My Husband Loves His Sister More Than Me (Here's How To Deal With)

Love cannot be compared. If you compare your husband's love for you to his love for his sister, the very attempt puts you in a sorry state. Instead, try to share his love for his sister. That way, he will understand and appreciate you more.
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Relationships are founded on love. It can go by any name. It can be that of a friend, sibling, filial, or lover. One cannot help loving them if one has known them for sometime. Loving is what makes us human. However, love is too pure an emotion to stand alone. At times, we get jealous and feel insecure for wrong reasons.

However, worry not! We will not only find out ways why you are feeling this way but also figure out solutions to fix it at once! Keep reading and take notes wherever needed to pick up the parts you can relate with the most.

Reasons Why You Feel Your Husband Loves His Sister More Than You 

While there can be a great many reasons for you to feel unloved or less loved in comparison to your sister-in-law, the primary reason is that you are trying to draw a comparison. Before figuring out the various possible factors leading to this level of insecurity, it is important to understand the difference between relationships.

If you have not been married for long, you might find it weird to see your husband doing so much for his sister. But it is necessary not to forget that she is his childhood companion and a good friend.

They share a special bond that is not similar to the one that you share with them. You have your importance in his life, and she has hers. However, let us study it deeply to find a solid solution.

#1 He Always Talks About Her 

You feel that your husband loves his sister more than you because he brings her up in every conversation. He is fixated on her and does not know how to explain his points without bringing her up as an example.

However, you need to understand that it might be because they have shared their childhood and have been brought up in such a way that they try to complement each other. They are each other's support system.

#2 He Talks To Her Before Making Any Crucial Decision 

You might feel that your husband loves his sister more because he gives her more importance in his life. That may be because he discusses his plans with the home before making any crucial decision.

Again, this might be so because he is used to asking her opinion. She might have good insights into the business. She might be the older one; it's just a show of respect towards her.

#3 He Discusses His Friends With Her 

You might feel this way because your husband discusses his friends with his sister rather than involving you much into the conversation.

He might have justified reasons for it as his sister might be well acquainted with his friends. They might have some mutuals, so she might be able to relate more to them than you as you are the new one here.

#4 He Tells Her About You 

You might feel he is biased towards his sister because he doesn't discuss his sister's personal life with you, but he does discuss your involvement with her.

This might be so because your personal life involves him and you are directly related to him. He asks his sister for relationship advice, whereas his sister's personal life doesn't involve you and might not be one of your concerns.

#5 He Likes To Invite Her On Dinners 

You might feel that your husband loves his sister more than you because he doesn't take you on dates. Whenever the two of you go out for dinners, he never fails to extend an invitation to her.

It might be so because she is a loner or an introvert and doesn't have a friend circle. She has always been involved in the family and does not have a boyfriend.

#6 He Is Too Protective Towards Her 

You feel that your husband loves his sister more than you because he is always too protective of her. He does not allow her to experience life independently or take challenges to learn it the hard way. He always tries to support her and preplan things for her. They ultimately are inseparable.

#7 He Never Forgets Her Important Days 

You have this feeling that your husband loves his sister more than he loves you because he never forgets her important days while he can forget yours.

This might be difficult to overlook without being hurt. However, it means that he is a very protective brother. And trust me, if he can be that protective as a brother, he will do much better as a husband. Give him some time to realize his role better.

#8 He Always Buy Presents For Her  

You feel your boyfriend loves his sister more than you because he never fails to get her gifts. Even when on vacation for work, he gets something from her while he might not always bring presents for you.

In such cases, make use of sarcasm. Make him known that you were expecting something from your husband too. Tell it delicately, don't make it too biting. You don't want to break into a fight with him. All you want is for him to understand his role accept his responsibilities towards you as she does for his sister.

#9 He Likes To Take Pictures With Her 

Your husband has more pictures with his sister than he has with you. This can annoy you as you have to put selfies alone. However, first, observe whether he asks to click those selfies or she.

Try to involve yourself in the picture and then ask your sister-in-law to take a picture of you and your husband together. This might give hints to her and try to work on her habit. You can make her your new selfie partner. If you two vibe well together, such problems won't occur.

#10 He Takes Her Side During Arguments 

If your husband takes his sister's side in all the arguments, it might put you in a difficult spot. Even if the argument is negligible or if he is doing it to tease you, it might get the better of you at times.

In such situations, it's better to avoid arguments. Please don't allow him to put you in this awkward spot. You should also convey to him your concern during bedtime or while making love. He will understand and appreciate what you share with him.

#11 He Supports Her Financially 

You feel that your husband loves his sister more than he loves you because he never denies any of her expenses while trying to monitor and keep your expenditure under control. It might even be that he spends more on his sister than he does on you. Aaj, these things might not mean much to him, but they can hurt you.

In such cases, try to control your husband's finances. Teach him the need and requirements to make wise investments and save money. Maintain a journal and make him more conscious of the useless expenses he makes.

#12 He Supports Her Emotionally 

To make any relationship work, emotional support is needed. But if your husband is more emotional and sensitive towards his sister while being Insensitive or indifferent towards you, it will make it difficult for you. 

Always remember to be your support system first. Be brave and be expressive. Learn to understand why your husband behaves in the way he does. Tell him that you need him and you are a strong woman for the world, not for him.

#13 You Are Suffering From Inferiority Complex 

It might be that you are over assuming things. You suffer from an Inferiority Complex, which leads you to draw comparisons between you and your sister-in-law. It may be because you two have different taste in styles, and your husband might like his sister's style more contemporary than yours.

However, always remember that you are unique. Nobody can take your place or be you. Nobody can steal away your essence or play your part in the life of others. You are special, and you are here for a reason. Make that reason more meaningful.

#14 You Are The Single Child To Your Parent 

If you are the only child of your parents, you might not have experienced sibling relationships this closely before. That might make you feel amazed and uneasy at the same time. You overthink and over assume things in the process.

#15 You Are Not Planning To Extend Your Family

You and your husband haven't decided on getting pregnant yet. Pregnancy shall bring you closer and redirect your husband's affections and responsibilities towards you and the child you would bear for him. 

Is Your Husband Wrong In Loving His Sister?

No, your husband is not on the wrong side if he loves his sister. It is his birthright. He has shared a major part of his life with her. You hold a different place in his life. It is in no way discounts your bearing. 

You are important too. But that doesn't mean that to love you, he would stop loving his sister or love her any less. You need to work on loving each other more, and everything will fall in place automatically.

How To Make Your Husband Love You More?

Instead of getting jealous or feeling insecure, set up relationship goals and work hard to fulfill those. He is your husband; you got into this marriage because you love and care for each other. Now, all that needs to be done is make it more special. I've shared a few ways to achieve your desired objective.

#1 Love Him More 

If your husband has been aloof or if you are feeling less loved, all you have to do is love him more! This can be via expression or gestures or simply by making love. Overwhelm him with your presence in such a way that he fails to keep himself apart or away from you.

#2 Love His Sister 

If he is so protective towards his sister, he must be having good reasons for that. Treat his sister as your own and love her all the same. Involve her in little things that you doIf she is the reason, you feel your husband is getting distant from you, make her the reason to bring him close.

#3 Spend More Time With His Sister 

Spending more time with his sister will help you understand their bond much better. It will also draw her closer to you, which can get you brownie points. If you are on her good list, she will be nice to you and influence your husband's love for you.

#4 Take His Sister's Responsibility 

Be a responsible sister-in-law. If his sister is younger than you, be a friend and guide her. Help her out in her chores and earn her trust. If you take her responsibility, your husband will get more time to spend with you.

#5 Go On A Vacation 

Plan a vacation or a staycation with your husband. Make all the arrangements yourself. Give him a surprise so he cannot ask you to bring his sister along. You both will get relaxing time to spend together.

#6 Go On Romantic Dates 

Plan out a day of the week for the two of you. Tell him beforehand that that day you will spend away from home together. This will keep things clear, and you will spend quality time with him.

#7 Recreate Memories 

Recreating memories can consume any gap and misunderstanding that might have been forming in between. Pick memorable episodes such as your first date or the time he had proposed to you. Plan it out meticulously, and he won't be able to help it but love you.

#8 Cook His Favorite Meal 

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Cook your hubby his favorite dish with aromatic flavors and make him fall for you all over again.

#9 Make Love 

Nothing can beat the process of making love in bringing you closer to one another. Try new things and make them more enjoyable. Ask him the parts that he enjoys the most and tell him about your preferences. 

#10 Pamper Him 

Pamper him with gifts. Bring him things that he has a soft corner for. If he is a connoisseur of something, get him something valuable to add to his collection. He will appreciate it and love you more.

#11 Talk To Him 

There is nothing better than communication. Talk your heart out to him. Tell him your concerns and botheration. Be candid with him. Teach him to understand you. Ask him to help you out in creating a comfort zone.

#12 Talk To His Sister 

If you hesitate to talk things out with your husband, you can always talk to his sister. She is a woman too. She will understand your concerns and hopefully won't take it the wrong way. She can help you in solving the problem.

#13 Take Your Relationship A Step Further

Plan with him to take your relationship to the next level. Plan pregnancy. It can change the scheme of things. Although a big step, when planned right and done with willingness, it is sure to make you one like never before.

Summing Up

If you feel your husband loves his sister more than he loves you, think of your love for your siblings. Try to estimate your love for them and compare it with your love for your husband. Can you come up with an estimation? I am certain you will fail. It's because the two kinds of love are different.

You love them with your all, but the love is different. It can't be compared. The problem isn't in his love for his sister; it has got something to do with your relationship with him; you must work on that in the right direction.


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