When Your Girlfriend Chooses Her Friends Over You?

​Your girlfriend's friends are like sisters. They have, no doubt, been through thick and thin together. They know her inside out, making them invaluable in good and bad times. You may have made it to the list of people who matter in her life after all is said and done, but there is no comparison between you and your girlfriend's family and friends.
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No relationship is as complicated as the one between best friends and boyfriends. 

You might have scored brownie points by being the perfect boyfriend, but what if you were not supposed to be there in the first place? Friends and boyfriends are both important in a girl's life. Both are like different sides of a coin.

While one fills her life with joy, happiness, and laughter, the other brings balance to it. Both are connected in so many ways that it is difficult to choose between them as they complement each other's place in our lives.

Well, no one can blame you for your curiosity. Let's dig a bit deeper into the tiff between BFFs and BF!

When Your Girlfriend Chooses Her Friends Over You

You have walked a mile only to realize your girlfriend always prefers her friends over you, but we all know behind any reaction there is action. Here, today you and I'll sit together to find out all the probable reasons why friends are always her priority.

#1 Whenever Her Friends Need Her

It's an emotional experience. For years, the two friends have known each other, enjoyed good times and bad together, and shared their deepest secrets. The boyfriend comes into the picture and, despite his best intentions, can't help but come across as a real threat to the friendship.

A girl's best friend is like a treasure to her. She would never want to leave her behind, even for a hot date! You know that little girl game where two girls hold hands and vow to be best friends for life? They might fight like cats, but in hard times you would watch them being each other's back. But things are not always the same with a boyfriend.

But, fellas, trust me, your lady knows who she wants to spend most of her time with - herself or you. And that's what will make all the difference in your relationship!

#2 When You Have Become Judgemental

A good friendship is as light as warm tea on a cloudy winter morning. It warms you up at the first sip. It's natural for her to choose her friends over you when you're both in a bad mood or feeling sad. She wants to forget everything else through the company of her friends.

When it comes to relationships with you, she may find herself unable to share everything with you. This is because she doesn't know how you would react or what you would think about it. Moreover, if she does open up about something, the chances are that you will feel insecure and demand answers from her - all of which are unnecessary complications in life. 

Friends are more honest than boyfriends. They don't prohibit her from speaking her mind. Moreover, they are always there to share their secrets with her, and she gives them the same respect in return.

#3 When You And Your Girlfriend Had A Nasty Fight

It is pretty normal to have significant fights with our partners. But when the conflict is between you and your boyfriend, the first thing she will think of is her friends. After that, whoever has fought with their partner always seeks someone to comfort them. 

Friendship is always the answer.

Your girlfriend may show you an angry face to hide her insecurities and her inability to handle challenging situations. She needs a shoulder to cry on, someone who can make her feel better, someone who will say the right words at the right time, turn around her emotions, and make her laugh. These qualities can only be found in a true friend, which she will choose over you whenever she is tired of fighting with you.

#4 When You Have Become Over-Possessive

Does your girlfriend prefer her friends over you? It's a scary thought. You feel insecure about yourself and your relationship with her. But there might be a surprising reason for her to choose her friends over you, and that is possessiveness. 

Possessiveness. It's an innate feeling we all have for things/people at some point in time or the other. But for some people, this attitude is a little more persistent than others. And when you play the possessive game to a certain degree, your girlfriend is left with no option but to choose her friends over you.

Possessiveness is undoubtedly a good sign for some. It does mean that you are caring enough to feel upset if someone comes between you and your partner.

When you become overly possessive, your relationship can lead to a point where your girlfriend may not want to be with you anymore. Because she doesn't feel she can be anything close to herself around you.

#5 When She Needs A Little Space

You have probably heard repeatedly that girls always have their friends by their side. Friends are as important to them as family. While your girl is with her friends and she's happy, you might get upset because she spends more time with her friends than with you. Why is this so?

Since you are now comfortable in your partnership and have an established relationship, she might just be looking for freedom in her life. She has met you along her way, but now she needs to go on a trip with her friends. Just sit back and relax; it's funny to see how ardent she gets with her friends.

There is no point in being paranoid over her. You do not need to check on her wherever she goes or what she does. It would be best to understand that it's a phase of life she is passing through. She has got an exciting new life ahead, and if you let her be and not be jealous, she will be more comfortable with you, and she will love you more than ever before.

So don't stop her from doing all those things that make her happy because it will lead to much more severe problems in your relationship, as there can only be one ruler in the house.

#6 When You Have Become Boring

I am sure you have faced a similar situation where your girlfriend is ready to ditch you in a blink of an eye. Her girlfriends seem to make her happy; they have a good time and fun together, exchanging gossip and laughing over silly things. But you don't get the same time from her, nor do you seem to have as much fun with her.

You've noticed that your girlfriend is close to her friends. She speaks with them a lot, often playing silly or even awkward games and making fun of each other. Today, you wonder if you lack something compared to how much time she spends with them.

#7 When You Fail To Make Her Feel Special

Do you know when your girlfriend chooses her friends over you? 

Of course, men are likely to overlook this sign until you realize that she never spends time with you and at all wants to spend time with her friends. 

Your girlfriend chooses her friends over you when you don't make her feel special. It's effortless. She can still care very much about you and does not want to spend as much time with you. But she feels like she doesn't get enough attention from you, that you don't make her feel unique enough, and so she will take no second to start choosing her friends over you.

#8 When She Is Losing Interest In You

When you are too busy to give her the attention she deserves, it makes her feel like you don't care about her as much as you used to, and if it continues for an extended period, she would want someone more attentive. 

If your girlfriend is losing interest in you, it is time to watch out. It is pretty standard for someone to drift away from the other person if they are too busy in life. However, she may also be losing interest if you don't pay her enough attention. If she invites you to hang out with her and you make excuses or postpone it, she will not be happy, causing her to lose interest in you.

Slowly one day, she starts making excuses for why she can't see you or doesn't respond to your texts in a reasonable amount of time. There's a good chance she's losing interest.

No Fluff 5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Chose You Over Her Friends

If you're trying to win over a woman and make her choose between you and all the other men vying for her attention or her friends, it helps to take a few tricks from your opponents' playbook. Here are five ways to keep her interest and have her choose you over those other options she has.

#1 Have A Magnetic Attitude

You do not need to be rich and famous, but you must have interests outside her and your relationship. This is how you stay appealing to her, and a man who has passions excites a woman.

So if you love yourself, you can be more outwardly confident with your actions because you have the inner confidence already established.

You do have something to offer her that her friends cannot. You are unique, and this makes you stand out. Do not simply be like the rest – that is the secret of your success in making her choose you over them.

#2 Go Out And Date Her

If you feel the heat of that special connection with a woman, make plans to see her again soon. If you drag out the time between dates, you lose some chemistry. Deny it all you want, but the man who sees a woman more often than the competition is going to have an edge. If a woman likes you, she will choose to see you over her friends.

Ask her for a second date or maybe third, fourth, fifth whatever ASAP. Don't leave things open-ended. After spending so much time getting to know her, you should already know when it works best for both you and her. 

It's OK if it is a little bit soon from the first date, but don't wait too long before asking. One week is about right for the second step; two weeks is about right for the third step after that.

#3 Involve Her In Your World

A woman who has been seeing a man for a long time tends to expect that he will at least have some idea of where their relationship is headed. For example, if she has gotten to know his friends and family, this shows he makes an effort toward commitment. If a man goes out with a woman several times in one month but doesn't bother introducing her to his friends or family, this does not show progress. 

Bringing a girl home to meet the family is a big step when you're dating. We'll help you understand what will make her excited about the potential relationship and make her choose you over her friends.

#4 Take The First Step

A woman with female friends is not likely to wait for you to take the initiative. She will not be sitting on her phone waiting for your text message saying, "Hey, what are you up to?" You need to make your intentions known to decide if she would like to spend time with you.

Being proactive or taking the lead will keep her wondering about you when you are not with her, which is a good thing. Left alone with her thoughts, at times, she will think of little things like wondering where you are and what you are doing, how your day went, and when you will meet again.

#5 And The Obvious, Make Her Feel Special

One key to being a good, successful man is to have the ability to make women choose you over their friends. Women want to be remarkable. Everyone wants to be unique and special in the eyes of someone else. It's human nature. 

First, show her you want to take her out. Texting to set up a date is fine, but the best way to ensure she places a high value on your invitation is to speak with her in person.

A phone call or in-person conversation will let her know you have time and effort invested in getting together. Women like it when men plan a surprise. It shows that she is in his thoughts, but there's more to it than that.

A man who is always surprising her makes an effort to know her better. He will not just be the kind of man she calls first when something good happens; he will also be the kind of man she wants to make a life with

In Conclusion

These are situations when your girlfriend chooses her friends over you. Instead of spending time with you, she keeps talking about them all day long and neglecting you completely. It would help if you were careful not to become too jealous over time because this can lead your partner to take action and end the relationship altogether.

The biggest mistake that most relationships face is when one of the partners becomes more interested in her friends than in their significant other. I taught you certain things that should be done if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend, even if she seems to be more attached to her friends than to you. 


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