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Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else?

Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else

If your ex has already moved on to someone else, I’m sure you might have found yourself thinking, “Does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else?” 

What Do We Mean When We Say “No Contact”?

Before spilling beans on that, let’s understand what do we mean when we say “No Contact”?

No Contact is exactly what it sounds like. You can't contact the person you're breaking up with in any way whatsoever, which means no emails, no texts, no phone calls, and absolutely no conversations with them in person.

Once you/they break up, you need to get all of their contact information out of your phone and computer instantly because even a single text conversation could potentially change your mind.

Oh! It’s SCARY. Right…?

I know it is not going to be easy. But, if you follow this rule and pay attention to what you need to work on in your life you will have a way better chance of getting back with them if you had followed the no contact rule or not at least you would have had a longer period of time in which you could have worked on improving yourself.

So to answer your particular query,

Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else?

Yes, no contact work even if your ex is seeing someone else. Although they have moved on to someone new, it doesn’t mean their feelings for you will go away. It could actually be beneficial for you to give the no contact rule a shot.

When a close friend of mine decided to go no contact, he was stunned by how quickly his ex became interested again. She said, 'It's clear you're changing, and not just on the outside but inside, too,' And that was a huge breakthrough for him because it meant she was seeing the real person and still wanted to be with him.

However, if you desperately want your ex back, I highly recommend you to go through The Ex Factor by Brad Browning. Even I'm literally shocked after watching his tricks and method. Do give it a shot. I'm confident it helps you a lot.

What Is The SECRET Sauce With No Contact Rule If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else?

If you try to talk to your ex about her new partner or try to “make things better” by being friends with her, your efforts will just end up causing more problems for yourself. 

  • My advice for people in your shoes is to forget everything you think you know about your ex. Stop asking mutual friends about your ex’s doings and instead talk with them about YOU. The only difference between you and your ex is the person they fall in love with. If you want to win them back, you have to become the version of yourself that your ex wants to be around
  • If you are serious about getting her back and want to avoid the no contact rule, then I always suggest looking into the mirror for yourself. Who is actually in control of this situation? You or your ex? Take responsibility for your own actions here and make a decision that is based on what’s best for you. If you truly love her why would you contact her when she has asked for some space?
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Some people have asked me how they are supposed to stick to a no-contact period when their ex is likely seeing other people.

  • In this situation, there is no ‘one size fits all set of guidelines for how long to wait before contacting your ex again. Some people need only a few days to be able to get over the relationship, while others will take months. Each person is different, and you have to trust your own heart and follow its lead.

The key thing to keep in mind during an extended no contact period, then, has nothing to do with timing, but rather the way in which you're supposed to be spending your time.

This brings to another question,

What You Should Be Doing During No Contact Rule? 

  • If you can't stop yourself from texting or emailing your ex, you may be better off removing all contact with him. This way, you don't run the risk of contacting him in any unnecessary way.
  • What if you both work at the same place? Try to steer clear of him as much as possible at his workplace, especially if you both work in the same industry. If you're forced to interact with him somehow, try to do so in a civil manner regardless of how you feel at that particular moment.
  • Create a future for yourself that may eventually come to include an entirely different kind of love, one that will never need rejection or abandonment to be understood and accepted.
  • Take up activities that you really enjoy and find exciting. Anything! There are lots of ways to meet new people and create interesting things. In the long run, do what makes you happy. Time and energy are the most important things in getting over your ex.
  • There is a lot more to No Contact than meets the eye. Initially, it may be tricky as you will have to be careful not to come off too strong on social media or when speaking to his/her and his/her friends. You do not want his/her to start hating you for being overly cocky without good reason. 
  • It's really hard to move on when you have a broken heart. It's easy to get stuck and to keep enjoying the moment that has passed. Find a friend or someone to hang out with, and go somewhere far away from your ex.
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Sometimes, when we’re doing no contact, our manipulator tells us that the ex is moving on. Well, yes! Of course, our manipulator wants to know that they are still in control of us! It’s natural to get anxious if you’ve been rejected or feel like you’re not good enough for someone. But you’re worth it!

Let me help you here to utilize the No-Contact period better

What Is The One Thing That You Would Love To Restart if You Are Given A Chance?

Answer to the question, “What is my thing and what would I like to realize in my life?”. It can be the thing you are good at, but you didn’t have time for it because of your education or family affairs.

I suggest you PAUSE and REMEMBER what YOUR biggest, deepest wish for yourself is. Did you really want to sit around hoping and praying your ex comes back to you, or did you want to be the proud person that you are now?

Remember the friend I told you about at the beginning of the article?

When his partner left him he read many books about bodybuilding. He came across a weight-lifting playlist and added tracks that he personally enjoys listening to. Now, when he lifts weights, it’s like his mind and body syncs up perfectly into a rhythm that builds with the music.

  • I am confident you also have some talents which you haven’t polished for a long time. Life has given you ou a chance to work o something you are really good at. It can be cooking, knitting, swimming reading, or anything.
  • The no-contact rule works but you have to make the first move. It takes self-love to stay strong at the beginning so that you can just do it and soldier through the two weeks of feeling depressed.
  • If your ex is seeing someone, then that someone else is more important to them right now than you. Accept it. Make peace with it. If you don't want to be alone, find something that's more important than your ex.

Hanging around hoping they'll come back or wish for an angry knock on your door when they're done with whomever they're seeing right now isn't a constructive way to live.

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Do not let your ex who called you the love of her life, walk away with a NEGATIVE  perception of you.

Human is to err. We all have flaws. And at the beginning of a relationship, we can easily overlook few non-negotiable qualities in our partner just to forge our relation. Unfortunately in the long run those qualities attribute to your break-up.

As you are on the mission to peel him/her back, BUDDY! You need to work on yourself

  • The key point to realize is that the negative view of you your ex had at the end of the relationship probably had a lot more to do with them than you.
  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses. Think about qualities that you lack and how you can develop them. also list alternate qualities or virtues that are not necessarily pieces of you but instead are complementary to your strengths and a more complete picture of yourself. Self-awareness is the key to self-improvement and, ultimately, self-development.

No, I am not saying that you should be a doormat for someone to walk on. But if your ex is with someone new, how you can react is this.

Signs Your No-Contact Rule Is Working

  • Your ex is trying to re-establishing a connection with you.

He's trying to call you first. You've been avoiding him! Your ex-boyfriend is trying to call you and reach you up as well. He decides to make a move by calling at least for two times every time he contacts you.

  •  Distance made the heart grew fonder.

Your ex has received the message that he/she has lost a gem in you and that she could do much better than him. You are his/her knight in shining armor who can and is willing, to take on the task of fixing the mess.

  • He puts effort to find out the reason behind your cold vibes

Your action has caught his attention. Now he might be wondering what you really were planning when you aced him out from your life. Whatever you do, don’t ever beat around the bush or try to cover up the fact that you stopped chasing him around!

So as long as you can take your time, follow the guidelines, and play it smart in general, you should have a fighting chance of winning back your ex from this girl/ boy. 

If she is seeing someone new, does no contact work? Yes, it does. If she's not coming back to you then just accept the truth and move on with your life. Go out there, date other people and live your life. Trust me, there are other girls/boys out there who will appreciate you, unlike your ex who only saw you as a backup when nothing better came along.


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