[Solution] My Husband Looks At Other Females On Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms

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Men’s tendency of stalking other women doesn’t really go after getting engaged or even married. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others work as a catalyst nowadays to provoke such tendencies inside men. Finding your husband or partner looking at other women hurts a lot. It feels like he’s cheating on you. According to a survey, most the failed marriages initially face challenges due to this very problem. 

But let me tell you, most of the time, stalking other females on Instagram or Facebook doesn’t mean that your partner is cheating on you. This is indeed a silly habit of men and is often misunderstood by women. Look dear, human beings are not flawless.

Attraction to the opposite sex is nothing but quite a natural phenomenon. You may tag it as a flaw or may not. But things are as it is. Now you can argue that civilized human beings are meant to control their evil tendencies. But just looking at other females on social media is not as evil as you’re assuming. 

Now if you ask me that why on earth men look at other women even after getting married, in one sentence, I would say, it gives pleasure to them. Don’t take it otherwise, but yes, even after getting married or committed to someone, men’s hormones do not simply stop poking inside. Generally, due to this hormonal instinct, men tend to look at other women to satisfy their hormones. But this simple instinct can always have certain exceptions as well. 

So, what can you do about it if your husband or partner also looks at other women on Instagram or Facebook? Initially, you should ignore it. As this activity doesn’t always mean that he doesn’t love you anymore, you should never fight over such a silly reason. And, never take any drastic decision about your relationship or marriage just over this phenomenon. But if this continues, you should closely monitor his activities and decide your next steps accordingly. 

Married men looking at other women on Instagram or Facebook can have many dimensions as well as many complex reasons behind it. In this article. I’m gonna decode all the reasons behind doing it and discuss how one should deal with the whole situation. So, if you’re also facing the same, stick to the article to know about the exact scientific approach. 

Why Do Men Look At Other Women Even They’re Married?

Before looking for remedies to any problem, we should always dig deeper to understand the issue better and diagnose the exact problem. In this context we’re discussing, first, we need to know what’re the potential reasons behind this behavior of your husband. Look, human minds are not at all a simple puzzle to solve.

It takes a lot of effort to decode the exact reasons behind little human activities. And this phenomenon of looking at other women on social media platforms may have many complex reasons behind it. After years of struggle, relationship experts and counselors have been able to identify some reasons that may work behind this silly habit of men. 

Natural Hormonal Phenomenon

The initial and the most possible reason why your husband looks at other women is his hormonal instinct. Biologically male sex hormones are quite vulnerable and they are meant to poke men to get attracted to other women even if they are married. The sense of commitment indeed has significant effects on hormones.

This is why most of the time when married men look at other women no matter where and how they do not get attracted or even if they feel something, they’re able to control their instinct instantly. The law of suppressing the evil inside works exactly here. So, if your husband is looking at other women randomly and it’s not one of his regular habits, surely it’s a natural hormonal phenomenon that you’re worried about. 

He Admires A Woman In Some Way

If you find that your husband is looking at any specific woman, it’s possible that he admires her in some way. Admiration has nothing to do with the gender of a person. Maybe your husband admires her work, her attitude, her intellect, or maybe even her physical appearance.

But it doesn’t simply mean that he doesn’t value your relationship or doesn’t love you. It may sound a bit complicated but believe me, liking a person can have many dimensions. And if you two are married, chances of liking some other women only due to admiration is next to impossible. 

He’s Sexually Attracted

Lust or sexual attraction may also be a reason behind the stalking habit of your man. This reason is quite similar to the hormonal instinct but in this case, men wish to have sex with her. If you find this behavior in your husband or partner, start observing him closely. Most of the time this behavior tends to be temporary and eventually ends up as a natural hormonal phenomenon.

He’s Sexually Deprived

Sexual deprivation is another reason why your husband may look at other women on social media platforms like Instagram. Sex is something that helps to keep a marriage healthy. If for some reason, you do not have a healthy sex life with your partner, he may feel attracted and even aroused to other women. In this case, you must remember that Instagram is full of revealing pictures and reels of women and if a person has once searched for something like that, its algorithm is designed to show such posts more often to him. This is how technology provokes him to get addicted to it. 

Your Relationship Lacks Something

If you’re facing any serious problem in your marriage and your relationship lacks something, your husband’s subconscious mind will encourage him to stalk other women and satisfy his emotional need through it. Maybe, you don’t care about him or your relationship that much, or maybe you hardly get time spend with him, or your relationship is lacking the spark: there can be so many factors.

Or simply there’s nothing like that but your husband or partner thinks there’s something. Due to these complex verbal and non-verbal phenomena, your husband may get indulged in silly activities like stalking other women on social media or even having an affair with someone.

He Developed A Bad Habit

Previously, I’ve talked about the rules of social media algorithms, right? These algorithms are designed exclusively to display related posts that a person has recently searched for. Remember getting related youtube suggestions to your last search. The Instagram algorithm also works in the same way. Maybe your husband has once or twice searched for stalking some women, but got addicted or developed a bad silly habit due to social media algorithm. 

He Got A Crush

If your husband has got a crush on some other woman, he’ll look at her profile all day. Having a crush on some other woman even if married, is not a healthy sign at all. But here I would like to tell you that most of the time the feeling of having a crush does not last and eventually the marriage prevails. As a result, your partner will love you and care for you more out of his own internal guilt. But if you notice your husband stalking some other woman all day and assume it as a crush, time of observing his behavior closely has come. 

When To Get Worried?

Till now, hopefully, you have understood that looking at other females on Instagram is natural for men most of the time and there’s nothing to get worried about it. You can simply ignore this silly behavior and avoid unwanted clashes in a relationship. But, sometimes stalking other women may not be that much innocent and your partner’s actions will reveal a lot about his mental state. 

Your Husband Spends The Whole Day On The Phone

If your husband is spending the entire day on social media, it’s time for you to be alert. If his stalking behavior was that innocent, he would hardly spend the entire day with his phone. In most cases, this is a sign of developing a bad habit and maybe he got addicted to this behavior. You’ll learn to deal with such a situation in the due course of this article.

Sudden Change In His Behavior

If you’ve noticed your husband looking at other females several times and now noticing a sudden change in his overall behavior, take it as a potential sign and be more concerned about him. Sudden changes in regular behavior only come when a person undergoes severe mental turmoil. This turmoil may come from his professional sector as well, but if you noticed him looking at other women online, he’s not likely having this turmoil from his professional side, but from somewhere else. 

He Hides His Phone From You

This is one of the most common and clear signs of something fishy. A relationship, especially marriage is meant to be open to each other and secret-free. Maintaining own private space is something different but hiding the phone from the partner is nothing but a clear signal that something’s going wrong. If recently you noticed your husband stalking some women online, and now hiding his phone from you, take this as a red sign. 

He’s PayingToo Much Attention To His Social Media Appearance

If your husband was never that much concerned about his social media appearance but suddenly paying too much attention to it, there might be something really fishy. People generally pay attention to their social media appearance only if they intend to impress someone or acquire something. So, try to understand the approach of your partner what he actually intends to do. 

He’s Suddenly Being Concerned About His Outfits

Many people are always concern about what they’re wearing and how they’re looking. This point is not for them at all. But if you notice that your husband is being too much concerned about his outfits what he was not before or he’s frequently changing his style, chances are, he’s dating someone. And if the previous one and this one join hands together, be sure that something is fishy.

He’s Taking You For Granted

If your husband got involved in some extra-marital affair, even online, he’ll start taking you for granted. This is a very common human behavior that applies not only to men but also to women. This is a stage when to start taking action and making decisions. 

He’s Making Silly Excuses

If you find your husband looking at other women online and he makes silly excuses when he’s asked, don’t take it normally. If he had no silly intention, he would’ve made no excuses at all. Rather a gentleman will confess and say sorry and even sometimes make fun of it. This is how healthy stalking goes. But excuses are something that indicates a dark intention of a person’s mind. 

He’s Not Interested In Intimacy

This is another signal that the relationship between you and your husband is not going all right. If your husband is healthy and still always finds excuses to keep himself away from getting intimate with you, there’s definitely something fishy about it. But remember, this may happen to everyone, but not every time. When a man develops an interest in some woman other than his wife, he often tries to avoid getting intimate with her. 

How To Deal With The Situation?

When you find that your husband is looking at some other woman online, it hurts a lot. From that emotional wound, most wives tend to make silly mistakes in their relationships. But always remember that your marriage should not be something that can be broken or even affected by such a silly reason.

So, after finding out that your husband is looking at other females online, no matter how much it hurts, you must behave maturely and handle the situation scientifically. Here I’m gonna mention thorough steps through which you’ll be able to deal with the situation no matter how complicated it is. 

Prepare Yourself

If you’re facing such a complicated issue and it’s bothering you a lot, start preparing yourself. Prepare yourself to deal with more hard situations. In due process, you may have to face toxic fights, your husband may ignore you, hurt you more and even your marriage may not eventually work. Prepare yourself for everything and learn not to give up easily. 

Observe Closely

Observing your husband/partner’s behaviors closely is the most initial step to understand and decode his mental tendency. Learn to talk less and listen and observe more. Regular behavior with his phone, daily life approaches, and his social media appearance will speak a lot. 


Previously I discussed which stalking attitude is normal and which isn’t. If you find that your husband’s behavior is nothing but just a hormonal instinct and isn’t affecting your relationship, it’s better you ignore it. Don’t let such silly behavior be a reason for your emotional turmoil. 

Love Him More

It’s always a good and positive approach to love your partner more. If sometimes in past you have hurt your husband unknowingly and that led him to develop such behavior, your love and affection towards him can heal his wound a lot. Not only it would help to solve the problem you’re facing but it’ll also strengthen your bond.

Ready To Communicate

Experts say that there’s no alternative to mutual communication. It’s only communication through what solution to every problem can be found. But unfortunately, most of us hesitate to communicate about sensitive issues while in a relationship. So, make yourself ready to have proper communication with your husband. Always remember that communication lays the foundation for every healthy relationship.

Speak Up

When your brain says that now it’s enough and no longer you can ignore it, speak up about your feelings. Never hide anything that you feel about his attitude. Point out which of his behaviors hurt you the most and ask him why does he do it.  Always try to be straight and clear. But, I would request you always to be gentle and emotionally strong while speaking up about your feelings. 

Sit & Sort Out

If both of you are mature enough, then the ‘Sit & Sort out’ method will definitely work for you. Make yourself calm and sit together with a clear intention of solving the problem. Talk clearly about your issues with him and let him speak too. Listen to his points carefully, and also to grievances if he has any, and consider them wisely. 

Fill Up The Flaws

No human beings are free from flaws. You’re not an exception as well. So, after sorting out your problems and identifying each others’ flaws, try to feel them up. If you were not giving enough time to your husband, give it now. If you didn’t have great sex during the last few months, arrange one. Whatever the issue you find, solve it. And yes, you can expect the same from the other side. 

Seek Professional Help

If none of the previous steps work out, I think it’s time to seek professional help to solve your issue. Don’t ever panic about it. Sometimes relationships reach such a stage where a third person’s intervention is required and it would be better if he/she is a professional. Relationship counselors are nowadays becoming very popular as complexities are increasing in human life. They can offer you proper methodical help and suggestions according to your situation and even medical assistance if you need it.

Learn Where To Stop

I know it’s quite hard, but I must tell you, learn exactly where to stop. You have put enormous effort to save your relationship and sought every possible help, but none of them worked out. This means, your marriage is not meant to work out anymore. Always remember, a mutual will is a primary prerequisite to solve any problem in a relationship. If that genuine will is absent, nothing’s gonna work out. So now it’s time to love yourself, appreciate the effort you have put, and come out of the marriage even if it makes your heart heavy. 

I wish you all the best in your marriage life. May no such complication ever touch your beautiful relationship.


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