Why Did He Kiss Me On The Lips? [Answered]

He kissed you on the lips because he couldn't control himself any longer. He wanted you to feel what he has been feeling for you for a very long time. His kiss carried the burden of passion that he feels towards you. It made him shiver as much as it made you shudder.
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The first impulse for a person we love is to give them a beautiful kiss. People of all ages alike practice it. There is nothing called a neutral kiss. Each kiss pecked upon a person conveys a load of feelings and either unloads or fuels up much of the emotion.

A person kissing you on the lips is not just a sweet gesture but is meant to convey many other things. He is trying to reach out to you. He is perhaps even wanting you to engage him further. It is sensational and emotional. However, it also depends on who it is coming from. 

If the guy kissing you on your lips is your boyfriend, it can be a message of love. If the guy kissing you on the lips is your best friend, it means he is more than your best friend. If this guy happens to be your crush, it suggests you will get lucky soon. If this guy happens to be a friend, it means he has a crush on you.

Why Would A Guy Kiss You On The Lips? 

A guy would kiss you on the lips because you shared that proximity with him. Your lips were within his reach, and he felt attracted to you. He has wanted to do it for a long time. He took the chance when he got to the right place and felt that you were interested.

#1 He Loves You

Even if you don't feel like accepting it, the most obvious reason is that he loves you. He feels passionate for you. Love comes in many forms and durations. At that moment, he felt alive while kissing you.

Kissing a person on the lips is the most straightforward way of telling them that you love them without uttering the words. However, make it known that the utterance of syllables will be highly appreciated as it will bring you confidence and clarity.

#2 He Wants To Love You

The next obvious reason is that he wants to love you. Now you may ask what's the difference between loving and wanting to love. It is a very fine line that separates one from the other. He is still deciding if he is indeed into you for the latter. For the former, he yearns you.

Love has been hyped and romanticized in movies and novels. It does not always happen at first sight. You fall for a person while getting close to them. Initially, you feel attracted towards them, which takes the form of infatuation after a while. It is only when you surpass all these stages that you realize if you truly love a person and vice versa.

#3 He Wants To Tease You

He wants to get naughty with you, and his kiss is an invitation to seduce you into getting cozy. He is playful and wants to tease you into making some mischief with him. If you like the feel, go along. If not, step back.

Guys are very good at teasing. They know that girls are mostly coy, and they like to do things that will arouse them and draw their attention towards him. 

#4 He Is A Good Kisser 

He is a good kisser and wants to make a statement before you. If you find his kiss otherworldly, it may be raw or passionate, and you can either show him your kissing tactics or be a good learner and take down some points.

The most important part is to enjoy the kissing session. If you enjoy making out with him, there is no reason to hold yourself back from wrapping him in your arms.

#5 He Wants To See Your Reaction 

He wants to see if you are as interested in him as he is in you. If your response is affirmative, he might play along. If not, he might take it slow and try to make you feel for him first.

He strongly likes you if he does take it slow after the first kiss. Else, he wouldn't have cared. Appreciate it when the time is due.

#6 He Wants To Ask You Out 

He kissed you because sooner or later, he would be asking you out on a date. He could have waited till he took you on the date, but he decided against it. He perhaps wants to excite you first before asking you out.

Guys like to do that. They want to be confident that they will get laid when they ask a girl out. He is exciting you and trying to lure you with his charms so that when he indeed asks you out, you have no choice but to grant a yes.

#7 He Has A Crush On You 

If the guy kisses you on the lips, he has been obsessed with you for a long time. He has been observing you, noticing your movements. He strongly likes you. This guy has a crush on you and wants to romance with you. If you like him too, kiss him back with the same force.

#8 Your Lips Are Luscious 

Your lips are like strawberries for him. He likes to get lost in its luscious flavor. He finds it too adorable.

If you like his lips too, you can make it playful and engaging.

#9 He Likes To PDA 

He likes to show the world that you belong to him. He likes to PDA, which is why he chooses to kiss you on the lips rather than somewhere else.

This might be because you are either very pretty or very popular among his friends. Either way, kiss him proudly if he is your boyfriend or partner, and don't hesitate for a minute.

#10 He Is Craving Your Attention 

He kisses you on the lips because he is craving your attention. He wants you to think of him in a certain way. A kiss is a direct expression of his desires and interests.

If you haven't had a makeout recently, it is his way to let you know that now is the right time. He doesn't want to wait any longer and wants you to crave him all the same.

#11 He Knows You Have A Soft Corner For Him 

He is well aware that you regard him highly, and he wants to raise it to another level. He wants you to get comfortable with him. If you kiss him back passionately, he will get a heads up and overwhelm you with his love.

#12 He Wanted To Surprise You

His kiss is a sweet surprise for you. It may be a present if it's a special occasion or he just wants to make the day special with his kiss on your lips.

It might be that you two have been courting each other for a long time but didn't get any opportunity until now to make out and make love. 

What To Do When You're Kissed On The Lips? 

If the kiss was completely out of the blue, you might be so confused that you didn't know how to react to it. You might have laughed or giggled. You might want to kiss him back and want it never to stop. It might even happen that you find it disgusting and feel like slapping the person. 

If You Like The Person 

If you like the guy who is just on the left, sorry, if you like the way he kissed you on your lips, do not waste your time and try to express or reciprocate the gesture as soon as you can.

Here are some ways you could drop a hint or two showing that you desire them or genuinely like them.

#1 Kiss Him Back & Kiss Him Hard

If you like him and love the way he kissed you, do not let the moment escape into oblivion. Kiss him back as if you're kissing the life into him. Make the best of the moment.

Get as romantic as possible. A kiss can convey a lot. If you want him, kiss him unhesitantly.

#2 Ask Him Out

Don't be stereotypical and wait for him to ask you out. Give him all the more reasons to love you. Go on a date with him. A romantic evening will keep the fire burning. Take it slow and make it long-lasting.

#3 Drop A Text To Let Him Know You Loved It

Get playful with him via text. Drop something naughty and let him know that you really enjoyed it and you're looking forward to more and more of it.

TIP: You can tell him things like this was the best kiss you had in a very long time, and you enjoyed it. It made you forget all the happening around you, and you want to recreate it as soon as possible.

#4 Spend More Time With Him

You might want to spend more time with him and get to know him before taking it for the round to the next level. You can tell him about your desires and let him know that you like him, but you need some time before moving on to that line.

#5 Do Something Special For Him

If you feel that his cause was only in which he made you feel special, you must also try and do some things that would make him feel special. Show him that you like him that you are happy that he is there in your life. Do something thoughtful, if not something grand.

If You Don't Like The Person 

Describing your dislike for a person is as important as expressing your likelihood for them. This becomes essential, especially when that person is trying to share proximity with you and is expressing their likelihood for you. I am sharing a few ways to show the guy that you do not appreciate or desire to share such closeness with them.

#1 Tell Him That You're Disappointed

A direct message, even if bitter, is better than having something tasteless. If you don't have a yearning or a desire, indulgence ought to be futile. Without spending too much thought or energy, just dial your heart out and tell him straight that you're not interested in the extent that it disappoints you that he kissed you like that.

#2 Do Not Kiss Him Back

Never kiss back a person if you don't intend to get hot with them in the first place. A kiss on the lips is a very personal statement of fondness and passion. Don't help the person weaving dreams that cannot be realized anytime soon.

#3 Don't Give Him False Impressions And Hopes

If you don't like the person, it is never wise to make him feel even for a moment that you liked the way you were kissed. Naturally, we might vibe along with the guy with the flow only to regret it later. Don't make room for that sad face. I've been there and done that, trust me, it's not worth it. 

Guys are too emotional, and they can never stand the fact that a girl didn't like them or the way they kissed. Hence, be cautious. If you don't like the kiss, you cannot respond. If a silence starts emerging between you two, do not break it. If he breaks it, he will ask you if you liked it or want to go out with him. In any case, your answer must be a straightforward denial. Do not encourage, and else it will get difficult for both of you.

#4 Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy, right? If the kiss was too unexpected or you didn't like the way he kissed, tell it to him. He might apologize to you or even say that he is not sorry. Either way, you will make it clear to him that it's not going to happen again.

#5 Kiss Him On The Cheeks

A kiss on the cheeks would indicate that you don't want to get cozy with him. When a guy kisses you passionately on the lips, and you return it by kissing him on the cheeks, it would show that that's how you want it to be and nothing more. It's a cute way to show that you're not interested in him.

Summing Up 

If your lips have been engaged or involved with another pair of lips, then it's not as casual or on the surface as it might seem to be. 

If a guy chooses to kiss you on the lips, then the highest probability is that he is totally into you and loves you, and wants to have some great moments with you. Spend some real quality time with him if you feel the same way for him. There is no reason not to take it a step further.


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