Do You Still Miss Your Ex Even After Getting Married?

Yes, it happens. You still think about your ex even though you are married to someone else. It is one of the things in life for which we have no control. But, it does not mean that you go back to your ex or search for them. Start admiring other people who are as good as them or even better than them.
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No matter how far you have come from your past, it does not mean that you still don't miss your ex. There will be times when you are struck by an emotional wave and miss the old times arising to the top. Not necessarily that you are unhappy with the current relationship or have any intentions of getting back together with your ex, but it just manifests as a sudden pang of longing inside.

We all love experiencing new things, and our mind rejoices at the idea of trying something we have never done before. But every time we get into a new relationship, certain things are left undone and unanswered during a previous love affair. And this feeling is something that can keep bothering you and prevent you from having complete trust in your partner.

Is It Okay To Miss Your Ex After Getting Married?

Yes, it is, and there is nothing as strange as missing your ex whom you don’t have anything else in common now. Your old flame was an integral part of knowing yourself, and now that person is gone or rather someone else has replaced them.

Sometimes it can be the most sudden and unexpected feeling to strike your heart and overwhelm you, and other times it can be the most nostalgic memory you have left in your past relationship that keeps on coming back without fail.

But don't worry about it, everybody goes through a phase where you miss your ex even after getting married. You feel like you're missing someone, but you have emotionally moved on from that person. You still have a soft corner for them and reminisce the good times with them.

As long as this feeling is not in any way affecting your relationship or the life you intend to live henceforth, then there is nothing wrong with thinking about that person and missing your ex "SOMETIMES."

Don't think about them all the time. Feelings will come and go. Just don't second guess about your current relationship and try to get rid of this feeling as soon as possible.

There are things you can do when you miss your ex, as you sort through the fact that you still love them and are no longer together.

This is why you have to be cautious and ensure that you don’t let your ex have too much power over you. You have to keep yourself in check, especially if you are at a point where you are trying hard to move on with your life entirely.

Reasons Why You Still Miss Your Ex Even After Getting Married

While some people think it is seriously unhealthy to miss your ex still, others believe that you should always keep your past good memories alive. If you're one of those who want to know if it is something serious or not, here are some of the reasons that make you think of your ex:

#1 You Had A Bucket Full Of Fond Memories Together

Do you still miss your ex even after getting married? Well, you are not alone. Almost everyone goes through it at some point in their lives. The reason behind this is that you two were deeply in love and every moment you spent together was a special one.

Though your relationship wasn't perfect and had its share of ups and downs, you must have shared a bond with your ex that has some great memories attached to it. Now, while you may relive those memories and miss your ex for a while, you should be able to differentiate between your emotions due to the fond memories shared with your ex and the actual person.

However, one should understand that it is just the memories that you miss and do not make decisions based on them.

#2 You Were A Long-Term Partner

It's hard to forget someone you were in a long-term relationship with. It gets even harder when you break up and shut off your communication completely. Closing your eyes, you think of shared moments and recall fond memories. It is often difficult to stop thinking about them even when they are no longer part of your life.

While it's great to find happiness in a new relationship, there are times when you feel emotions from your old relationship.

If you are marrying a new spouse and can still feel that way towards your ex. It's entirely possible to remember the good times fondly, especially if there are no hard feelings with the ex. But if your heart still melts when you see them on your Facebook feed, or you try to go back to old hangouts hoping that they will be there and then are disappointed when they are not, you still have problems.

It's possible to find love again. Meditate on permitting yourself to be happy. When you open up your heart, love will come flooding in. It's never too late for happiness!

#3 You Miss The Little Things 

You had been in a long-term relationship with your ex-fiancé for years, and you have finally called it quits. You have moved on and are happily married now, but you find yourself missing the little things that you shared with your ex.

What do you miss the most? The delicious food that she would make or how she listened to your problems and cried with you? The way he used to massage your feet after a long day at work? It could be anything but the point is, you miss those moments and cherish them even though they might not be enough to get you back together. You enjoyed every moment of it, and every little thing she did mean a lot to you.

I know how hard it can be and how you miss your ex even after getting married. You go on dates, keep yourself busy, but all you want to do is call or text him. You cannot erase the good times from your head no matter what. Those are your favorite moments, and you remember them fondly even if the relationship was in trouble at that point.

#4 You Miss the 'YOU' That Used To Go Out With Your Ex

You were two different people, sometimes opposites even. But you were each others' complement. You complimented each others' personalities as if they were a puzzle piece and you just fit right. This is probably what made it so hard after the breakup. 

When you were with your ex, things were simpler and carefree. There wasn't much that mattered at the time – just the two of you. You did things without thinking of impacting others or making them uncomfortable. You laughed more, made more jokes, and enjoyed each other's company more. It felt like nothing could go wrong in the relationship, regardless of what happened. 

You know all of your current relationship's qualities are good and healthy, but there was something about the old relationship that you miss more than anything else.

#5 You Compare Your Current With Your Ex

When you have had more than one relationship in your lifetime, it is desirable to compare the experiences of different relationships to know the difference between them. 

Each relationship is unique and special for each one of us. The difference mainly stems from the fact that one relationship goes unnoticed while another makes you want to go back in that chapter again. 

Proven Ways To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Missing Your Ex

Breakup is hard and leaves a scar in your relationship and heart. Here, we will help you know what to do when you miss your ex, based on our experience of crying and moving on after the breakup.

#1 Do You Truly Miss Your Ex?

When you miss your ex, try to identify exactly what you miss. Does the relationship have a pattern you're missing (like seeing each other every day), or do you think of your former partner when you find yourself alone? 

You're not alone if you miss your ex even after getting married. It is logical to feel nostalgic when a relationship ends, but it is not always the person you miss. You may have a sense of longing for the routine and security that you shared with your partner.

#2 Remember "Why" You Parted Your Ways

When you're figuring out how to stop missing your ex, try to analyze your reasons for breaking up. 

Maybe the relationship ended because it wasn't going in the direction you wanted, or maybe your ex decided to move on and leave you behind. In any case, when thinking about your ex serves no positive purpose, it's time to move on and avoid missing your ex altogether!

#3 Don't Hold Your Feelings Inside

You decided to move on and be happy in a new life. But life is not fair sometimes, and you cannot forget the feelings associated with the past. 

So, what to do when you miss your ex even after getting married? Well, you can do something about it and don't simply hold your feelings inside. Trying to repress your emotions won't make them disappear but will only make it hard for you to process them. Don't go down that road, instead express yourself and let the people who care about you know how you feel. Your close friend is an excellent start and the best person who can help you deal with these difficult emotions since they are someone who can understand what you're going through.

#4 Spend Time With Your Current Partner And Family

It's tough to integrate into a new family when you miss your ex, but a good place to start is with those who have been there all along. They likely care about you and want to help you transition into your new life. Spending time with them can help ease your feelings of missing your ex.

It is okay to feel the way you do. We all have those emotions that we are not proud of having, but you mustn't let those feelings take control of your life. Why miss your ex when people love and care about you? How would you like it if your loved one was missing another person?

#5 Try Becoming A More Productive Version Of Yourself

It's important to realize that you can't force yourself to move on. And forcing yourself to stop thinking about your ex would be futile because it only further intensifies the thoughts.

So, if you miss your ex even after getting married, try focusing on your passions. Sometimes we get so lost in our relationships that we forget about ourselves and what we want in life. Once the relationship ends, it can be hard to catch up on what you missed out on. To reconnect with yourself, try taking on a new project at work or volunteering for a cause you're passionate about.

Trust me when I say that it will pull you from the doldrums of a breakup and give you a new sense of purpose and a drive to achieve something.

#6 Create A Better Future Of Your Marriage

It can be hard to let go of your past love, but sometimes you have to do it for your own sake. If you are thinking about your ex too much, you should start making plans for your future instead. The more goals and plans you have for yourself, the less time you think about an old flame.

It might not seem like a step in the right direction at first, but once you get started on planning out your life, you're going to feel better in the long run. Here are three things to think about starting today.

Instead of wallowing in bad memories about your past relationship, it's time to start setting some goals for your future. Try planning a nice dinner for this weekend, or set up a coffee date with your partner. Be sure to share what you're doing with other people because they'll keep you on track.

#7 Talk To A Professional

You don't have to live with the stress, anxiety, and loneliness of missing your ex. Many different kinds of therapy can help you move forward in your life. 

Maybe you are in a happy marriage and miss your ex anyway. Maybe you're not married, but still, you miss the memories you find yourself missing your ex. Whatever the case may be, if you can't figure out what to do when you miss your ex, it may be time to seek treatment. 

It can be difficult to let go of the past. But if you are feeling consistently sad or depressed about your ex, it may be time to seek therapy. Therapists can help you work through your emotions in a safe and secure environment to open up about what is going on for you. 


When you fall in love with someone and get hurt, it is hard to forget about your love for that person. You might still remember how that person made you feel when they were still around. Even if your spouse loves and cares for you, a part of you may still long for the old days when 'they' were there.

Everyone misses their ex sometimes. There is no shame in missing someone you shared a special bond with. However, you need to be careful as your emotions must not get in the way of your present life, i.e., the new relationship and life you have created for yourself after leaving the previous one.


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