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If Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You Will She Comes Back?

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I am quite sure that most of my readers on this page have gone through a traumatizing breakup at least once in their life. If you have ever loved someone to the extent of wanting them back even after a brutal breakup, you will know the dilemma and mental confusion, and stress that it brings with itself. 

I understand your situation bro. Maybe, your family, your friends, and colleagues are mocking you. Maybe they’re finding you insane to want your girlfriend back in your life after a breakup. Yeah, they’re indeed not understanding how you're feeling and why you’re feeling so. And at the very beginning of this blog, I wanna tell you that you’re doing no wrong, and please don’t pity yourself.

A study says that more than 70% of men want their girlfriends back in their life after breakups. Most of these are due to the temporary heat of breakups. But some men indeed want their girlfriend back because they genuinely feel that the breakup could be avoided and all their problems could be fixed mutually. Feelings in these 2nd types of men last longer than the first type. So, if you’re also one of them, don’t treat yourself as an exception.

If you have been through a breakup recently and now wondering if your girlfriend will find her way back to this relationship, hopefully, you’ve understood that you are on the right page. 

So, if you ask me whether your girlfriend will come back or not after a breakup, I’ll say, Yes, there’s a chance that she may come back to you. But it depends upon the kind of bonding you both shared and under what circumstances the break-up took place between you. 

Here, I would like to tell you that there are millions of incidents recorded where girlfriends came back even after brutal breakups. So, don’t start being hopeless. If you also want your girl to get back in your life, you should do whatever you can, obviously in a proper way. To know the exact approaches, you must keep reading the rest thoroughly. 

However, some certain signs and signals will surely help you reach a point of conclusion and clear all the brain fog that is stressing you. Read On!

How Often Do Girlfriends Come Back After Breakups?

If you have this particular question on your mind after a recent breakup, I can tell that you are already living in great stress and mental dilemma.

A straightforward answer to how often girlfriends come back after breakups is Oftentimes! According to a survey conducted in the United States, around 30% of ex-girlfriends tend to come back to their ex-partners. If your girlfriend shared a genuine connection with you, chances are she will be one among this 30%, no matter how bad your breakup was. However, the catch here is most broken relationships do not work out even after the girlfriends come back. 

But, if you genuinely want to put one best and last try to bring her back into your life, you can surely go ahead and do that. You can check those subtle signs and signals coming from your ex-partner and put effort accordingly. 

You see, it is very important to understand and decide the future of your personal romantic life. Of course one never deserves to live in a dilemma of whether their ex-partner is getting back or not. 

You can also ask some self-evaluating questions to make a wise and clear decision on what step to take next.

I mostly recommend my readers to ask the reasons behind their waiting for this ex-partner. But always remember, only when you have a brutally honest answer for yourself, you will be able to move with clarity.

Circumstances When Girlfriends Come Back After Breakups

I’ve already mentioned earlier that there are some terms and conditions for girlfriends to come back to their ex. If your past relationship matches these terms and conditions, your effort may be proven effective to bring your girlfriend back into your life. 

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What’re these terms and conditions?

  1. Your breakup was just due to a hit of the moment

Many times, when fighting in relationships we get brutally tempted and eventually break up due to the heat of the moment. In such circumstances, if both the persons take initiative to understand and admit their mistakes, relationships often tend to get back on track.

If your girlfriend has broken up with you just in similar circumstances, she may come back to you. But don’t just sit back and relax and wait for her. You also have to put effort and take initiative to solve problems between you. Always remember, breakups don’t usually come from one side.

  1. You’ve been with her for a long time

If you two have been in the relationship for a long time, maybe your girlfriend will get convinced of your effort to come back. In long-term relationships, people share so many memories and emotions that even after breakups women hesitate to start moving on. In many cases, they even expect their ex-partner to take initiative to fix everything in the relationship. In such cases, your job is gonna be easier. 

  1. You two are very good friends

Friendships lay the foundation for all kinda relationships. If there’s friendship, there’ll be bonding. And nobody is fond of ruining good bondings in life. That’s why if you used to be a good friend instead of being just a boyfriend, maybe she can come back. Initially, she may come back to her friend you used to be. But with time, you’ll get your girlfriend and relationship back on track. 

  1. She needs you

Self-interest is something that makes people do many such things that they actually don’t wanna do. If your girlfriend needs you in something, chances are she’ll come back even after brutal breakups. These needs may be sexual, material, or emotional.  Maybe she hardly has friends and hence she needs you.

Maybe, she used to have lots of gifts from you, hence misses getting those gifts. Maybe you used to be alpha on the bed, hence she needs you. A need can be of many types. But you must think twice before allowing such a woman again in your life who’s just coming back due to some needs, not because she feels for you. 

Signs They May Come Back To You After A Breakup

So by now, you have already evaluated the behavior and broken up statistics with your ex-girlfriend. It is time to understand the signs and signals from your ex-girlfriend in order to bring her back into a fresh start with you again.  

I’ve mentioned earlier that women tend to signal their ex-boyfriends if they wanna make a comeback. But oftentimes, guys fail to identify those signals and eventually never get back with their ex-girlfriends. So, if you wanna get back together with your girlfriend you must learn to identify those signs and have to act accordingly.

She Is Still In Touch With You

She is still in touch with you and on good terms of friendship even after the breakup. You both spend time together and have a healthy comfort zone, trust, and a clean slate of connections. There is no misunderstanding or lingering energy of anger, fight, or drama between both of you. This is a good sign and place to approach her for a fresh start again.

Her Attitude Towards You Is Still Romantic

Well, when her attitude is slightly bent on the romantic side even after months or weeks of the breakup, consider it as a positive sign. Maybe she is not straight away ready to get back into this relationship with you, but definitely, you can go ahead and pursue her with an honest proposal. Talk to her about your feelings and intentions towards connecting back. You never know you guys may get back again.

She Has Not Moved On Yet

After months of breakup, she has not moved on with a new partner. Rather she is still single and often tries to connect back with you for casual conversations and light laughter. There is overall a good and light-hearted vibe in this connection. You may consider this situation as a green signal of approaching her with a positive proposal for a fresh start.

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She Keeps Hinting At You About Reconnection

A big sign that your ex-girlfriend will come back even after a breakup is that she hints at you about it. You will often find your girlfriend mentioning the old and golden good memories you guys made together and all the good stuff from your past.

It feels like she has completely forgiven and forgotten all the bad breakup memories and now is ready for a fresh start with you. You can definitely approach her with a positive mindset.

Things You May Do To Bring Her Back In A Relationship With You

You have already noticed all possible signs and signals coming from her. Even after a thorough and proper evaluation, you have decoded it as a green signal. It is hence time to put the best possible efforts from your side to bring your ex-girlfriend back. 

Yeah, I wanna say it again like a loop on a stuck recorder that no matter how badly your girlfriend wanna get back to you unless she’s solely motivated by self-interest, you must put some genuine efforts to bring her back into your life. Say it female ego or a high sense of self-dignity, women hardly approach men in such circumstances. 

Here is a list of all things a man can do to win his ex back into a beautiful and healthy everlasting relationship. 

Communicate Clearly

When you’re trying to win back your ex-girlfriend it’s important to communicate clearly about your intentions and plans towards this fresh start with her. Talk to her about what you genuinely feel and clear all misunderstandings from the past breakup. Be crystal clear why you want to connect back with her again. 

Make sure to not force her or manipulate her into this relationship again with false promises. This will lead you nowhere but more mess and drama. Communication is thus of great importance if you want her back. Be vocal about your honest emotions and do not fear vulnerability. If the base of your relationship is strong, it’ll become easy to build a fulfilling future. 

Shed Your Ego Or Judgment

No matter how brutal your past breakup was with your girlfriend, if you want to bring her back, it is important to shed all past ego and judgments. The past is gone, mistakes are made and lessons are already learned. I hope she is as well already hinting to connect back with you. 

If you genuinely want to make this relationship work and transform it to the next level, make sure you shed off all your ego and judgments around her flaws and mistakes and the allover past of your breakup. Till the time, you have held on to your ego, no matter how hard you try, it’s quite impossible to work out your relationship back again. 

Watch Your Steps And Do Not Rush

I understand how my dear readers are excited and eager to get back to their relationship with their ex-girlfriends. However, even if you guys are in good touch with one another, it will not be a wise decision to rush back into a relationship again.

Take your time to build a healthy friendship and clear all misunderstandings or relationship setbacks. Take your time, allow your partner some time to feel the genuine vibes of this new connection. Understand why your ex-girlfriend is trying to connect back and then only make a decision for the future. 

Your relationships can make or break various aspects of our lives. Connecting back for the sake of physical intimacy or comfort zone is never a good idea. So, if you are trying to build a healthy relationship again with an ex-girlfriend, do not rush and take as much time as you want.


Listening is another important point in modern-day relationships that most couples often miss focusing on and it eventually results in breakups. We mostly fail to patiently listen to what our partner is trying to tell us. Rather if the conversation is triggering, we often get into blaming our partners and messing things up further. 

That is the same reason I recommend my dear men readers to concentrate on listening to their partner when they are trying to win an ex-girlfriend back.

Do Not Repeat Old Negative Patterns

We all have some patterns for anger, misunderstanding, or in general in relationships. While you are trying to bring back your ex-girlfriend, be mindful of your patterns. Try to break free from any self-limiting or insecure mindsets and thought processes.

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Build strong trust and friendship back again and allow things to fall back smoothly in the place. This will also help establish a healthy future for both of you. 

Put Genuine Efforts

Put your genuine efforts when you are trying to bring your ex-girlfriend back into a healthy relationship. Show her that you’re genuinely interested and not just playing around and flirting with her. Make her feel special and reconnect with her in a different way. 

Try engaging with new mutual interests and visit new places together. It’ll be wise if you avoid visiting places where you had past memories of breakups and fights. Do things that you have never done before and add new freshness to your relationship.

Hopefully, now you’ve completely understood the context and are quite well equipped to initiate bringing your ex-girlfriend back into your life. While initiating so, just always remember the experts’ advice of acting wisely. Always think many times, before you decide anything. Instead of acting from emotions, learn to act from logic.

And most importantly, if you fail to bring your girlfriend back into your life, just be hopeless at all. She was not meant to be with you then. There’re millions of women out there for you. Start hitting on them, bro! 😉

Happy dating. 

Related Queries:

Well, to finish off with here are some of the most commonly asked questions by my readers about getting back their girlfriends after break up. I’ve kept the answers short and crisp for your easy understanding. 

Will she come back after three months of breakup?

It has already been three months and she has not been in touch with you, yet you are patiently waiting for your girlfriend to return. It is clear by now that she has moved on and is no longer interested in staying in touch or contacting you any further, at least for a romantic relationship. It is better you see the truth and accept it as it is and start moving on with life.

Does my girlfriend still love me after a breakup?

The answer to this question depends totally upon the kind of connection you both shared in your relationship. Sometimes women break up because they lose interest, get tired of fights and drama, and eventually fall out of love. However, other times, women can still love you after a breakup, as it is a conscious choice they make to leave you for whatever reasons it may be.

Is it possible to bring her back?

Trying to bring her back after a breakup is the most common thing any man will do. However, there is always a chance for you to bring her back depending on your connection and bonding with your ex-partner. But before doing so and putting all your efforts to get her back, ask yourself is that the wisest thing to do still? 

Why did my girlfriend break up with me when I did not do anything wrong?

More than often, men do not get what they did wrong in a relationship or even understand the reason behind their girlfriends breaking up. My advice to men is to think about their attitude, behavior, and way of treating your girl. Girls will rarely speak it up but will always give you hints of what you do wrong in a relationship. However, if you are still not sure about the reason behind your breakup, try communicating with your partner and clear misunderstandings if any.

What shall I do if she does not return?

There is nothing you can do about her if she is the one who has broken up. However, you can only focus on yourself and heal from the traumatizing experience of breaking up with your beloved girlfriend. You can only control your reaction towards yourself and get better through self-improvement and acceptance of the situation. Healing from a breakup is tough and may take time but rest assured that you will come out of it stronger and wiser.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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