Why Would He Stopped Texting Me Good Morning and Good Night?

Ahiri Chakraborty
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The little things in a relationship go a long way. We often think it’s the big gestures, the grand proposals, the expensive gifts, the PDA on social media, which makes a relationship super successful. 

Although we all start on a very sweet note. We make sure that he/she is the first person to text in the morning. The last text also should go the most special person of our life. 

However, slowly we start forgetting these little things and we ignore them totally. But these little things may seem little yet they play a huge role in any couple’s relationship. It can have several meanings. Your partner can totally misinterpret you, misunderstand you and there is a clear chance of miscommunication between the two of you. 

When couples ask me, how can we keep the spark alive, I always recommend them to focus on the little things. Never underestimate the power of small gestures, thoughts, genuine efforts, the little joys, the fond memories. These are all the very essential in making a relationship happy, healthy and peaceful. 

So, what does it mean when he stops texting you good morning and good night? It generally means he is no more interested in you. He is flirting with other girls. He doesn’t want to get serious with you. He finds these things unnecessary and stupid. He is super busy with work. He has a forgetful nature. He ignores you. You’ve upset him, so he has stopped. Or maybe he wants you to feel restless. 

Reasons can be endless. Unless you really want to go into the mind of your boyfriend and think about what happened in the relationship, you can’t determine the reason. But his action certainly speaks what he is thinking or what does he wants to imply. 

I strongly believe that action speaks louder than words. And don’t mistake the texts as part of words. Those little texts may seem trivial but those are the reflection of your thoughts and actions.

When you’re genuine in a relationship and you really love the girl, you would send her these texts willingly. You won’t need an external force to text your own partner. And the moment all these start to feel like a burden on yourself, the relationship starts facing its downfall. 

Let us have a look into the various meanings when your boyfriend stops texting you good morning and good night.

9 Meanings When Your Boyfriend Stops Texting You Good Morning And Good Night

Without knowing the meaning, you can’t really decide what to do. So, let’s jump in and find out. 

  1. He isn’t interested in you anymore

It’s a sad but harsh truth. Couples who have been together for more than 3 or 4 years, often go through this phase. After a point of time, they feel monotonous in their relationship. They reach a level of stagnant.

There’s no more excitement, no adventure, only the same routine. That’s when you will notice that your boyfriend is behaving in this way. If it has been a ritual in your relationship from the beginning to text each other in the morning and in the night, then certainly the relationship is missing is something and he is not doing it.

Perhaps, he doesn’t want to carry forward this relationship anymore. He feels it’s been long and there’s nothing to explore. So he slowly does showing his disinterest in you and these actions are just the result of his disinterest. 

He is trying to put an end to this relationship but lacks the courage to tell you the truth or talk to you openly to solve any lingering issue. Rather he chooses an easy path, where he will show his disinterest through such actions. 

  1. He flirts with other girls

Another disappointing fact. When you see that your boyfriend is not texting you good morning and good night for over a long period of time, it’s time for you to understand what’s cooking. Also, if you’ve been pointing out his mistake repeatedly yet he does the same thing, then you seriously need to do your own bit of research.

There’s a high possibility that he is flirting with other girls. Since he is really busy chatting with other girls, these little parts of a relationship do not bother him at all. He concentrates more on other girls than you.

You can come across a situation like this if your boyfriend is not serious about you at all. However, couples of many years face such difficulties. 

Also, if you two have met via dating apps, and you are yet to trust each other completely, your boyfriend can indulge in such activities. Simply because he isn’t invested in this relationship enough and he doesn’t mind flirting with other girls. And for him, these texts are just formalities and nothing else. 

  1. He doesn’t want a serious relationship

Your boyfriend will willingly do even the tiniest thing for you when he is serious about the relationship. If he values the relationship, he will never try to hurt you by any means. 

But if he ignores these things, then you must understand that he isn’t into you fully. It’s just a casual relationship for him. He does not have any intention to invest himself in you emotionally. He is casually dating you and after a few months, he won’t even hesitate to call off the relationship.

That’s why he likes to stay away from all such activities which are actually signs of a serious, committed relationship. He doesn’t want you also to get to attached to him emotionally very much and he prefers to show his attitude towards the relationship in this way. 

  1. He feels it to be stupid

Well, you really can’t expect that whatever you will like, your partner will like too. Especially if your boyfriend is someone who is not very expressive about his emotions. 

For him, these good morning and good night texts are nothing but a stupid activity. He doesn’t believe in such crap. He believes that if a relationship is meant to be, it will be no matter what. These stupid activities can’t ever increase the longevity of a relationship nor even determine whether he is committed or not. 

However, you should not misinterpret it otherwise. He just has a different opinion. That certainly doesn’t imply that he does not love you, or value this relationship. He does. But he feels these are insignificant things. Doing or not doing these things will not reduce his love for you at all. 

  1. He is super busy

Work is definitely a huge part of your life. And we can’t ignore it. Even in a relationship, sometimes work does come across as a hurdle. Due to work, many couples can’t meet very often nor even they can talk to each other for a long time. 

Obviously, these create problems. But you have to be practical and find a balance between your work and your love life. However, it becomes difficult to remember to do these gestures on a daily basis.

Your boyfriend might be actually busy. What if he has been having early meetings every day and he has a very difficult boss to deal with, what if he has to work till really late and then he is too tired to text you?

These are common scenarios nowadays. You have to be considerate and try to look from his perspective. If he is genuinely busy, you can cut him some slack and you really don’t need to worry about your relationship. He is very much into you and he loves you.

But you need to worry when he is doing it on purpose. When he is not busy yet not texting you and telling you lame excuses or lying to you about having a busy schedule, then you must talk to him about this problem openly

  1. He keeps on forgetting

Yes, it’s just your boyfriend’s nature. He keeps on forgetting these little things. He would forget to put his shirts in place, to wash the plates, he would even forget that he has a meeting at 8 a.m. So, this is his nature.

You should not blame him always or fight with him every day because of this. As long as he remembers the important days like your birthday, your anniversary day and gives time to you genuinely, then you should not worry at all.

However, if he remembers everything like calling up his friends, meeting them on time, or texting them some random details, then you must pay attention. You need to analyze is he doing it intentionally or he really is forgetful in nature. 

  1. He is ignoring you

As I said often the simple things in a relationship become the difficult ones. If he deliberately does not text you good morning and good night and also does not text you even normally regularly, then he is ignoring you.

He knows that how much attention you pay to these simple yet romantic rituals in a relationship. But he wants to ignore you. 

Perhaps, you two had a fight. Or he has found something about your past. It can be any reason under the sun. Or he can just be seeing other girls behind your back. 

Thus, he is ignoring you and he is showing his ignorance through such actions. 

  1. He is upset by you

Have you done anything to upset your boyfriend? Have you lied to him about your ex or anything serious? Then chances are that he is very much upset with you and he is showing this by not texting you good morning and good night. 

He wants you to go through the same pain that you’ve caused him. Hence he won’t directly fight with you or tell you what’s wrong, rather he would want you to understand what mistake you made.

That’s why he chooses this path of ignoring and upsetting you in a subtle way. 

  1. He wants you to be restless

Believe me, there are boyfriends like that who like to stress out their girlfriends unnecessarily. This can also be a way of taking revenge against you.

He wants to see you in a restless state. He wishes you to constantly pay attention to him, talk to him all the time. These are all just his techniques to get more attention from you.

Even if you’re loyal and committed, he likes to do such stupid things where you would ask him “ Why didn’t you text me? Did I do something wrong?” He wants you to think about him all the time and do nothing else. 

What Should You Do When He Stops Texting you Good Morning And Good Night?

  • Confront him. You will never find a concrete solution unless you state the problem. Tell him that you don’t like that he has stopped texting you. 
  • Watch his reactions. You need to also judge his reactions. Is he realizing that he has stopped? How did he react when you confronted him? If he admits his mistake and never repeats then it’s fine. But if he does not change anything after that, then you have to take a serious step.
  • Ask him, why he is doing so. You will get to know whether he is busy with work, or he genuinely forgot, or he feels these are stupid things. You will get to know the answer.
  • Don’t text him good morning or good night for 7 days. See whether he notices. If he pays attention and starts texting you then he has realized his mistake. But if your action had no effect on him, then you must have an open conversation.
  • Talk to his friends. You will get to know if he is having any problem at the workplace which he doesn’t want to share with you. Also, by talking to his friends you can get a hint whether he is doing anything suspicious.
  • Apologize to him if you’ve made a mistake and hurt him. Accept your fault and say sorry from your heart. You will see a change in his behavior.
  • Pay attention to his social media activities. Does he stay active till late at night but doesn’t reply or text you? If that’s the case, you need to dig deeper. 
  • Be honest and tell him that you’re hurt. You like these small texts in a relationship and it matters a lot to you. So, you would love him to go back to the old habit.
  • Never force him. A relationship can’t function on a good note if you need to push your partner even for a simple thing like this. Your actions will indicate his true intentions to you.
  • Don’t waste time. If he does not change his behavior and you two continue to have fights over these all the time, then don’t waste time arguing with him. He is not worth your time or love. 

Is It Necessary To Text? 

There are certain things in a relationship that can’t be defined. A couple finds their own unique way of communicating with each other, finding love in the small details.

If you’re someone who believes in this then communicate this to your boyfriend effectively. Make him understand why is it important for you, tell him that you feel ignored when he doesn’t text you. If your boyfriend loves you and envisions a future with you, he will listen and understand you.

However, for some couples, the scenario can be different. If you two are in sync and there’s no problem in between you, then you don’t make this a big issue and fight over this with him. 

Talk with each other openly and discuss what kind of a relationship you two would like to have, find a middle ground where you don’t hurt or force each other for anything. 

At the end of the day, you should respect each other’s choices, welcome different opinions, and make adjustments as needed. That’s what binds two together. That’s the beauty of love. 

Related Queries:

What to do if he suddenly stops texting?

The best and easiest way is to talk to him openly about the issue. Ask him what has happened to him. Try to understand his reasons and if the reasons are lame, device whether to be with a guy like this or not.

Why does a guy suddenly lose interest?

He was never serious about you from the beginning. He only pretended to be with you. But he treated this relationship as a causal one and that’s why he lost interest in you. 

What does it mean when a guy texts you every day and stops?

It means, he showed interest in you initially so that you feel he is genuine. NOw that he has got all the attention, and made you emotionally attached to him, he will move on to other girls and do the same. 


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