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How Long Should You Wait For Him To Ask Me To Be His Girlfriend?

How Long Should I Wait For Him To Ask Me To Be His Girlfriend

Things aren’t yet official, but the moment you picture the two of you together butterflies have a dance in your stomach. So are you going through one of those phases where your time flies by on your phone texting Him or talking to him, you can’t fully concentrate on your work, “he” is ruling your mind 24*7, “he” is the topic of conversation for you all the time. Well, you are clearly in love. 

And you are eagerly waiting for him to make everything official so that you can change his name on your contacts and make it to Bae. Now that sounds quite exciting!

But he hasn’t asked for you to be his girlfriend yet. Although you have been talking to each other for pretty long, you have been on coffee and movie dates, you have spent a good time amount of time to know each other. 

You are now counting the days to be his girlfriend. One question is still bothering you- “If everything is going so smoothly, then why isn’t he asking me to be his girlfriend?”

One thing every girl must consider is how long the guy actually takes to take things from dating to a serious relationship.

So How Long Should You Wait?

Ideally, you should wait for 4 weeks and not more than that. A little more than a month is fine too. If it goes beyond that, say 3 or 4 months, you have to reconsider your thoughts about wishing to be his girlfriend. 

When Is It Too Early To Ask Him To Be His Girlfriend? 

You can’t expect to be in a relationship overnight. You need to give both of you that sweet little time to understand what you really want. Never think that after the first coffee date he is ready to be in a relationship with you. Neither you should expect a thing like that.

Also, just talking over the phone for a week isn’t enough too. You need to give each other the time and space to open up in front of each other, to know each other more and better. Both of you need to be on the same page before you actually start thinking about a relationship. 

You need to be clear to each other about your wants in the relationship. And to be clear about that you have to give time. Spending at least a month with your potential boyfriend would help you understand whether you are really ready to take things to the next level.

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Remember, while too late can be dangerous, too early can have the same effects too.

One thing to swear by at this moment would be to simply- to “Have patience.”

Signs That It Can Turn Into A Relationship

Not every date turns into a relationship. Some even don’t have that potentiality. So before asking him to make you his girlfriend, you need to understand whether you see the right signs in him and get a signal to take forward your thoughts.

  • He isn’t shy to show his feelings

Girls love guys who are open about their feelings and don’t hide them underneath their masculinity. They want a guy who will openly communicate and express their thoughts.

So if your guy is sharing his feelings with you from the beginning and he is quite comfortable in sharing all his emotions, then girl you have the right kind of guy in your life. 

  • Always checks up on you

Does he always text you asking whether you had dinner, you finished your project? He doesn’t forget to send you those sweet good nights and good morning texts.

You are not the first person to text or call him all the time. He genuinely thinks about you and texts you. Also, he never leaves your messages on reading and unanswered. He is always there for you with a quick response. All these signs mean that he is totally into you and this isn’t just casual dating for him. 

  • He wants to spend more time with you

Your guy is always making plans about movie dates and dinner dates. He is booking your favorite places, planning to do activities of your choice and you don’t really have to wait for him to plan a date.

Why is he doing all these? Because he wants to spend a lot more with you knowing you. Quality time is essential for any couple to build a stronger bond. So when your guy puts this much effort, he is here to stay for you girl. 

  • He shares everything with you

When you are special to someone, you will always be the first person to know everything about him. So he calls up and shares how was his day at work, how the meeting went, what’s he planning to cook for the dinner.

He shares funny stories from his childhood, about his friends, and his family. A guy would not share everything with a girl until he is quite sure. So if you spot these qualities in your partner, you can chill.

  • He sees a future with you
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He has already started talking about the next trip he wants to go with you, the pet you two you are going to adopt. All his friends know that a very special person is ruling his friend.

Even his family members have been introduced to you. They have seen you, met you, they know where do you work, what do your parents do and every other detail. Definitely, he is imagining a future with you and you have already become the center of his world. 

  • He truly cares for you

You will feel the warmth of a guy when that guy genuinely cares for you. He knows what you like to watch, to eat, and your favorite dress. He remembers everything that you tell him. He makes sure to give you space to spend time with your own friends and family.

He surprises you with your favorite flowers on a Sunday morning or sends chocolates to cheer up your mood. You can understand that he is actually thinking about you and your needs and wishes. These gestures show his caring and loving attitude. 

  • You can see his efforts

This guy leaves no stone unturned to put his efforts. He talks to you even on a busy day. Takes you out with his friends. He communicates with you well. He never lets you feel alone. He makes sure to feel you special always.

He is not someone who will just have a sweet talk with only at the beginning of the relationship. He will actually keep putting in his efforts throughout the relationship period. 

Now you know what kind of signs to look for in a guy, to be 100% sure whether ‘He is the one for you.’

You might be thinking now that well my guy has all these qualities, so can I ask him to make me his girlfriend? Ladies hold on. Qualities like these don’t show on a guy in a single day. You have to give the minimum time which is at least two weeks to judge whether he shows these signs. In a month after going on multiple dates with him you can have a much better idea and then can think for the next stage. 

Also, you need to consider some things for yourself.

Are You Ready To Be His Girlfriend? 

  • It’s not easy to be in a relationship. You need to put effort, commitment, and trust to maintain a successful relationship. So spotting the good qualities in him isn’t the end. 
  • You must also possess the same kind of feelings for him. If you are ready to be completely loyal to him and devote time for the relationship to grow, you can go ahead ask him to make you his girlfriend.
  • There should be no place for second thoughts. If you have the slightest doubt, then give some time to yourself. There’s no hurry. He isn’t running away from you. 
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Some Red Flags In Him Which You Need To Keep In Mind

Not every boy will be your dream guy. You will meet some guys and feel totally crap about them. So how to understand that “He is not ready for a relationship”.

  1. You are the one who wants to meet him and not vice-versa. He gives lame excuses and always cancels on plans with you.
  2. He always responds to your texts very late saying he was busy. And he gets easily irritated if you call him too many times.
  3. He never tells you clearly what he is doing, where he is, and with whom. He hardly shares any details about his personal life.
  4. He treats you just like any other friend. You do not get any boyfriend vibes from him. 
  5. He only wants to get intimate with you and doesn’t really want to know you and find out your likes and dislikes.
  6. He never gives full attention to you. He is checking his phones or playing video games even when you two are on a date. 

Stay away from boys like these who have all these horrible signals in them.

When Is It Too Late To Ask Him To Make You His Girlfriend?

Love is not bound to time. Two right souls always find their ways to each other. So, if you see the potential of this relationship, you can ask him. But if you see there is no progress even after spending months and months together, you need to ask yourself- “Whats’ wrong?”

If you two can identify the problems and solve them too, then Cheers to both of you. But if you feel that he is not much into solving the issues, you must start reconsidering your thoughts of being his girlfriend. 

Well, you must now be totally prepared to take the next step. Gone are the days when only boys could ask a girl to be their girlfriend. Girls are more open nowadays. So ladies don’t hold up your emotions anymore. Read the signs, be true to your feelings and ask away. 

How long would you wait for him to ask you to be his girlfriend? Share your thoughts and let’s have a conversation in the comment section down below. 


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