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Did Your Ex Come Back After Dumping You?

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We all are here in search of that perfect person, perfect relationship in our life. We just dream of having that one person, who will bring a big smile on the face, cheer up a super dull day and listen to our silly stories without getting bored. 

But what if, it does not happen? We do mess up in our relationships, right? We don’t understand the importance of that special person in our lives until they are gone. 

And then starts the most painful period of your life. You realize how much you loved him/her, but he/she is not a part of your life anymore and you terribly miss that person. You’re dying to meet him/her, make changes, apologize and get back to him/her as soon as possible.

But is it possible? Do exes come back after they dump you?  Let’s find out that. 

So, can exes come back after dumping you? In general, 25% of exes come back after dumping their partners. But, it depends on person to person and also the kind of relationship you had. As per statistics, people who broke up after 5 or 6 years of being together, got back together once again. 

As you can see, the chances are not completely nil. Exes can come back to you even after dumping you. So don’t be a hopeless romantic be a hopeful one. Now let us dive deep into why your ex can come back after dumping you.

Reasons For Your Ex To Come After Dumping You 

You might be in a completely miserable state after your partner has dumped you. You are constantly looking at your texts, waiting for his/her one call, hugging the things that he/she gave you, and desperately waiting to get back to your ex. There are certain reasons for which your ex can come back to you.

  1. Your ex misses you terribly

See, we are humans and sometimes we really don’t have control of our emotions. And in relationships partners often say the most unpleasant thing out of anger without thinking about its consequences. Also, rather than finding a solution to the problem, they choose the path of break up and they regret it very soon.

Here, you’re not the only one who is missing your ex, but your ex is missing you too. As soon as some time will pass, he/she will understand the absence of you and their heart will cry out loud.

Since they are the ones who dumped you, it would take some time for them to get back to you, but they will get back to you. he/she will initially refrain from talking to you for a week or even for a month. But slowly they will start messaging you, will make attempts to meet you, and finally will get back to you. 

  1. Your ex truly loved you

Some popular quote once said true love never runs smooth. It has its fair share of ups and downs and sometimes that actually strengthens the relationship. If you and your partner were madly in love with each other, chances are that he/she will get back to you sooner or later no matter what.

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Now you may wonder, if he/she loved me so much, why did he/she even dump me in the first place? Well, once again, the reasons are endless. If you two have been fighting constantly, if you have been not finding time for each other, if you have upset him/her by your behavior, then your partner can break up with you.

But these fights or little tiffs never diluted the love that he/she had for you. It’s just that, at the heat of the moment, he/she found breaking up to be the right option and hence the decision. 

So they will come back to you, as they truly loved you and will realize how much you mean to them. 

  1. Your ex realized his/her mistake

Your partner can break up with you, even if they have done the mistake. This is not an uncommon story. Often partners don’t like to admit their mistake and wrongly accuse you.

So even if they are on the wrong side, they will somehow put the blame on you. They just dump you out of their unwillingness to admit the mistake and take actual responsibility to correct them. They prefer dumping to satisfy their ego and this is an easy escape route for them.

But, soon they understand that they have made a horrible mistake. he/she starts repenting especially if they notice that you are in a good place, or you trying to move on in life. In a case like this, 90% chances are there that your ex will come back to you. 

  1. You and your ex were in a relationship for a long time

Were you school sweethearts or college? Did you guys date each other for a long time say for more than 6 or 7 years? Well, nobody can’t keep the two of you apart.

When you have been in a relationship for so long, you become extremely attached to each other. You know every little detail about each other and your world pretty much revolves around your partner.

But even such long-term relationships face difficulties and your partner can dump you. However, you should not lose your hope. Your partner will come back to you within a week or a maximum of two weeks. 

One of my friends, Emily dated her middle-school boyfriend for 6 long years. But she lied to Will about meeting her ex. Naturally, Will was upset and decided to dump her. 

It was only after 5 days, that Will came to Emily’s house and told her how much he loves her and he understands her point of view. He said that he is ready to fight, find a solution together but being apart is never an option.

It was the strong bond that they built together for years that led to this kind of commitment and attachment. And that bond brought Emily’s ex back to her.

So, if you and your ex have dated each other for such a long period of time, hold your breaths tight, because he/she is on his/her way to win you back.

  1. Your Ex is unhappy without you
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Another common scenario. Usually, exes who dump their partners so proudly and then post on social media, how happy they are to be single again, are the ones who suffer internally the most.

In the beginning, they happily enjoy their singlehood. They start partying, being wild, connecting with different people via dating apps. But reality hits hard on them after a point of time.

He/she starts missing you and finds what a miserable life they are leading without you. They are simply unhappy without you. He /she would go on trips, meet with friends, keep them busy through their work but there will be always that emptiness.

He/she will never feel happiness even doing the most enjoyable thing. So, when they will be shattered by your absence and notice that nothing can bring happiness back in their lives apart from you, he/they will come back to you. 

Now that you know some of the reasons, that can bring back your ex to you, you should also look at some signs, that will indicate that your ex will come back to you after dumping you. 

Signs That Your Ex Will Come Back After Dumping You

  • He/she unblocked you all of a sudden. If he/she dumped you, then there are chances they also blocked you on all social media platforms. So if you happen to be unblocked by your ex suddenly, it means they are missing you and they are slowly taking one step to get back to you. Unblocking is the very step to make a comeback in your life.
  • He /she sends you an apology card. Well, isn’t it a pretty obvious sign? He/she will not tell you clearly in the beginning that they miss you, they love you, and want you back. Rather he/she will send a sweet apology card for accepting their mistake. This is just a way of melting your heart.
  • Wishing you on your birthday after being in no contact. If your ex wishes you after dumping you, it is a sign that will come to your life. He/she surely did not forget your special day and made an effort to let you know that they still think about you. 
  • When he/she accidentally likes an old photo of yours. He/she has been stalking you for sure. Otherwise, why would you get a notification at 2 a.m, that your ex liked a 3-year-old photo of yours on Instagram? They were missing you and scrolling through your profile just to have a glimpse of you. Obviously, they wish to come back to your life. 
  • He/she asks your friends about you. If you two had common friends, your ex will try to get information about you, your life updates from the friends. So when you hear from your friend that your ex is quite keen on knowing what are you up to, take it as a big sign. 
  • When your ex gets jealous about your other male/female friends. Yes, this is another sign too. Although they have dumped you, they still get jealous if they spot you with other males/female friends in a photo. 

They can be your friends only, but it still makes them jealous. And you can understand by some comments from them on your posts, or your ex can even send you a direct message too. You will know that he can’t move on and he will get back to you. 

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What Should You Do, To Get Your Ex Back?

I’m sure, you will be wondering where did you go so wrong that your partner dumped you? What can you do to get your ex back?

I’ve got your back. Read through and will find some magic tips to get your ex back to you.

  • Don’t respond to their texts or calls instantly. It might sound ambiguous, but trust me, this works like magic. Remember, you were the one who got dumped. So you have every right to not respond so fast. Take your sweet little time, test their patience. This will actually tell you, whether they genuinely want to come back to you or not. 
  • Make them jealous. If your ex particularly did not like a boy or a girl, you start hanging out with him/ her. Post stories and photos constantly, if your ex hasn’t blocked you he/she will notice this. This will surely reignite the love for you once again. 
  • Don’t go begging him/her. Yes, you heard me right. You can’t show him/her your weakness. You need to show him that you are going pretty strong. So don’t drunk dial your ex or listen to your emotions at midnight and make a call. Let your ex come back to you. Your ignorance will make you restless and they will come back soon.
  • Send all his/her stuff back. This is a strong move. When you send back his/her stuff, it will remind him/her of your memoirs even more. And that will hurt him more. He will realize his mistake and come back to you.
  • If you had done a mistake and that’s why your ex dumped you, then, apologize to him immediately. Send him/her favorite chocolates with a sweet letter. Also, attach some photos. He/she will understand that you value the relationship and are genuinely making efforts to make the relationship work. 

If your ex was stubborn and egoistic and you feel, he/she won’t give in to this idea, then also I have a solution for you. This has worked wonderfully for my friend Sarah. 

Sarah was severely upset when her boyfriend dumped her for another girl and went to another city. She was depressed and going through a very tough phase. She could not concentrate on anything. 

The only thing she wanted was her boyfriend back in her life. She was ready to go the extra mile to get him back. So she got herself The Ex-Factor- An ex-back framework specially crafted for a person like you by Brad Browning.

She followed all the amazing steps and voila, she was once again the happiest person on earth with her boyfriend. 

And you know what this is my only recommended framework if you desperately want to be with your ex, even I recommend this to my friends and family. If you are still in doubt check this free video presentation.

Lastly, I would say, love, is sometimes simple, sometimes complex, and sometimes truly magical. So never lose your hope in love. Love will get you everything that you want even your ex. 


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