When A Guy Texts You Goodnight Out Of The Blue (25 Possible Reasons)

When a guy texts you goodnight out of the blue, he surely does not want you to sleep that night, and even if you do, he wants you to dream about him and stay absorbed in thoughts related to him for the rest of the night.
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You used to vibe well with a guy, but gradually the conversation started fading, and eventually, you both either got too occupied in your life or got different texting partners. However, one sudden night, your phone blinks and makes you blink at the same time.

You see a text message from him. It states, Has a good night. You try to recollect why you had stopped talking in the first place. But what matters more is this unexpected move from his side. Why is he wishing you a good night? Is it just a normal message, or is he trying to make a conversation? Let's find out.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wishes You Good Night?

A random goodnight-message was not meant to be that random in the first place. It has been deliberated upon, typed, backspaced, and retyped before it has been dropped into your inbox. A careful analysis of such a text and the bond you have shared with this guy in the past will tell you a lot about the latent implication of this random text. Let's find out a few of the many possible causes.

#1 He Is Not A Conversation Starter

It is possible that he is not a very good conversation starter. He wants to talk to you, but he does not know how to begin a conversation, so rather than sending you a 'hi' or a 'hello, how are you doing?' he decided to send you a good night message.

#2 He Misses You

It is possible that he misses you and wants to have a conversation with you, but he is not sure if you would like to talk to him. So instead of coming up straight and sending you a 'hi!' he goes the other way round and sends you a goodnight greeting to see how you respond.

#3 He Wants You To Miss Him

You are dealing with a clever lad over there who, rather than texting you and telling you that he misses you and the time you have spent together, decides just to drop a casual good night note and make you think about him for the rest night.

#4 He Wants To Ask You Out

It's just a conversation starter, and he basically might end up asking you out. He is trying to make some room for it. It has happened to me many times in the past. 

Guys send you normal greetings on some occasions out of the blue. Eventually, when you wish them back, they would use the opportunity and ask if you are interested in catching up or he is coming somewhere closer to the place you stay and if you could just spare some time to hang out with them.

#5 He Wants To Catch Up

He is texting you a good night note because he wants to catch up with you the next morning. The reason for wanting to catch up could vary, but it all depends on whether you have your reason to see that person.

#6 He Wants To See Your Reaction

He just wants to see how you react to his message. Whether you take it to a very deep level and use it to vent whatever you have been keeping inside yourself for a very long time or if you just reply with the simple good night message, which would mean that you have forgiven him for the past mistakes that he might have made or if you simply decide to ignore his message which would again tell him that you are not interested in seeing him anymore.

#7 He Wants You To Call Him

He is just trying to create room for you to call him up and ask about his whereabouts. He is allowing you to do so because he feels that you are still interested in him or because he is, in a manner, obsessed with you.

#8 He Needs A Favor

It might be that he finds you to be a reliable person, and he needs some urgent favor, and he does not want to be very direct about it. He is sending you a good night message, and if you reply to it or even send an emoji, he might eventually bring up the favor he wants from you.

#9 He Is Seeing Someone You Know

He might be seeing one of your friends, and he just wants to let you know that beforehand so that in the future, if you run into him or if there is a sudden encounter between both of you, it does not become awkward for either of you and even for your friend.

#10 You're Dating His Friend

It might be that he got to know that you are dating one of his friends, and there might be things that he wants to tell you about him, or he just wants to wish you good luck in your relationship with him. He might want to tell you that it's alright so that it might not get awkward between the two of you in the future.

#11 He Is In The City

He is sending you a good night text because perhaps he is either in the city or is coming to the city the next morning and might want to see if you are available and want to catch up with him.

#12 Old Time Sake

He is texting you for old times sake. He wants to resume from where you both had stopped your conversation, and it might be that he thought it is best just to drop a general text and then continue the conversation along that line.

#13 Mood Swings

Guys, too, can have mood swings like girls, and he cannot decide if he wants to talk to you or not talk to you, and out of frustration, he ends up sending you a good night note.

#14 He Dreamt About You

He might have dreamt about you or have started hallucinating and overthinking about you. He thinks that maybe a conversation might help him with his mental health, and hence he initiated one by sending you a good night message.

#15 He Is Feeling Nostalgic

He feels nostalgic and recalls the old days and good times you spent together. Maybe he came across a photograph or a souvenir of sorts that reminded him of you and made him drop a text.

#16 He Still Holds You Close To His Heart

He is fond of you and still holds you close to his heart and is sending his wishes and greetings to you in a way. He just wants to know wants you to know that you are special to him.

#17 He Has A Crush On You

He has a crush on you, and he couldn't gather up the courage to tell it to you the last time when you were talking, but he wants to try it again and is trying to initiate a conversation with you.

#18 Guys Love To Fool Around

It has got nothing special or specific to do with you. It's just him being like any other guy who wants to fool around and loves to breadcrumble (occasional messages or calls) in a sense to drop messages to see if the girl is available and on for some exchanges of messages in a light way.

#19 He Wants To Give It Another Go

He is genuinely interested in you and wants to give it another go to make things right and many things that had gone wrong. This is his way of initiating a conversation and waiting for a response or a signal from your end.

#20 He Wants A Closure

Maybe last time when you guys were talking, either of you made an abrupt end, and he has been since then looking for answers but didn't get one, and now he is up for closure and wants to make you get talking.

#21 He Wants To Be Friends With You

He is interested in being your friend, and this is his way of extending a hand of friendship towards you.

#22 You're Not Active On Social Media

He has not seen you for a very long time. He has noticed your absence from any mode of social media, which has got him curious to get some insight into your whereabouts, and hence he decided to drop a text wishing you a good night before he can ask you about how you are doing.

#23 He Came Across Your Account On A Dating App

He came across your username or your profile on a dating app and is curious to know if you want to see someone or are seeing someone. If you are single and interested in going, he may be available to go out with you.

#24 His Friend Is Interested In You

It is possible that one of his friends is interested in dating you and wants to see you and has asked him out for help. He wants to let you know before hard or wants to know if you would be interested in hanging out with his friend.

#25 He Wants To Apologize

It might be that things did not end up well between the two of you the last time you were talking, and he is to be blamed for it, or it was he who ended up on a bad note or behaved rudely, and he is making room for giving you a note of apology from his end.

How Should You Reply To His Messages?

When the notification bar blinks at you just when you are getting ready for bed, and you discover a goodnight text from the guy you have not had a conversation with for a long time, you must take your time before giving him a reply. A prompt reply might not be the wisest thing to do. Let's see a few ways in which you can handle the situation.

#1 Ask Him About It

In reply to his message, you can send him a text asking him directly what reminded him all of a sudden about you and why he bothered to send you a good night note in the style of a close friend when he is not one.

#2 Wish Him Goodnight

Don't reply instantly, but eventually, just send him a good night note in the form of a reply without any extra message attached. If he continues the conversation, then take your break before replying to it. 

Analyze the text and see if you want to get talking again and if you do, maybe start the next day rather than immediately. Wait to see if you feel the urge to reply to him the next day too.

#3 Don't Reply

You can also choose not to reply to his text message and instead wait and see if he sends you another text message or gives you a phone call or another good night or a good morning note the next day. 

You would know his clear intention if he has any order if it's just a random try to chit chat or maybe nobody is available at that moment and be thought of trying you out.

#4 Text Him In The Morning

Instead of texting him a good night on the very same night, send him a good morning message in the morning and see if he is available for you to talk to you during the day. If he is not willing to talk to you during the day and only wants to have conversations at night, he does not have genuine intentions.

#5 Tell Him You Missed Him If You Do

If he is giving you an opportunity and you were looking for one, then make use of it and tell him that you miss talking to him or being with him, and maybe this time, both of you can take it right from here.

#6 Ask Him Out

If you feel that he wants to ask you out and he is hesitating or unsure, and you are interested in him or want to go out on a date with him, then use this opportunity and ask him out.

#7 Send Him Emojis

Play the game he is playing with you, and instead of sending even a direct text message, send him an emoticon of sorts and keep him confused.

#8 Face Time Him

Why rack your mind when you can simply FaceTime him and look at his face and know what is going on in his mind or where he is and what he is doing. Much of the cloudy doubts will be cleared.

#9 Make A General Conversation

If you are interested and want to have a conversation for old times sake, you can try and start a conversation from your end, and if the floor goes well, he can be your texting partner.

#10 Crack A Joke

If you feel some awkwardness keeps him away from expressing himself, then break it with a joke. Use humor to dispel and unwanted emotions.

Summing Up

Sending a message out of the blue might not be a big deal if you have a mutual understanding with that person. If not, you are allowed to take your due time before attempting to make a reply. 

If the person makes you feel uncomfortable, there is no need to reply. If the person's thought makes you smile, there is no need to think twice.

If you have sent such random messages in the past, you know the game. If you have sent random messages to him before, he is playing your game.

All said and done, and the night is not meant to be wasted. Have your peaceful sleep, rest your mind, and resolve your dilemma to reply or not reply the next morning. Who knows, when you allow him some time, he might just tell you that he was drunk or the message was sent to you by mistake. It's all about happenstance, isn't it?


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