Why Does My Boyfriend Kiss Me So Much? (17 Possible Reasons)

He gives you so many kisses because he adores you. He wants to devote himself to you with each kiss, much as a devotee does to the deity through prayers. He isn't with you only for the sake of sex. He wants to merge with you slowly with every kiss. 
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If your boyfriend never misses an opportunity to kiss you - he kisses you in the car, at the theatre, in the stairwell, on the terrace. He kisses you before having food, and he kisses you after completing his meal. He kisses you as soon as he sees you, and he comes back to kiss you before leaving. 

It may be that he kisses you so much that your lips are swollen, and you get that look or that wicked smile from the people around you. It is possible that now you don't enjoy these kisses as much as you used to do. Your body is wanting some other gestures, your hormones are driving you crazy, and you have this strong urge to grab your boyfriend's ass or slide your hand inside his pants.

Worry not; we are here to guide you and fix your trouble after understanding the reason why your boyfriend is kissing you so much and how you can politely come out of it as a stronger couple.

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Kisses You So Much

Your boyfriend kisses you so much because you taste so good. He likes to woo you with every kiss he has to offer. He wants to kiss you in different styles and drive you crazy with each one of them. You are his significant other. Before he makes you him, he wants to arouse you thoroughly.

Welcome him with open arms and guide him in your abode. Make him explore your galaxy in your style. Your boyfriend is very romantic and matches up with his skills for a perfect combination of milk and honey romance.

#1 He Is Madly In Love With You

Kisses are a sweet expression of love. It's the easiest and simplest way to show someone that you love them without using words. A kiss is the opening step of foreplay and is often done to engage your partner in a romantic session.

If your boyfriend is kissing you, he is trying to make himself and you comfortable and confident. He wants to see how well you vibe and if your body understands each other's language. 

Here's how to tackle it: Tame his love with your style. With a crazy move, shake him up. When you're both together, do something unanticipated and exciting. Something sexy that he won't forget anytime soon. 

Come up with surprising moves to make your session stand out. Work on pleasing him in a myriad of ways.

#2 He Is Trying To Seduce You

From time immemorial, kisses have been used to seduce the opposite sex. Kisses are never out of trend and are often enjoyed by both partners. It is highly likely that his kisses are his means to seduce you into his being. He wants to make you drool while madly asking him for more.

Here's what to do: Show him that you are ready for the next move by returning the kiss in places you have never kissed him before. Choose sensitive spots that would make him want you more. Make him desire you.

#3 He Is Pampering You

He is the Prince who likes to keep his darling happy by showering upon her all his love in the form of kisses. Even for a moment, he won't let you feel unloved or less loved. With every kiss, he tries to show you how much you mean to him.

Notice the places he kisses you and observe the style in which he delivers those kisses to you. Slowly and softly open your eyes and see if he keeps his eyes closed while kissing you. You can tell a lot about your guy in the way he plants those kisses on your beautiful body.

Here's how to tackle: Pamper him all the same. Kiss the roof of his mouth. Kiss him on sweet spots. Don't forget to tickle his ears with your tongue. While kissing him, use your hands to arouse him. Run your nails on his back. Press your body against him. Give out soft moans to make him confident that you desire him.

#4 He Is Inviting You To Do The Same To Him

He wants you to get romantic with him and tease him in the same manner in which he is teasing you. He wants it to be both sides of the trade where you both take your equal turns to please each other. 

He is just setting up the ground for you to accept his invitation and participate with equal intensity, if not more. He wants to drive you crazy and lose himself completely into this kind of craziness.

Here's how to tackle: Kiss him back in all the secret places. Suck his lower lip the way he sucks yours. Don't forget to use your tongue to play on areas which would leave a remarkable effect for very long. Kiss him at places where you like to feel their tongue and enjoy it the most. Make him feel how he makes you feel by kissing at those very spots.

#5 He Likes Your Lip Balm

He has not just fallen for you but everything that goes into your being into your essence and into what you represent. He misses you so much because he loves the way you keep yourself. He is proud to have you, and with every kiss, he tries to show that.

Here's how to tackle it: Put on new flavors and keep the tug war on. Along With that, put on some seductive fragrance, or gift him condoms of the same flavor as that of your lip balm. You need not do anything more. You shall have all his attention at once.

#6 He Thinks That You Enjoy It

He is under the impression that you absolutely relish the impressions that he leaves upon you with his lips. He is so deeply in love with you that he wants to start the romance in the high school way and eventually proceed to the next stages.

Here's how to tackle it: Change his thought into belief by adding some soft pitches to it. Soft moans always turn a guy on besides the way you take his name. Call out his name in such a sexy tone that it gives him shivers down the spine.

#7 He Is A Novice

Perhaps you are the first love of his life, the one and only, and he is not very much experienced in the skills of making love. He is therefore taking his time and, in the meanwhile, keeping you satiated by offering you his love in the sweet parcel of kisses.

Here's how to tackle it: You take charge. Show some parts of yourself. Wear off-shoulder or crop tops. Put on something with a deep neckline. Wear your favorite skirt or hot pants. Do a striptease. It always works. If he doesn't undress you, then you unbutton him. Make him feel sexy.

#8 He Finds You More Cute Than Sexy

When it comes to you, it's more about love than lust. You are his cutie-pie first. He likes to cherish your womanly attributes with a soft peck on your skin.

He wants to be very gentle with you and is mentally not ready to make love with you roughly. She's more of a friend in you than just a partner meant for sex.

Here's how to tackle it: Show him your sexy side. Try something new. It can be a new hairstyle or a very sexy new piece of clothing. Gift him your favorite toy and invite him to play with it together.

#9 That's His Way To Tell You That He Is Really Into You

He is not having it up and taking it slow with every case that he offers you because he wants to show you that he is there to stay. It's also his way of expressing that he is a keeper and perhaps even a master of foreplay. He wants you to dream about him and imagine that if his kisses are so wild and good, then what will his other charms do to you.

Here's how to tackle it: Offer him cute gestures of reciprocation. Gift him sexy boxers. It will be not only romantic but also very cute. If he is into superheroes, then give him one with such a print. Whisper sweet things while gifting it.

#10 He Is Too Shy To Take The Next Step

It is possible that he is feeling shy because you two have eventually arrived at the relationship. Maybe because you have always shared a bond as more of friends or odd-even best friends and never really looked upon each other in a sexually inclined manner.

Perhaps he still feels that it is too good to be true and it's all perhaps just dreaming that very slowly he realizes into reality with his kiss.

Here's how to tackle it: Take the lead. Make him a card or a video to express how glad you are that it is finally happening. Spell it out to him that you can wait no more, and you want him to make love to you immediately. Show him like it is the call of the day. You want to feel his touch and see how nicely your body symmetry fits into each other.

#11 He Wants To Win Your Trust

Perhaps he has always carried on a very not-so-good reputation among girls. Maybe he has been popular as a Casanova among people, but this time he is very serious and totally into you and therefore he is trying hard to win your trust. He wants to show you that he is not there just for the fun of it, but it's a lifetime contract that he is offering you.

Here's how to tackle it: Tell him sweet secrets about you. Reveal him things like which part of foreplay do you enjoy the most. Tell him if you like it more when he takes you from behind. What are your favorite positions, or what is your wildest fantasy? You may tell him very openly or play a chit game where you also get to know about his preference on the same subject.

#12 He Wants You To Seduce Him To Make Him Want To Do Anything Else 

He wants you to play the same game and actively participate by being seductive enough to make him crazy. Make it so uncontrollable for him, so very wild that he would want to get naughty and dirty with you. 

Make him rip off your clothes and make love to you right then and there. Give him green signals in a blazing manner.

Here's how to tackle it: Seduce him by wearing his favorite colors. Put on fancy lingerie or match up your innerwear. Excite and arouse him. Once you start seeing its effect, take him to your bed.

#13 He Wants You To Take The Big Step

He might be kissing you so much because he wants you to take the next step. Lead your baby on, make love to him, show him how it is done, get warm and cozy with him. Give him directions by showing him the things you like to do or about things that you would like him to do to you.

You feel like you have wanted it to happen for a very long time. Show him that you are grieving the intimacy and that you want to get wrapped by him and merge into him completely.

Here's how to tackle it: Accept the challenge. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner, play some romantic tunes, invite him to dance with you, direct and redirect his hands while kissing him deeply while dancing. That shall create the perfect mood to make it big that very night!

#14 He Is Not Getting A Room To Do Anything Else

Your boyfriend might kiss you so much because he is not getting an opportunity to do anything else or to move on to the next step. This might be due to the unavailability of room. It might be that the places where you see each other or the places where you decide to meet up do not allow enough access to the whole of you.

It is also likely possible that your car is into PDA, and he likes to show that you belong to each other set my dear signal to other people out there to not try very hard to come into your life because you are already taken.

Here's how to tackle it: Plan it out and make the booking. It is absolutely alright if you take the initiative. Choose a perfect day or make the day perfect with this loving surprise. It can be his birthday or yours, or valentine's day, or maybe you be his Santa on Christmas!

Pick up the best place available and make special arrangements. Carry a bottle of sherry and prepare a romantic playlist. Set the mood and get cozy.

#15 He Wants To Woo You With His Kisses

Offering you his multiple kisses is his state of the art to express his affection for you. When he kisses your hands, he tries to show that he simply adores you.

With a kiss on your cheeks, he expressed his fondness for you. A kiss on the forehead indicates real care. A kiss on your nose shows that your guy loves all of you. A kiss on the chin tells you that you have the cutest boyfriend. The kiss on the lips invites you to engage with him romantically.

If he kisses your stomach, he is being super cute. If he kisses your navel, he is being super hot. If he kisses your thigh, need I say more? He is thirsty for you. If he kisses your back, then he has come in one full circle with you. If he kisses your feet, he is devoted to you.

Here's how to tackle it: Show the chivalrous knight that you are amused with his romantic moves. Try something hot. Handcuff him, perhaps. Make him sit on a chair or lie down on the bed. Slowly and softly return all the pecks. Mark your territory. Make him yours. Amuse and delight him with your lips. Make love to him up and down, through and through.

#16 He Is Obsessed With You

Your boyfriend is kissing you so much because he is absolutely obsessed with you, and he can't help it out. He can't help himself that he loves you that very much. If your boyfriend is kissing you so much, it is to be taken as a very good sign as it means that he is obsessed with you enough to never cheat on you. You need not worry on that ground.

Here's how to tackle it: Show him that that's all you need! Spend more time with him. Take him out shopping. Visit an exhibition. Go for regular checkups together. He is so obsessed because he feels a little insecure about you. Once you start spending more time together besides going on dates together, he will ease down and get more comfortable.

#17 It's His Way To Control You

Whenever you are upset or mad at him for throwing tantrums, your guy gives you a kiss or many kisses to control your temper, to make you feel less anxious, and to calm you down. It's his way to remind you that he is there with you and you are not alone.

Here's how to tackle it: If he is able to shut you down with his kiss, then that implies that you like it. Work on your temper. Be polite and try to keep your head calm when you are with him. He is offering you his love. He expects you to enjoy it. A change in your mood for the better will show him that he is doing it right.

Ending Thoughts

If your guy kisses you a lot, kiss him back all the same. Do everything in your ability to make him feel secure. Spend more time with him in a common way. Do daily chores together that will bring him to your comfort zone, and he will be able to understand your needs better.


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