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How To Respond When Someone Says They Had A Bad Dream About You?

How To Respond When Someone Says They Had A Bad Dream About You

“I have seen a bad dream about you”, a common phrase you get to hear often, How do you respond?  

In most situations, the response when someone says they had a bad dream about you is “Please, tell me more”. The response is in the underlying meaning of the bad dream. The content of the bad dream should be interpreted to form a correct response. 

Why Do We Dream?

No research has a conclusive answer yet. So when someone says that they had a bad dream about you, the response is slightly tricky. 

Well, dreams are complex subconscious thoughts that are related to your daily experiences. Say you watched a scary movie with your friends, most of us would have a nightmare about it. Does the dream have any meaning or is your subconscious reacting to fear?

Carl Jung said that dreams are your mind’s attempt to remind you of important things to do. Dreams are preparing you subconsciously to take action whereas nightmares prepare the mind to handle flight or fight situations. Though civilization has come forth to the 21st century our minds still create nightmares to prepare us for a task we find important or are not confident in. 

Now, if someone tells you that they had a bad dream about you. It is because the person cares about your well-being and is subconsciously worried about you. Your response to this person should be of comfort.

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Here is a video by TED-ED, where they stated some theories behind dreams.

So now let's dive into the next!

What You Can Do When Someone Says They Had A Bad Dream About You?

Step 1: Listen to the Bad dream about you

Find a good spot to sit and calm down first; then listen to the dream described. For example, you are a football player and a friend has a bad dream about you falling and getting an injury or a friend has a bad dream about you getting into a road accident. You need to listen and not jump to conclusions immediately. 

Step 2: Try to address the issue in the dream

Is the dream random or does it have a subconscious message, is for you to decide. For example, a friend might see a bad dream about you getting into a road accident because he subconsciously believes you drive rashly.  Most often a bad dream may have no meaning at all and is just a subconscious projection. 

Step 3: Console the person

It is very important to console the person having a bad dream about you. He or she should not blame themselves for dreaming something bad about you. Neither should they believe they mean ill to you. Thus you must thank them and explain that bad dreams mean that he or she cares about you and is worried for your well-being.

Step 4: Self Introspection

Was there a subconscious message in the dream and if so then you must check yourself of the habit? For example, when a friend has a bad dream about you getting into a road accident, you must introspect to see if you are a rash driver. If the thought is valid then you must improve.

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This change can also assure your friend putting an end to bad dreams about you.  

Few Scenarios That Will Help You Understand a Bad Dream About You

You mustn’t put meaning to every bad dream. However, these are a few likely scenarios that will help you understand a bad dream about you, here are those:

  • Your partner has seen a dream about you leaving may mean that you need to look into your relationship as your partner may feel insecure. Often such dreams reflect fear or worries of infidelity. Such dreams should be addressed immediately where you need to assure your partner that they are the best thing that happened to you and there is no need for worry.
  • A friend who has dreamt of you getting injured may mean that they are worried about your current well-being. Ask yourself if you have been taking care of yourself recently. Do you feel any weakness or are you stressed? Such dreams reflect that the friend is concerned that your health will get worse if you stay in your current course. Console the friend and let them know you will do everything to take care of yourself and all should be well.
  • A colleague dreamt of being trapped somewhere with you. Generally trapped in a dream means that they feel psychologically trapped in a situation. It could be an unfulfilling work relationship or they feel limited at work. It is important for you to ask if there is a gap in communication anywhere. Often we get too focused and forget to communicate while working, this could make our colleagues feel alienated. Good work is a team effort as long as we are mindful of that, everything will be fine.
  • Someone dreamt of you missing an important event may mean that the person subconsciously is nervous about your performance. It does not amount to lack of faith in you. It is more due to their mind preparing themselves for all kinds of results. Our minds are wired to react both consciously and subconsciously, such a situation can be easily dealt with you assuring the person with confidence and letting them know of your preparation to deal with the event. 
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In conclusion, dreams are social simulations. They represent your thoughts about yourself or a person you know. Dreams may help us practice social interactions, while bad dreams help us deal with a situation.

Often a bad dream may be caused by stress as believed by researchers, but if it's about a person you know it would generally be out of worry and you need not put much thought into it as long as the person self introspects themselves. 

Thus it is important to give an adequate response. Your response will determine how the person interprets the dream. With the correct response, you will be able to maintain a better relationship as well as address any valid thoughts towards self-improvement.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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