If A Girl Dumps You Will She Come Back?

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The one thing that we don’t in a relationship is heartbreak. Honestly, when you love a person, you spend time with your partner, you make plans with her, you make memories with your special someone, obviously, the last thing you would want to leave that person.

But, what if your special someone leaves you or to be a little harsh, dumps you? Your world will be shattered knowing that the girl of your dreams dumped you and now you are all alone. 

However, love does not leave our hearts easily and always keeps our hopes high. So, you would definitely want your girlfriend to make a super comeback in your life. But will she or will she not come back in your life, that’s a million-dollar question. 

So, if a girl dumps you will she come back? Well, whether she will come back or not will depend on what kind of a relationship you two had. Also, the reason for which she dumped you can give you some ideas. If you two have been for more than 5 or 6 years, there are more than 70% chances that she will come back. But if you cheated on her and she dumped you, chances are very less. Yet, situations can vary all the time. 

But don’t just rely on numbers. Love and hearts are not a business of numbers. You need to look into your relationship. Were the two of you serious about each other? Did you hurt her? You need to find out exactly what happened and why did she take such a bold decision.

Knowing the right reason can help you to decide what to do further. Whether you will move on or you will wait for your girlfriend? This decision would be much easier when you know the real reason for her dumping you. 

Reasons Your Girlfriend Dumped You

Every relationship is unique in its own way. They have their own issues, own problems and every couple love to deal with it in their own way. Some couples like to fight it out and stick to each other no matter what. Some couples like to take a break just like Ross and Rachel and then they realize that they were meant to be. 

But sometimes break up is the last option. Perhaps your girlfriend tried a lot and eventually, she had to give up. So, let’s have a look at the reasons for which your girlfriend dumped you. 

  1. Your girlfriend was not serious about you

Not everyone likes to take relationships seriously or they do not give the importance that a relationship deserves. Probably you were too much into her, but she was not.

She dated you for a while, but she was clear in her head, that this was a casual thing. She did not want a long-lasting relationship with you.

If she did not mention her intention at the beginning of the relationship, then she actually wanted to play with your intentions. But if she did mention and yet you went ahead with the relationship, then you had some sort of idea that the relationship will end one day or the other. 

So, do you have any chances?

No, in your case chances are very less. She dumped you because she did not want the relationship for long and that was clear. However, if she misses your company after dumping you and wants to give it a shot she can come back to you. But keep your hopes lower and start moving forward in your life. 

  1. Your girlfriend was bored with you

Ideally, a relationship should flourish with each other. You should be each other’s support where you let the other person grow and give them ample room to better themselves in their career as well as their life.

But when does one get bored with their boyfriend? When your girlfriend notices that the relationship is not moving forward, it’s stuck in the same old place, or your ambitions and ideologies for life are not matching with each other, she might dump you.

So, she basically got bored with you. There was no newness, no spark in the relationship. You two fought over the same issue. You two never had a solution. You two always ended the day on a bitter and negative note.

Your girlfriend felt it was better to part ways rather than be in a stagnant relationship. So, she dumped you.

Do you have any chances?

You have a chance. She can come back to you only if you show her the interest and effort to bring a positive change in the relationship. You would need to work seriously for the relationship to work out. You need to make her believe that you will make the relationship alive once again. 

  1. Your girlfriend move to a new city/country

Distance should never come in the way of a true relationship. But not everyone has the capability, maturity, and interest to carry on an LDR. An LDR requires a lot of commitment, trust, time, sincerity, and then only two people from two different places, without being physically close to each other can sustain the relationship. 

So, if your girlfriend is that kind of a person who is afraid of distance, or knows that she won’t be able to handle the distance and you two will break up once she moves into a new place, she decided to dump you before. She prefers to begin a new life in a new city or country than to carry the emotional baggage with her there.

There is no harm in choosing career or study options in a new place over a relationship. But a true relationship has the potential to sustain even the longest distance. But certainly, your girlfriend was not ready for it. Hence she dumped you.

What are the chances that she would come back?

Your girlfriend is a careerist, ambitious person and she prioritizes her career over her loved one in her life. So, chances for her to come back just for you is the bare minimum. However, if she starts missing you after moving to the new place and realizes that how important the relationship was and she made a mistake by dumping you and she will contact you.

But since she would be leading a very different life away from you, exploring new things every day, chances of the relationship to last long even after coming back to you are less. 

  1. Your girlfriend had trust issues

If your girlfriend had a traumatic past where she had been betrayed or her trust has been broken by some other men, then regaining the trust is difficult for her. 

Even though you tried your best to show her that you are loyal and she can completely have faith in you, she still has that fear in her mind. And she is unable to get out of it. She feels if she is once again betrayed she won’t be able to put herself back together.

So, she decided that it’s better to dump you than to emotionally invest in you. She takes this decision consciously. 

Your chances?

In this case, if you try the right way, you can make her come back to you. You need to spend a lot of time with her and make he understand that one can regain faith and trust. You need to assure her with your actions that she can trust you without worry. If you are able to convince her, she will come back to you. 

  1. Your girlfriend never moved on from her past relationship

Although you two started dating each other, your girlfriend actually never moved on from her past. Her ex was pretty much in her heart and mind all the while she dated you. 

If you were a rebound of hers, then this must be the reason she dumped you. She started dating you to find an emotional shelter. But soon she realized that she can’t move on her from her ex-boyfriend so easily. She will need a lot of time.

So, she did not want to prolong this relationship and give you false hope. She thought dumping you at this point would be much better for her mental peace and maybe in the future would help her move on from these emotional troubles.

What are the chances of her coming back to you?

There is no chance for her to come back to you. Clearly, she never loved you. And she still loves her ex and hence she could not even give this relationship a try. So, do not wait in vain. She needs time to heal herself and move on from her ex. You were never her priority. 

  1. Your girlfriend was double dating

This is a painful reason but if your girlfriend happens to be one of them, you do not have any control over it. Although you put your heart and soul into it, she was never the one for you. She was double dating.

Basically, she had another man in her life and at one point she just decided to dump you because she was in no way interested in you. If she had been interested in you she would not have cheated on you with anyone else and if she had to be with you seriously she would leave the other guy and told you the truth.

So, you were never a part of her future and she did not hesitate to dump you.

Your chances?

Honestly, even if you chance you should not give her an opportunity. She lied to you, she cheated you with another guy. Why would you like her to come back into your life and be hurt once again? 

However, you have no chances whatsoever. She left you for another guy and he was already dating someone else while dating you. So, she was clearly not into you and chose to move on with the other guy and dump you. Your girlfriend is not coming back. 

  1. You cheated on your girlfriend

Trust makes up 90% of a relationship. Once that is broken it is very hard to get back. So, if you cheated your girlfriend for any other girl and she found it out, it is obvious for her to dump you. Unless she is fine with an open relationship where both of you have the liberty to emotionally and physically be intimate with other people.

Clearly, you have been disloyal with your girlfriend and lied to her and did the worst thing. A girlfriend never wants to be cheated for any other woman. You have hurt her and you have disrespected her. 

She loved you but you did not love her back the way she deserved. She could not accept your disloyalty and she knew she won’t be able to continue the relationship in the future even if you apologize and try to make it up to her. So, she dumped you.

Do you have any chance?

Your chances are nil. If you have cheated, it is most likely she won’t come back to you. Even if you apologize, admit your mistake, she would never be able to trust you because you cheated on another girl. 

You can try your best but to win her back is going to be an impossible task. Remember, here you are the one who committed the mistake and your actions lead her to dump you. So it’s totally up to her whether she would like to give you a second chance. But generally, a girlfriend who is cheated once, won’t come back for sure. 

  1. Your girlfriend did not like some of your habits

Two different people will have different likes and dislikes. But in a relationship, you do need to compromise a little bit. So if some of your actions or habits, bother your girlfriend, you need to talk to her and reach a solution. 

However, if after repeatedly telling you, you keep on making the same mistake, she will stop giving you chances. If you are a smoker or loves to drink a lot, but your girlfriend does not like that, then she would talk to you to get rid of these habits.

It can be hard initially. But you also need to respect her choices. Also, if you liked to party a lot with girls and you have many other female friends with whom you are unnecessarily close. All these habits bothered her a lot and she noticed that you never cared for her. You always ignored what she wanted.

You deliberately went on doing those things which she told you not to, or which hurt her. So she finally dumped you.

What about your chances?

Yours is a situation where you have a 50% chance. But you need to prove her through your actions. She needs to see that you have really changed and stopped doing those annoying things. She can give you a second chance but if you mess this time, she will be out of your life forever. 

What Should You Do Make Your Girlfriend Come Back To You?

  • Apologize to her. If you have made the mistake, then admit and apologize to her genuinely. Promise her that you won’t repeat this. 
  • Send her a long text. Write down your feelings. Tell her that you can’t imagine a life without her and you want to make the relationship work. Put your words politely.
  • Wait for her response. If you want to be too pushy and constantly call or text her, it will piss her off even more. So, after sending a text, wait for her response. 
  • Send her an email, if she has blocked you from all social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, FB. Write down your thoughts and how it has been difficult for you to live alone. Also, ask what changes you can bring and make the relationship a successful one. 
  • Try the no-contact method. No contact can work like a magic. If you and your girlfriend fought over a silly reason and she dumped you impulsively, then this method will bring her back. She will soon start missing when she will notice that you have not contacted her. She will try contacting you on her own.
  • Send her an apology card and gifts. It’s your responsibility to show her your efforts. So, send her an apology card with a gift. It can be anything she likes. It will show her that you still remember everything she loved. 
  • Wish her a happy birthday on time. Just because she dumped don’t forget to wish her. Make sure to be the first person to wish her. 
  • Keep her pictures on your FB and Instagram. Do not delete her pictures with you from your social media right after the breakup. Keep them and she will know that you still love her, and you’re not afraid to tell the world how much you love her. 
  • Meet her. If she has not blocked you and seen all your messages, it means she is keen on having a conversation with you. Talk to her face to face. Convey your true feelings, see her reaction and sort out your issues together. 
  • Show her that you miss her. Post sad stories on your social media. Let your friends know that you miss her genuinely so that she also gets to know. She will understand you are truly sad and want her back in life.
  • Change your habits. If your habits were the reason for which she dumped you, then change them. Ask honestly to give you one more chance and this time you will make it up to her. 

What Should You Not Do When Your Girlfriend Has Dumped You But You Want Her Back?

If you want your girlfriend back, then there are certain things which you should refrain from doing. Taking one wrong step can ruin all your chances.

  • Do not block her on any social media. She might block out anger but you should not do that. If after two days she feels the need to talk to you, she would find that you’ve already blocked her. She will be angrier and all your doors will be closed.
  • Do not delete the pictures of her on your social media. If you do so she will feel you were waiting for her to dump you and you’ve moved on very easily.
  • Do not involve a third person. Taking suggestions from a friend can help but do not bring in a third person to solve your issues. And especially if that person is your female friend whom your girlfriend never liked, you will only worsen the situation. 
  • Do not make her jealous. If you think making her jealous would bring her back, you’re living under a rock. So do not post pictures with other girls or hang out immediately after the breakup. 
  • Do not discuss the details of your breakup with your friends. Yes, you can share with them but don’t go too deep. Your girlfriend would not like the fact that there is no privacy between you two. 
  • Do not disturb her. If she has asked for time, then give her that space and time. Don’t annoy her by sending thousands of texts a day. 

Should I Move On Or Wait For My Girlfriend To Come Back?

Once again it will depend on the reason for your girlfriend to dump you. So look at the reasons and think carefully.

If she has cheated on you, would you still want to give her a chance? You can have a conversion with her about the boundaries of a relationship and give her a last chance. However, if you find that she is not willing to come back even after you gave her the chance, there is no point holding onto her. 

Try to move on. Keep yourself busy. You will definitely come out of this dark phase.

However, if you two fought over a silly reason and you still love her madly, apologize to her genuinely and if she also loves you truly, she will come back to you. You won’t have to pester her many times. 

You can wait for her for 6 to 8 months. Even after that, she does not come back, you move on. Also, if you see she started another relationship with a new guy after dumping you, it’s wiser to move on than to wait for her. 

You will find the right person for you sooner or later. So do not lose all your hopes. Keep believing in the magic of love. 


What to do if a girl dumps you?

Admit your mistake and apologize to her genuinely. Show her that you care and you miss her terribly. Promise that you won’t hurt her again. However, if she cheated on you and dumped you, try to move on. Start deleting the memories you had with her and keep your self-esteem high. 

How do you know that your girlfriend won’t come back?

When you’ve tried all means to make her come back, and yet after 6 months she has not responded to you positively, it means she won’t come back. Also, if you see her hanging out with a new guy, posting pictures with him then she is not coming back to you.

Should I take her back if she dumped me?

If you made the mistake and that's why she dumped you, then you must take her back when she returns to you. However, if she was the one who was disinterested in you, hurt you, broke your trust, then you should think wisely. You can give her one last chance and see how much she has changed.


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