Her

Due to your busy schedule, you could not spend time with your girlfriend throughout the week, and now she would not receive your phone calls or reply to your text messages. She prefers to stay solitary this weekend. Letting her do that will only harbor more aloofness.

#2 You Forgot An Important Day

It might be her birthday or your monthly anniversary of the day you first kissed or something of the story your girlfriend likes to recall and cherish. If you are still having a hard time remembering it, just drop her a text and ask politely, 'Baby, am I forgetting something important again? Even if I'm, please remember, this heart belongs to you.' If you get an instant reply, the situation is under control; if not, be ready to surprise her.

#3 She Is Craving Attention

The most common reason a girlfriend gets mad is when she feels neglected. If you have not asked her about her days and not working hard to shorten her nights, you better start it immediately. A reminder that you miss her would be a great start in the right direction.

#4 You Kept A Secret

Try to recollect if there's anything that you have been keeping from your girlfriend. Always remember when your girlfriend is not talking to you, she is mining your history and improving her research skills. If there's anything at all that you might have forgotten to tell her, now is the time!

#5 You Told Her A Lie

If it so happens that you had recently told her a lie, it can be a minor lie about your whereabouts or your lunch, and she has discovered the truth. The intensity of your lie does not matter. Your girlfriend has access to you through mediums you might not be able to figure out easily. Sweat not! Just tell her the truth before she gets the opportunity to confront you. 

#6 You Are Behaving Differently

Take due note of your style and behavior. Are you wearing a different color? Did you change your hairstyle? Did you buy a new phone? Are you doing something different? If yes, then that is it! You changed our modified habit without informing or sharing the experiences with your girlfriend. 

Strain not, give her a call, and tell her you were still not sure that you would be able to do it until you did it and wanted to surprise her. She might scream at you, but that's a healthy sign. It would be alarming if she didn't take interest or keep the call without a reply.

#7 You Were Rude To Her

Never be rude to your girlfriend. You are no God, and you can get mad at her. But when you attempt to, remember this, she is your Goddess. Treat her like one, and all your answers will dissipate into devotion.

#8 You Are Talking About Other Girls

Even a close friend can get jealous if you talk about other friends. It will burn your girl deep if you mention other girls to her. It doesn't matter that you think you don't hold any feelings for these other girls. It is a strong enough reason to make a furious cat out of your otherwise caring and loving girl. 

#9 You Are Spending Time With Someone Else

God save you if you spend time with someone else out of the time you are meant to spend with your girlfriend. While you might think there's no book rule that you got to allot a particular time slot to your girl, allow me to dawn the epiphany on you, there is! 

If she doesn't receive your notifications at the selected time, she will sense that something is fishy, and one thought will lead her to another. Your girl is possessive about you and your time. Do not share her time with anyone else.

#10 You Didn't Compliment Her New Hairstyle

Your girlfriend took on a new hairstyle or hair color, and you did not compliment her. Even if her friends did not notice the change, she would go mad. She will be heartbroken if you don't see or forget to compliment. Write her a poem about her new style and send her a voice note reading it out instantly!

#11 Your Actions Have Triggered Her

You might have unconsciously done something that brought back unpleasant memories. If you feel you might have hurt her feelings, take her hand in yours and ask her to share her thoughts.

#12 She Is Stuck In Past

She is mad at you for some past errors you might have made and apologized too, but it keeps haunting her now and then. If there was something of the sort, ask her if it was bothering her and make an apology again. Make her feel that you mean it. Ask her if she accepts it and is ready to move on.

#13 You Are Stuck In Past

You may keep recalling your past, and it kills her energy and makes it difficult to vibe with you. If so, it's time you move on to your present and appreciate the lovely creature's presence in your life while she is still there. 

#14 She Is Feeling Low

It might be that she broke into a fight with someone or has mood swings because of her periods. In either case, rather than giving her time to cheer up on her own, you must try to comfort her.

#15 She Needs A Break

She might feel that it's all happening too fast, and she is unsure if she is ready for such a commitment. It's on you to make her feel the beauty of the bond you share. You are together for a reason; make the reason meaningful.

#16 She Has Lost The Thrill

The initial stage of any relationship is always exciting. The follow-ups lack the thrill. You get used to the person in your life and stop feeling excited when you see them. If the fire is off, it can change one's mood and even irritate them because they understand something different but don't know what. 

#17 You Have Stopped Putting Efforts

Relationships are never fulfilling and wholesome if there is a lack of effort. She might be upset because she can see that things are taken lightly, and perhaps you have taken her for granted. The very thought is demotivating and can cause difficulties.

#18 She Takes You For Granted

It is also possible that she takes your presence for granted and feels so secure and comfortable that she is taking up all the space. Distancing yourself might not be wise. Try to express your concerns.

Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Jolly

To end up on the same page, amendments need to be made. Your girlfriend's smile brightens your day, and her happiness gives you a reason to smile. If she is unhappy because of you, it's your job to fix it and fix it soon. Let's see how!

#1 Spend Time With Her

If you spend more time with her, she might not feel aloof. Make her your priority and try to match up with her energy. Trust me, and she will not let you feel low if she is by your side.

#2 Check Your Calendar

Check your calendar and see if you have missed an important date. Put a reminder of all the monthly things you like to celebrate. If there was something that went amiss, celebrate it this evening.

#3 Pamper Her

Pamper your sweetheart. You must keep her on cloud nine. Make her feel blessed to have you in her life. Bring her favorite pastries and chocolates. Sweets speak a universal language that is always appreciated. Share and eat.

#4 Apologize

If your girlfriend is upset with you, the first thing you should do is apologize to her. Let her know how much you love her and how it hurts you to see her sad.

#5 Take Her On A Date

Take your girlfriend out on a date night and spend the entire time holding her hand. It will reassure her of your affection and concern.

#6 Gift Her Flowers

Present a bouquet of her favorite blossoms to her. With the correct hues of petals, even the grimmest words may be forgotten. Allow its lovely scent to entice her senses.

#7 Dress Up For Her

Make an effort to amuse her. Experiment with role-playing. Dress up as a humorous character. She will be compelled to let go of her bitterness.

#8 Get Cozy

Make yourself at home with her. Frustration may be channeled via love. It'll also help you stay connected together.

#9 Go On A Staycation With Her

Spending long hours on a staycation will help you get closer to one another and appreciate each other's company. It will also help you to overcome the imperfections of the other person.

#10 Tell Her Your Secrets

If you have any secrets, make her your secret sharer. Confine your darkest secrets or wildest desires in her. It will deviate her from her current concern, and she will make an effort to understand you better.

#11 Propose Her Again

Demonstrate to her that you always want her approval. It implies that you love her too much.

#12 Hug Her

Don't allow words to get in the way. A passionate embrace will fill in all the voids and confusions. Make her feel safe and secure in your arms. She will overcome all her fears.

#13 Kiss Her

A little kiss may make a world of difference! With a gentle kiss on her lips and one on her forehead, dispel the tension and break down the walls. It will be a show of your passion and commitment. She'd be powerless and give you her rosy smile.

#14 Talk To Her

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. A lack of communication creates gaps that are hard to bridge. Talk your hearts out to one another. If you will open up to her, so will she.

#15 Talk To Her Friends

If she doesn't share her concerns with you, seek the help of a mutual friend. She might open up to them, and you will know what is bothering her.

#16 Give Her A Compliment

Shower her with compliments. Compliment her eyes, hair, and beauty leave no part of her body untouched with words.

#17 Give Her A De-stressing Massage

If she is mad at you, offer her aromatherapy. Destress her mind, body, and soul of all the burdens she has been shouldering lately. Let her relax with slow breaths.

#18 Gift Her A Book

Gift her a book on love poetry or a book by her favorite author. She will appreciate that you know her so well.

#19 Submit Yourself To Her

Tell her to be your boss. Submit yourself to her devotion. Ober her command. Tell her to punish you for your mistake. You can turn the tension into a romantic play with the correct sense of humor.

#20 Cook For Her

For a day, offer to be her chef. With your touch, serve her favorite appetizers. Draw a cheerful face or a heart on her latte.

#21 Help Her In Her Chores

Spend considerable time with her by assisting her with her errands. It'll help you figure out what else has been holding her away recently.

#22 Be Her Source Of Amusement

Make her laugh with your PJs. A clever play on words can help you close the gap and destress.


If your girlfriend is mad at you, then rather than panicking, work on amusing her and bringing her back to her normal self. She is the love of your life, and if you don't know how to tame her and make her smile, then nobody does. Be her Shelley and write her love poetries. Put in little efforts that could make her not only happy but at the same time make her appreciate your presence in her life.


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