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My Boyfriend Only Texts Me Good Morning: Here are the exact reasons!

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Even the perfect relationship has its flaws. I guess that’s where the lovers fall in love with each other even more when they find perfection in their partner’s cute imperfections. 

But there are some habits, some essence which binds a couple together for better. Make them stronger and they create their own little world of happiness. However, some things in a relationship can fade away quite easily. Especially the things we tend to ignore or find insignificant or unimportant. 

And with boyfriends things can get very tricky at times. They sometimes overexpress, sometimes don’t express at all, sometimes text you all day long, and sometimes don’t text at all. 

Obviously, as a girlfriend you wonder- “ Am I in his mind at all?” “ Did he forget me?”, “ Doesn’t he love me anymore?” “Is he seeing anyone else?”A bunch of questions and your heartbeat is always at a higher rate. 

It can be really difficult to understand your boyfriend especially if he behaves in a different way. Also, texts are one of the most important means of communication. So your boyfriend’s texts pattern can mean a lot of things and can lead to miscommunication or clear communication. 

So, what does it mean when your boyfriend only texts you good morning? Generally, it can mean that he does it as a formality or he is ignoring you. However, the other meaning can be that he wants to break up with you or he is not serious with you. Having an open conversation with your BF can save a lot of misunderstandings. So ask him why is he not texting you in the night. Let him tell his side of the story.

When your boyfriend texts you only good morning, it can have many different meanings. Let’s dive deep into each of the meanings. 

9 Meanings When Your Boyfriend Only Texts You Good Morning

If you notice that your boyfriend has stopped sending you good night messages and only sending you good morning texts, then you would surely be surprised. Before you become upset, or start fighting with your boyfriend or assume a lot of different things in your head, let’s check out the different meanings behind this behavior of your boyfriend.

  1. It’s just a formality for him.

I’m sure, when you two started dating each other, you made some little promises to each other. Some rituals that you as a couple would follow. And sending each other good night and good morning texts are one of them.

Although your boyfriend happily agreed to it at the beginning of the relationship, slowly he started seeing this little gesture as a formality. So obviously, he doesn’t put the thought behind it or doesn’t understand the significance attached to it. Also, he fails to understand how much it means to you.

It’s just an act of formality for him. So he only texts you good morning and doesn’t bother to text you good night as he does it kind of unwillingly. 

  1. He ignores you.

Was your boyfriend texting you in the night and in the morning regularly and has stopped all of a sudden? Then it’s a sign that he is ignoring you.

He surely understands that this gesture has a lot of emotion and importance for you. He deliberately only texts you in the morning to hurt you. He wants to show you his ignorance like this. 

If he would have cared about your feelings he would text you both times. But clearly, he is ignoring you and doing it intentionally. 

  1. He isn’t serious about you.

Well, when you start noticing something weird in your boyfriend’s behavior, you really need to understand what does he actually wants out of this relationship.

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A guy who is into you seriously will never take a chance to hurt you. He will text you, call you out of his own will. You don’t have to remind him or you don’t have to be the first one every time texting him. He will always make the right efforts to keep you happy and make the relationship a successful one.

But when it doesn’t happen, it’s an indication that he isn’t serious about you. You’re just his dating partner and he has no plans to carry forward this relationship in the future.

Hence, he makes the least effort to keep the relationship going. It makes no difference to him when he only texts you good morning and completely forgets to text you in the night. For him, putting efforts would be a waste of time as he has already made up his mind that he will call off this relationship sooner or later. 

  1. He thinks of you only as a friend.

Not all friendships turn into a romantic one even if you try your hardest or pray the most. You can certainly have feelings for him and start thinking of him as your boyfriend, but he might not feel the same for you.

Oftentimes, guys start a relationship with their close female friend only to realize later that you are no more than a friend to him. So as soon as he realizes he wants to minimize the romantic conversation and gestures as much as possible. 

So he stops texting you at night so that you don’t take it as any other hint. He only texts you in the morning just as a friendly greeting for the day. His good morning text has no hidden meaning attached to it. He is only wishing a friend just like he does to his other friends. 

  1. You aren’t in his mind 24*7.

When we are in a relationship, we want to rule the heart and mind of our partner. This is a natural instinct for any girlfriend to think that her boyfriend is only thinking about her all the time. 

And when your boyfriend actually thinks about you he will text you good morning and good night both. But when he doesn’t it surely means he is not thinking about you all the time.

It definitely slips from his mind to text you good night. The good night and good morning messages are just a way of letting your loved one that you are the last person I think about when I go to sleep and when I wake up you are the first thing in my mind.

But when your boyfriend is only texting you in the morning, there is surely a lack of emotional connection from his end. 

  1. He has a busy routine.

If your boyfriend has a busy work life, then it is difficult for him to religiously text you both morning and in the night. Ideally, a text message doesn’t take more than a second. However, sometimes you do have to consider the practical situation.

When your boyfriend comes late from work every day, he is obviously tired and he just wants to rest at that time. He surely makes it up to you in the morning and talks to you. But due to his hectic schedule, he fails to cope up with the little things that a relationship demand. 

  1. He is a casual person.

Sometimes you just can’t change a person’s nature. Some boyfriends are in general casual in nature. He definitely loves you but he takes these things like sending messages in the night and in the morning very casually. 

He doesn’t think about them at all. And he also doesn’t understand that these are sometimes very important and can lead to bigger problems as well. But he is casual. 

You will certainly notice that if you don’t text him for 2 or 3 days, he won’t even mention that to you. Simply because these things do not define or determine the longevity of a relationship to him. But do not mistake this behavior of his as his lack of love for you. 

  1. You two are in a fighting phase.
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Couples and fights are inevitable. One can’t live without each other. If your boyfriend used to be the sweetest one and always texted you both in the morning and in the night but now he isn’t then you two have had a big fight.

Yes, your boyfriend is angry and upset with you. But he loves you certainly. Hence still texts you only good morning. However, at the same time, he wants you to know that he isn’t over the fight yet, so he purposely doesn’t text you in the night.

  1. He wants to end the relationship.

Not every relationship has the fortune of having a happy ending. Some are just not meant to be. So if you and your boyfriend fight quite frequently, there is a lack of compatibility between you two, or he has been indifferent towards the relationship, then the end is near.

He certainly doesn’t want to drag the relationship anymore but he is also unable to find the time to confess his true feelings. So he takes the help of this method where he slowly shows his disinterest towards you and the relationship. He consciously stops making effort to let you know that he is not into the relationship.

So, if you two are having a rough patch and you notice your boyfriend is only sending you good morning texts, then probably he wishes to break up with you. 

What Should You Do When Your Boyfriend Is Only Texting You Good Morning?

You are probably now thinking about what should be your call of action in a situation like this. So now that you know the reasons and the meanings when your boyfriend texts you in the morning, let’s check out what you should do. 

  • Do the same thing with him. You also start sending only good morning texts to him and nothing else. Notice how he reacts. Did he feel the difference? Is he talking about it? If he is casual even after this then you must have a real talk with him.
  • Stop replying to his good morning texts. You need to let him know that you expect his message out of love and not just as a responsibility or a formality. By not replying to his texts he would understand that you’re upset and he will come to you on his own.
  • Ask him directly. Having an open conversation can save a lot of misunderstandings. So ask him why is he not texting you in the night. Let him tell his side of the story as well for you to understand the real reason.
  • Show him that you’re upset. Be honest and show him that his actions are hurting you. While talking to him show your emotions and make him realize that this means a lot to you. 
  • Check his social media activity. Sometimes you need to spy on your boyfriend too. If your boyfriend has been quite casual about the relationship, then you need to check what he has been up to. Notice how much he is active on social media, with whom he is hanging out etc. This will help you to understand his real intention.
  • Meet him. Talking face to face can solve the problem quickly. When you notice this behavior of your boyfriend for a week, immediately plan to meet him. And bring up this issue directly. 
  • Be patient. If he has been busy or you two have been fighting for a while and after that, he is acting like this then you need to be patient. Give him some time and he will definitely come around. 

What You Should Not Do When Your Boyfriend Only Texts You Good Morning?

The situation is already a little bit complex. And I’m sure you certainly don’t want to get worse even more. So while there are certain things that you must do, you should also refrain from doing some things.

  • Do not fight with him. You still don’t know the reason. So it makes no sense for you to start a fight. Wait for a while and try to understand the present situation. Fighting with him can worsen the relationship status. 
  • Do not behave weirdly. Just because he is acting up a bit different doesn’t mean that you should too. Also, if you two have fought then certainly you should not behave rudely or weirdly with him. 
  • Do not tell the world. Yes, there is no need to post that your boyfriend is only texting you in the morning on Instagram. Some things need privacy and you must respect that. Your posts can make him more upset. So stop.
  • Do not assume stories. Without having a proper talk with him you must not make up stories in your head. If your relationship has been going strong and smooth, you don’t want to make this a huge fuss. Talk to him and sort it out. 
  • Do not stress out unnecessarily. This is just a phase. Maybe he is busy. So there is no need to stress over this little issue. Sometimes you need to let go of certain things. 
  • Do not stop caring for him. You must show him that you love and care for him. So if he doesn’t text you even at night, you should not stop caring for him. Talk to him politely, help him if he needs. This way he too will realize your love for him.
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Does He Want To Break Up With Me When He Texts Only Good Morning?

It can be one of the reasons. But this is always not the one. Break up depends on the nature and condition of the relationship that you have.

Sometimes when a couple has been together for a long time, they start taking these texts quite casually. It really isn’t big deal. 

But things can be tricky when you two constantly fight, there are always misunderstandings between you two, you two are never on the same page. 

In scenarios like this definitely, your boyfriend is not much into the relationship, and hence texting you is only an added burden. If you continue to see this behavior for a longer period even for more than a month, then it can mean he wants to break up with you. 

One of my friends, Mona, and her boyfriend Nick were together for more than 3 years. However, Mona too started noticing that Nick is only texting her good morning. She waited for a while but Nick continued with the behavior. 

She was upset. But instead of talking to him, she made up stories in her mind. Started talking to other friends and was totally stressed out. Finally, after my advice, she had an open conversation with Nick. 

And guess what? Nick immediately admitted his mistake and told her that he was not doing it on purpose. He has too much going on in his workplace for a big project and also he has some family matters to deal with. All these led him to forget to send Mona good night texts. 

But Nick thought Mona is mature enough to understand the situation and their relationship is also super strong so these little things won’t make a huge difference to the dynamics of the relationship. 

So, don’t make a mistake like Mona. Be open and honest with your boyfriend. When you see a gap address the issue immediately. Keeping up things in your mind won’t solve any problem. 

Relationships come with responsibilities and both boyfriend and girlfriend should be equally responsible for it. So love each other and be responsible to handle any kind of problems. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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