What Do You Do When He Texts After Ignoring You?

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Being ignored by the one that you love is the worst thing that can happen to you. The pain that comes with this situation can be unbearable. 

Sometimes, the pain of being ignored outweighs the beauty of the relationship. It's not just being ignored that hurts, it's also that you have to spend time waiting for him to text you back, only to have him ignore you again.

So what to do when he texts after ignoring you? If the man you like suddenly texts after ignoring you, you need to take things slow. You need to act in a particular way in order for him not to lose interest in you again. Don’t go too easy on him. Don’t respond right away and don’t overreact with an angry text either. Don’t respond right away and don’t overreact with an angry text either. Try to stay casual, even if you are feeling hurt or angry.

I can feel you my lovelies, your heart is skipping really first because your screen shows the notification you yearned for so long. Yes, it is his message after he ignored you for a prolonged period and you want to what should be the best move from your side?

But before giving a solution to that problem, you tell me do you know why he had ignored you? It is important to why has he overlooked your messages. If you don’t know the real WHY behind his behavior then chances are you may face the situation in near future. And, I am sure you don’t want the nightmare to happen repeatedly.

What Are The Reasons Behind Ignoring You?

There can be several reasons, but today let’s find out the most common 7 reasons.

#1 Playing Hard To Get

If you’re dealing with a guy who ignores you, it could mean that he’s immature. Don’t expect much from him (caring about your feelings, taking things seriously, etc.) Because this is exactly what immature guys are doing. They have nothing better to do with their time than play games with girls because that’s the only thing which gives them some sort of feeling of “power” and satisfaction. 

He doesn’t care about anything else but the fact that he’s playing this little game he came up with. He’s hoping that if he ignores you for a little while, then it would force you to text him first.

#2 No More Interest In You

So what does it mean when a guy is ignoring you? It means he’s losing interest in you. That is to say, if he still likes you, there wouldn’t be any reason for him to ignore you. If he’s not responding to your messages or calls that means that he feels there is no point in prolonging his feeling for you. 

The first warning sign starts to occur when he doesn't respond to your messages for a couple of days.

#3 He’s Got Something Greater Now

The reason why he decided to ignore you is that at some point, you’ve lost importance in his life. He’s got something greater now, another person who has sent you to the background. Up to this point, you’ve probably been confused as to why he didn’t return your phone calls. 

Now that you know that he was spending time with someone else, it makes perfect sense why he ignored you.

#4 He Is Too Much Occupied In HIs Life

Ignoring you might not mean anything personal. It’s possible that he has so much going on in his life at the moment, he didn’t get around to replying and that’s all there is to it. Guys tend to be less likely to text back than girls do, just because they get distracted and overwhelmed and they think texting and messaging isn’t a high enough priority compared to what they’re dealing with

#5 Commitment Fear At Work

When he started to ignore you, his fear of commitment was already at work. The more you tried to get in touch with him, the less likely he is to reply to your text messages, calls, and emails. His fear of commitment refers to his inability to be emotionally involved with you. The chances are that his fear of commitment was just losing control of things and, with that, the chance to figure out whether he was ready to commit to you.

#6 You’re Too Available

The act of ignoring you completely doesn't mean that he finds you unattractive. What it does mean is that he finds you too available. You've put too much effort into trying to make him like you. Instead of showing him your liking, you've shown him how available you are. And you've done this by responding to his texts, calls, and invitations within seconds.

#7 You Have Made Him Feel Vulnerable

A man wants to make you like him. When you insult him he feels like he’s failed. He doesn’t want to deal with that feeling on top of the rejection that he’s already feeling. So he pushes you away by ignoring you.

If you make fun of him or make him feel uncomfortable about something, he is going to be less likely to want to talk to you. It’s because he feels like you don’t actually care about him as a person. And if he likes you, this is very important.

What Do You Do When He Texts After Ignoring You?

A message from him saying “Hey what’s up?” sends you into an emotional whirlwind. It hits you right where it counts, that vulnerable area of your brain that controls all emotional decisions. No matter how ambiguous the message is, your brain will immediately begin calculating each possible response to it, all while adding emotion to each potential scenario.

Assess The Circumstances

Do you feel better now that he's texted you? Have you forgiven him? Do you want to go back to him or are you scared he will do it again? Maybe there should be some other things that you need to work out before you decide to go back with him.

Evaluate if he is worth it or not. If he is still on your mind, then it’s okay to hear what he has to say, but if he is not worthy for you, leave him alone. 

Once you've figured out the overall situation, you need to find out what his overall game plan is. Does he want to move forward in this relationship or is he playing the game of continuous rejection? It's important for you to be aware of this because in order to continue in this relationship it's important for you to be in control and not put up with his games

Do you think he will stop with this on his own? When you start ignoring him, how does he react? Does he seem to respect your wishes, or does he assume that you will eventually cave in and talk to him?

Forgive and forget: This might be the first thing that pops up in your mind. If you think that giving him a second chance might leave a bad taste in your mouth but you still like him, then this could be the solution. Forgetting the little event and starting over from scratch is an option; however, there is also a chance for this to happen again.

Subtly Ask For An Explanation

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes life gets in the way and we’re too busy to give someone or something our full attention. Your texts didn’t get lost in a void in his phone, he likely just couldn’t find a break in his schedule to respond. Maybe he was going through a rough time and felt bad for not contacting you. Now that things have calmed down a bit, he wants to make it up to you.

So the next time he texts, do respond because it’s never too late to get closure. It’ll be worth it. because you can’t move forward if you don’t clear the air. 

So before telling him off you should give him a chance to explain first. If you still think that whatever he will say is an acceptable reason for what he did then you may welcome him back.

To simply take him back seems pointless as he intentionally ignored you to show his arrogance and the way to deal with this is by asking for an explanation as it shows your strength as a woman who can stand up for herself.

The one thing I’ve learned about moving on from an ex is that it’s best to clear the air. It’ll make you feel better and you never know, you might even rekindle the spark.


You could give him a taste of his own medicine by being the one who’s in charge. If you truly believe that these aren’t the best times for the two of you to bother with small talk, you can simply ignore him without losing sleep over it at night.

The key to peace of mind, tbh, is to

  1. Be independent enough that ignoring him won't bother you and 
  2. to not be desperate for his attention.

Deciding to take complete control of the situation and give him the cold shoulder will make you feel strong and powerful and intimidating. It’s a chance to show him who’s in charge

Whatever the reason may be, you don’t want to burn all bridges by ignoring his texts. You want to be friends with him again someday, even though you may know that it’s not going to happen any time soon. You can get him back on your side by knowing how to respond to his texts.

Reply Politely

At this point, you want to reply politely without making him think that you’re still interested. Being friendly and polite allows you to position yourself as the bigger person and the one who is mature enough to forgive and forget. Ask him how he’s doing. This will help let him know that you still care about him and make it easier for him to open up to you.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to come off as starving for attention. Make sure to keep the conversation friendly and brief. 

Let Him Know That You Are Hurt

Have you ever experienced this situation: a guy who has been ignoring you all of a sudden texts and wants to meet? Let him know that you are hurt. Try to make him feel bad for ignoring you.

Let him know that his sudden disappearance scared you. You were taken by surprise when he wanted to see you again because you thought that your best option was to avoid him. You want him to prove that he wants to be with you. You need to know that he really regrets what happened and that he will never do it again. 

Every time he texted you after ignoring you, you will feel extremely angry. You will make yourself angry with your thoughts and feelings. Your anger will be justified. But it is also good to remember that like most things, the best thing you can do is not dwell on the negative too much, but rather treasure it and keep it in perspective with the rest of your life and move on.


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