How Long Can A Guy Go Without Talking To You?

If the guy in question is your lover, he cannot go a day without talking to you. If he is your best friend, he can go at most for two days without talking to you. If the guy is a random guy, he can go at most a fortnight before sending you a forwarded message.
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Guys are not very talkative by nature. But that doesn't mean they don't like to get attention. They're egoistic, yes. But their ego doesn't make them blind. They know how girls like craving attention too.

Besides, they understand how the entire system works these days. We all have multiple alternatives and multiple platforms available to move on to another person easily. It doesn't take much effort. 

What counts is how long you are together. As such, what would keep a guy from talking to you and how long he can go without talking to you needs a deeper understanding. While it can vary from guy to guy, it can be broadly divided into three segments to form a somewhat better understanding. 

Henceforth, I'll be discussing in this article how long a guy can go without talking to you if he is your boyfriend, if you are his best friend, or if you are his crush or a random friend. I'll also discuss how the ice can be broken. So keep reading and taking notes!

Why Would A Guy Not Talk To You? 

While there are many reasons why a girl would not talk to a guy, there are not as many reasons why a guy wouldn't talk to a girl. So that makes our figuring out easy. They are not as complex as us, but that doesn't discount the fact that they too tend to overthink and get jealous. Let's find out more!

If He Is Your Boyfriend 

If he is your boyfriend and really into you, he cannot go even 24 hours without talking to you. Your boyfriend ought to know and understand you. If he is not talking to you, he just has strong reasons to do so. Let us quickly find out those reasons!

#1 He Is Mad At You 

Something you did or something you didn't has made him mad at you. It might be about a comment you make, or it can be that you didn't support him when he thought you had his back. Either way, talk it out, and don't let him stay cold for long.

#2 You Had A Fight 

Well, if you broke into a fight with your boyfriend and he is not talking with you, it means that he is waiting for you to make a reconciliation. It might be that he holds his grounds firmly and feels that you are to be blamed for it. 

In situations such as this, the cause of the fight or the fight itself doesn't matter. What counts is that you prove that you both are stronger than this and your relationship is meaningful.

#3 You Forgot To Wish Him 

Check your calendar! Did you miss an important day? Is it his birthday? Or is it his first day at the new workplace? There must be something that you are forgetting, which if you are, then prepare yourself to give him a surprise!

#4 You Told Him A Lie 

Did you lie to your boyfriend? We tend to tell lies to the people we love primarily because we try not to hurt their feelings. However, this doesn't occur to them at once. Hence, it's wise to express your concern and situation to him rather than keeping things from him.

#5 He Is Craving Attention 

If you have been neglecting your boyfriend, he is hurt. He is craving attention, and that's why he chose not to talk to you first. Give him all the attention he needs, help him in his wish-fulfilment. Earn his trust, and he will never again go a day without talking to you.

#6 You Have Been Aloof

Did your boyfriend try to reach out, but you've been ignorant towards him? If you have stayed aloof and indifferent, then he is playing your game with you. He is essentially doing it to make you realize how it hurts when the one you love stays aloof to you. 

Go and give him a tight hug and bridge all the gap between. 

If He Is Your Best Friend 

If your best friend has not been talking to you, it's serious! You've all the reasons to freak out, and you can't stay calm till you fix it. So let's first figure out why he is not talking to you before moving on to see how you can fix it.

#1 You're Not Giving Him Time 

You've been too busy lately. While you might have reasons for this, your best friend has certain expectations from you. If something is keeping you occupied, tell him about it beforehand.

#2 You Did Not Tell Him About Something Important 

If something major happened in your life and you kept your best friend out of it, he is hurt. Even if you had very strong reasons for it, it would take real efforts to convince him of it. It's never wise to keep things from your best friend.

#3 You Forgot His Birthday 

Even while typing it down, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hope that you did not forget his birthday. However, one has to confront reality, and it's the harsh truth. If by any chance you forgot your best friend's birthday, his birthday has surely been incomplete. 

Plan a birthday bash for him and invite all the people dear to him. Organize it well and make everything as per his liking. This effort on your part will not go unappreciated.

#4 You Did Not Answer His Calls 

Has your best friend been calling you and you did not answer it? And now you are ringing him, and he is doing the same to you? Well, no wonder you guys are best buddies!

It's alright; there's nothing to worry about. Just do what you always do to please him. After all, nobody knows your best friend more than you, right?

#5 You Shared His Secret With Your Boyfriend

The game gets tricky when the brawl takes place between your best friend and your boyfriend. They both are naturally jealous and don't like it when you spend more time with the other one. In such a case, if you have shared any of your best friend's secrets with your boyfriend, he is deeply hurt.

You cannot expect him to understand your situation here. Instead, apologize for straightaway. Don't think much. Eventually, he will understand and forgive you.

If He Is Your Crush 

If the guy not talking to you is your crush, it requires considerable thought. It might be that he got to know about your feelings for him, or worse, his girlfriend got to know about your crush on him. 

Well, if either of the two happens and he decides to avoid you, there's not much you can do but comfort yourself. Let's first figure out the possible factors for his silence, and later, we will see what we can do about it.

#1 He Doesn't Like You 

It may be that he knows you like him, but he doesn't feel the same way for you. Hence, he is keeping his distance from you. However, even in such a scenario, a guy cannot go long without talking to a girl. 

And guys don't hold a general disliking for someone from the opposite gender. That's more into the girl's domain. So if he is staying away because he doesn't like you, the reasons for not looking at you are nothing obvious or immediate. It must be something deeper.

#2 He Is Shy 

It is likely possible that the guy you like is shyer than you. It can be so because he genuinely likes you too. In a situation like this, if you get positive vibes from him, don't wait for him to talk to you first.

#3 He Wants You To Text First

It might be that since he knows you like him so he feels that you would find a way to talk to him by hook or crook. Hence he is taking it lightly. He wants you to text him first so that the burden of texting is not on him.

 #4 He Is Dating Your Friend 

Your crush has a crush on your friend, and to avoid any form of a love triangle, he is keeping his distance from you. However, it won't last very long. It might be that he would need some favor from you or realize that all this is very kiddish, and there are better ways to handle it than to play the avoiding game.

#5 He Is An Introvert

If your crush is an introvert, he can take a long time before talking to you. Things are at once delicate and complex with introverted people. You feel that they're mad at you, but they are just taking their time before making an appearance before you. Allow them their time and fret not.

If He Is Your Friend 

If he is your friend, he won't be ignoring you deliberately. He must be truly busy, or you might not have crossed his mind. If you want to talk to him about something, drop him a text, and he will revert when free.

#1 He Is Busy 

Your friend is keeping busy and hence not texting you. Don't muddle your mind by overthinking things. He will contact you when he is free.

#2 He Is Not Fond Of You 

Your friend doesn't consider you to be someone special. He treats you the way people, in general, are treated. He is not particularly fond of you, so he is not putting effort into staying in touch with you. However, if something occurs and he needs to ask some favor from you, he will reach out.

#3 He Thinks You Don't Like Him

It might be that your friend is overthinking things and something took place between the two of you, which gave him the impression that you don't like him. This has demotivated him and made him keep his distance from you.

 #4 He Likes You But You Have Friend Zoned Him 

Your friend wants to be more than friends with you. However, you have friend-zoned him. Now, he feels awkward around you. That is the reason he doesn't text or call you. If you want to talk to him, reach out to him and be as sweet as you can. 

Once he feels comfortable around you again, he will be nice to you.

#5 He Is Arrogant

It is possible that the guy is arrogant and thinks too highly of himself. In a situation like that, it's better to let him be because even if you put in your efforts, it's likely that he will prioritize himself over you in the future.

What Should You Do To Get Him Talking?

If it irks you to see him avoiding you, there are a few things that you can do from your end to erase the communication gap. Let's find out the ones most suitable for you.

If He Is Your Lover 

If the guy keeping his distance from you is your lover, well, it's good news because it won't take a lot of effort to bring them back to share their comfort zone with you.

#1 Break The Ice 

If he is not talking, you break the ice. Send him strings of messages if he didn't reply to the first one. He cannot keep avoiding you for long. Use the phrases and words that will make him feel that nobody knows him better than you.

#2 Send Him A Selfie 

A selfie can work wonders in ways that words can't. Send him a cute selfie with a sweet caption and see if that creates any effect. It is sure to do if he is indeed passionate about you.

#3 Call Him 

If he is your boyfriend, don't wait for him to contact you. Ring him and talk it out. Tell him things like you miss him and your day is incomplete without talking to him. This will certainly melt him down, and if anything is bothering him, he will share it with you.

#4 Give Him A Surprise 

A surprise can do wonders. Give him a surprise to cheer him up. Plan it meticulously. Do something thoughtful. It isn't necessary to show a grand gesture. The gesture must be meaningful and romantic.

#5 Remind Him Of Your Love 

A reminder of love and its intensity can take both of you a long way. We have this habit of stopping putting effort and taking things for granted. This becomes a major turn-off when it strikes you suddenly. It's better to send tokens of reminders and show your love in ways that are louder than words.

#6 Tell Him That You Miss Him 

It can be that simple! An utterance of your emotions can clear things out. Missing someone is a very complex emotion. Rather than telling it directly, tell the things you miss about them.

Send him a poem listing all the things you miss about him and the two of you. Remind him of the moments you have spent together. It will draw you closer.

#7 Sing Him A Song 

Sing him his favorite tune. Send him a recording. It can create a tasteful effect. It will show that you care and you know him well. You are bound to get a prompt reply if he is indeed your guy!

#8 Bake A Cake For Him 

Dismiss all the bitterness with something sweet. Bake him his favorite cake and either send it to him or better take it to him. He will accept you with open arms.

#9 Recreate Memories 

Recreating fond memories can have the desired effect for both the lover and the beloved. Pick up episodes where you had gone on a date for the first time or when you had come close for the very first time. 

This shall send signals and create sensations that will bring you closer than you were ever before.

#10 Send Him Gifts

A gift from a dear one is a pleasant surprise. Send him a gift that tells a thousand words. Make him something that has your special touch. It will be special indeed, and he shall treasure it.

If He Is Your Best Friend 

If the person not talking to you is your best friend, then amends need to be made earliest. I've shared a few of the quickest ways to make things right. Use the one you find yourself most comfortable with.

#1 Send Him An Apology 

A note of apology, when handwritten and well-articulated, can disperse all the tensions that might have taken place. You can expect your best friend to send you an 'it's okay' message in return. Don't keep the conversation till there. Keep the conversation going. You can talk to him about how you spend your day and eventually he will start talking too.

#2 Use Sarcasm For Your Defense 

It is best to manage these things light-heartedly. If he understands your sarcasm, you can tell him things like, 'I know you have found a new friend,' or 'who needs a best friend when they have a girlfriend, right?' This will ease the mood, and even if he decides to fire back your sarcasm, at least it would get him talking.

#3 Give Him A Call 

He is your best friend; he is bound to answer your call. Ring him up and talk things out. Clear the cloud of doubts and set things right.

#4 Pester Him 

Be annoying; that's what friends are for. Keep annoying him till he bursts open and lets out his frustration in front of you. You can go about calming him down from there. 

#5 Invite Him For A Movie

Invite him to watch a movie together. If he is a marvel fan, invite him from that or a Potter's head, then watch the reunion together.

If He Is Your Crush 

If the guy not talking to you is your crush, you might feel a bit low and uneasy. So let's find out how you can fix it and get him talking.

#1 Express Your Liking For Him 

Tell him that you like him and disperse any clouds of confusion that might have been forming. If he likes you too, he will revert promptly. If he doesn't, he might tell you that, and from there, you can decide if you can at least be friends without making things awkward.

#2 Dedicate Him A Song 

Dedicate him to a sweet melody that talks about celebrating romance and youth. He will get your hint. You may ask him to dedicate one in return to you.

#3 Send Him Chocolates 

Chocolates can melt anyone's heart. Send him chocolates in funny shapes. Ask him to share it with you if you get the chance. That will drop subtle hints that you are looking for more than friendship, and you want him to be comfortable with you.

#4 Send Him A Card 

What's better than a card to make things right or for a kickstart? Please send him a card; you can either design it yourself using some creative ideas from YouTube or buy it from Archies. The guy would say at least be courteous to send you a reply.

#5 Invite Him Over

Invite him over to spend time together. This will bring both of you closer and create a better understanding at the same time. 

If He Is Your Friend

If the guy keeping his distance from you is a random someone, don't make a fuss out of it. It is so because you don't have much in common or haven't vibed along well yet. Give time some time, and if things are meant to be right, it will gradually be. Wait for the right opportunity before investing your efforts.

Summing Up

To sum it up, a guy cannot go for long in silence. Even if you stay patient and wait for them to open up to you, eventually, they will talk their heart out. Meanwhile, you need to be at peace. Don't let anybody's silence steal your calm. Practise meditation, be your friend first before befriending others.


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