What To Do When He Blocks You After An Argument?

Megha Chanda
What To Do When He Blocks You After An Argument
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Blocking and unblocking is a game every couple has played once in a lifetime. Even some block and unblock their partner like drinking water every day. I am sure either your partner has played the game on you or vice versa.

If you are telling, “Nay, we haven’t tried our hands on this adventurous sport.” Then I must say, “Your relationship is truly heaven-made. Keep it safe.” 

But what about that Gen y and z millennials who use the superpower of blocking as a solution to their relationship’s ups and down? 

What to do when he blocks you after an Argument? Accept the fact and don’t chase him to unblock you, the situation will get worse. Wait and watch him unblocking you once the anger goes down. If you are at fault apologize to him the moment he unblocks you. If you see, your boyfriend is blocking and unblocking you for no good reason, preach “ Ignorance Is Bliss”. Ignore your boyfriend so hard that he regrets his decision.

Please stop playing the game of blocking It is utter immaturity. Rather use your superpower to block that unwanted relative in your contact who is good for nothing than adding fuel to your problems. Stop playing the blocking game because you think it will help you to wipe your partner from your heart and brain. Sorry! You are living in a bubble that needs to get busted soon.

Here I am to do the job. Next time your boyfriend blocks you after an argument, try the ways I am going to talk about in the article. If implemented rightly, I am cent percent sure he will think twice before blocking you again.

Girl, are you ready to be in the driver’s seat of your relationship? Let’s get started.

I believe, that your partner blocks you every time after arguments. But before starting the blame game, why can’t we be a little bit compassionate towards your love of life. Let’s be in his shoe once and find out,

Why Your Boyfriend Blocks You?

I always believe before, pointing out at someone, deep dive inside you to find what have you done to receive the reaction you are receiving. That’s why I will check once,

1. Have You Made Him Upset?

When two person walks into a relationship they also bring their likings and disliking along with them. It would be unreasonable to expect you and your partner will never have any differences and have a smooth ride for life. So, before yelling at him are you sure, you haven’t triggered his existing insecurities? Have you said something unknowingly that had hurt his ego?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, apologize to him. And yes you need not say SORRY the moment he had blocked you. Have patience, let his anger calm down and then you play the card.

2. He Doesn’t Want To Contribute To Making The Situation Even Worse

Why can’t we see light even in darkness? Yes, I understand your boyfriend has blocked you, and maybe because he doesn’t wish to make the situation even worse. We all tend to use harsh words in fits of anger. Assuming that he has blocked you. He feels when the anger subsides you will sit and sort out whatever is bothering your relationship. Take it as a good sign that your boyfriend doesn’t want to hurt his love of life by saying something in rage that he can never take back.

Though I don’t support that blocking you can bring good, but sometimes maybe it is the only thing that can keep your relationship in the race for longer or forever.

Pro tip:  Before getting blocked for one more time, make your guy understand that blocking is the last solution to any problem.

“I can understand you blocked me for the time being because you don’t want to say anything hateful under pressure. But do you know, when you block or ignore me it gives me the reason to be madder at you? So, promise me you’ll not block me ever after an argument. I will also try to work on me.”

Are you thinking, Megha has promised the girls to be in the driver’s seat of the relationship and now she is only supporting our boys? Ah, enough of supporting your boyfriend. Right? I got you.

3. Your Boyfriend Has Blocked You For No Good Reason.

I understand completely, that you haven’t done anything to get blocked or ignored by your partner. But if you dig deeper, you will discover that unable to handle the stress and pressure he was going through he is behaving strangely with you. Maybe he feels that he is not worthy to have you in his life, so blocking you from the digital avenues will be good for you.

So before jumping to any conclusion like, he doesn’t love you any more or he betrayed you, find if your guy is going through any emotional complication and act accordingly.

Ain’t I placed in the driver’s seat of your relationship? To be in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean you need to dominate and have authority over everything. It is like being the chauffeur who makes your journey smoother. In a relationship when one goes off track it is the duty of the other to bring him on the right track.

Remember: You can’t be in that seat always. Because you are also a human being, prone to make mistakes, normal to get tired and that when your partner your co-chauffeur takes that seat to make the journey easier.

Now, let’s arrive at some solutions

What To Do When He Blocks You After An Argument?

Whether your boyfriend has blocked you or you attracted some bigger problems in your life, everything needs to be handled with courage and patience. 

If You Are At Fault

The first thing first, you have hurt your man’s feeling, knowingly or unknowingly and now stop beating around the bush and say sorry clearly. Please don’t think a sorry can make you inferior. No, this five-letter word is mightier than a sword. When you are ready to say sorry it shows that you value your relationship more than your ego. And it equally shows that you are courageous enough to be sorry for the wrong thing you have committed.

If you can accept your fault in a more romantic and sensuous way, can your partner resist himself from unblocking you?

Now, it’s a legit question how can you say sorry when he has blocked your calls and also from Whatsapp to Facebook and even on Instagram. 

Can you send a sorry note via Email? 😉 

Think about it and till then switch your zen mode and wait for your partner’s ego to flush out. After all, he loves you, and he cannot be mad at you for long. 

If You Are Not At Fault

I completely agree with you that you cannot at fault always. Sometimes your boyfriend has blocked you because he was preoccupied with something that is going out of his control.

  • Be Empathetic and Give Him Time

It will be wrong to think the boys lead a stress-free life. They also have their shares of problems. Moreover, due to societal norms, it becomes hard for them to vent out their problem and might start doing weird behavior with the ones he feels most connected. Maybe this is the reason he has blocked you.

Give him the time to heal. Getting blocked by your partner is disgusting but you have to understand the reason for his such behavior. 

If he has blocked you on social media try to leave a message like, “I understand you are going through pressures, but I am here not to solve but to share your problems. My heart is skipping to get a call or message from you. I miss us being together.

The message is not forcing him to call you rather you are showing that you miss him and want to talk to him so you can share his pressure.

  • It may be time to bring on IGNORE game.

I am assuming you have applied the methods mentioned earlier but still no positive result. Hard luck. But it is time to take the ball in your court.

Ignore him. Ignore him so hard he doubts his existence in your life. Take a break from all of his social media account. 

Get busy with yourself. Do the things you have been dying to do. Meet friends and family Go out and hang out with the people you haven’t seen in a long time. Rise as if the northern wind is beneath your wings.

Gradually you will be in such a place that you might not have the time to think about him. Maybe it will be time when you will see him crawling back into your life. Find out what should be done after he unblocks you.

So, If He Has Unblocked Should You Message Him? 

Umm! we've already addressed this question in another article in detail, Click Here to read it.

Pro-tip: We are mature individuals who don’t believe in revenge. So, you will be doing things because you want to get over his ignorant attitude not because you want to make him envious of you.

Remember, if wish to bring him come back to your life don’t do anything stupid that will fan the flame of anger.

Identify the red flag.

Let me share a story here,

My cousin was in a relationship for six months - the honeymoon phase as we called it. Instead of being in the rossy bubble of new love, their relationship was going through a strong turmoil. As I say Gen-Z has the superpower to block, they never hesitate to use it. My cousin and her partner were also not an exception. 

A few months later my cousin found out that blocking was his partner’s way to maintain two relations side by side. When she contacted the other girl with whom her partner also had a so-called affair she came to know, he applied the same trick on her.

Girls, beware.

It can be also your story. I always preach compassion but that doesn’t mean to be a fool. My girls are smart enough to understand if something is fishy. 

You are boyfriend is blocking you out of his own pressure or he doesn’t want to make the situation is understandable. But your boyfriend is blocking you because it is easier for him to ruin two girl’s life is completely non-negotiable. We don’t tolerate abuse.

Tips to heal from a toxic relationship:

  • Focus on your health.
  • Take a break from everything and spend time with your close ones.
  • Try not to focus or talk about the things that had happened to you
  • Nurture your hobbies
  • Meet new people of all ages, religions, and races. Who knows you may end up meeting your love of life. 😉
  • Contact a relationship counselor if you are facing problems to get over from your past experience

Letter To Boys And Girls Believe In Blocking And Unblocking

Dear Boys and Girls,

This is from someone who has also tried this method of blocking as a solution to the problems of her love life. And after playing it for a long time, I can say it is not worth your time and energy.

I had the habit of stop talking and blocking after argument to realize he has started taking this as a pattern to get his attention. But it didn’t work because he stop taking it seriously and the fear to lose me fades away as he started understanding that I will eventually unblock him after a time.

I was lucky to have a friend who pointed out that the best way to resolve an issue is to communicate. That’s how two mature individuals roll. She also showed me that how blocking and unblocking in the next moment making me an indecisive character to your partner and eventually you start losing your respect.

I was fortunate to have a friend like her in my life. I want to b that friend in your life who guides you in the right way. Being the friend, who gives you the best relationship advice I’ll suggest you stop hitting the block button time and again. Rest I have shared with you in the article.

Your relationship best friend,


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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