How To Know If A Guy Still Likes You After You Rejected Him?

Adhideb Ghosh
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Men often are not great at reading situations. When it comes to understanding women, our knowledge or lack thereof can be quite troublesome. 

Imagine a guy confessing his feelings for you, and gets rejected; Believe me, it can be quite disappointing and a sure fall to that confidence he mustered up. 

At a later date if out of curiosity or you find yourself attracted to him, how to know if a guy still likes you after you rejected him?

You can know if a guy still likes you after you rejected him by looking at his behavior towards you after the rejection. When a guy is still interested in you he will let you know through subtle gestures that you can notice while interacting with him. 

Attraction is an ever-changing emotion, you may be attracted to someone today and not so tomorrow. 

In the event you find yourself being attracted to that guy you clearly rejected, do not be confused it’s very natural.

Attraction to a person is not just about the looks, it's about a plethora of qualities you may find desirable once you get to know him. And so it is important to ask the question, does he still like me?

No one likes to face rejection, and before you move on to the signs of if he still likes you let’s understand his psyche for a moment. 

When a guy is rejected, his first thought is that he was not good enough. This will not always happen but in most scenarios, a rejection is definitely a confidence downer and there is a need to address that if you are thinking of going any further.

So if you find out that the guy you rejected was not so bad after all, then let’s get into the signs he will show if he still likes you.

How To Know If A Guy Still Likes You?

When you want it, you work for it. A sure-fire way to understand someone’s interest in you is to see the effort he is putting in. 

But the effort may not always tell if a guy is still interested in you, let’s look at a few behavioral patterns that men exhibit when they are still interested in you. 

Stay In Touch

Staying in touch is a tried and tested cliche behavior exhibited by most men still interested.

Now let me put in some perspective here, my brother recently confessed that he does not have the time or energy in making a lot of female friends, he is happy with the girls we share friendship with and is not really interested in being “the friend”. 

Most of the time, men do not prefer to be friends with you, we already have them and are not searching for more. In the event a guy you rejected still wants to be in touch it generally means there is still some hope.

Now if you find yourself being attracted to such a man in your life go ahead and ask if he would like to take you out some time. 

The Forever Good Samaritan 

He is still the same “good” guy that he always was. 

Now he may be a kind soul, who loves helping everybody but when you see that he is always around when you need him and this happens a lot. 

There is no harm in asking him out to lunch to show your appreciation for all the good he is doing for you. And if that leads to a next date and you still want it, you can always go forward. 

The Body-language Says It All

The instinct of a woman has always been highly thought of, use that and you will know if he still has feelings for you. 

The eye contact, that flirtatious remark you found funny, subconsciously going easy on you even though he is competitive. 

All of these signs that your instinct says are somewhere in the grey area of friendship and courtship. 

If you are getting somewhere close to exploring these areas of intrigue and doubt just look at him, see his behavior and if you feel the vibe, ask him out. 

The Attention Is The Same 

The smaller details of your life that most do not remember, he does. 

Men generally are wired to focus and be one task-oriented, so if he is still paying attention to the minor details there is a high possibility that he still likes you. 

If you want to compare his behavior before and after the rejection then go ahead. Coming from personal experience I would definitely remember events important to her even if I was rejected. 

The Yes-man

Well, not a personal favorite but guys tend to become the yes-men if he still likes you. 

Most guys are always ready to agree, they think that being more agreeable puts forth a more positive shine to their personalities. Though this has never been the case, the psyche works in mysterious ways.

So if the man you rejected still is a yes-man to your whims and fancies chances are he still likes you.

What’s Her Reaction Like

I have been guilty of the same when I made a decent enough joke and my eyes would just have that quick glance at her reaction. 

It is noticeable, I am pretty sure if the guy is around you he would look for some kind of affirmation from you.

Just have a lookout on that, if he still likes you I am pretty sure you will notice it and remember it's normal to ask an affirmation from a friend, it's the frequency of asking that you need to notice.

You must be asking yourself, why does it matter if he still likes me? I can just go and ask him out. 

Reasons Why You Need To Know If He Still Likes You Or Not

You need to know if he still likes you, to understand how you should go about making further decisions and the way you need to approach things.

Save Yourself The Embarrassment 

Well, you may want to know if the guy still likes you, to save yourself from the embarrassment of being rejected in return. 

Asking someone out can be a little scary sometimes, especially a person who you rejected before. So getting to know if he still likes you is the way to go if you plan on asking him out. 

Intentions matter

You can’t place your feelings for the guy, or there is anything serious yet. 

Getting to know if a guy still likes you even after you rejected him may hint at him wanting something more serious.

Getting to know if the guy still likes you helps, to take a glance at his seriousness for a relationship with you. Simply put you won’t find guys liking you after you reject them if all they want is a fling.  

Lose A Friend 

Say you rejected a guy but you are still friends, now in such scenarios the guy may have moved on to someone or is not ready for any immediate relationship.

Getting to know if he still has feelings for you can help you understand his willingness to be with you. If you were to just go and ask him out and he is not ready for it, you may lose more than just a potential partner. You may lose a friend. 

A Steady Feel

Well, girls tend to be a fickle lot when it comes to making decisions, and here is a guy who still likes you, puts up with your whims, and genuinely cares for you. 

Getting to know if a guy still has that steady feeling for you after you rejected him can give you confidence or at least an indication towards his treatment of you in the near future.

If his behavior of having steady feelings for you is something you find attractive, go ahead and ask him out.  

Once you know that he still has feelings for you a question arises, how to approach the subject? You rejected him and even though you had your reasons, a man’s ego is no easy topic to understand or approach. 

How To Approach?

You may think all it may take is a phone call and we are ready to go from there, life is rarely that generous. You may surely get a date from that but there are a few doubts or concerns a guy may have. Hence an appropriate approach is necessary. 

Is she genuinely interested or does she need anything or how should I approach things if she wants it casual. Serious thoughts right, well a guy will overthink, men tend to do that when they are genuinely interested.

If you are interested as well or it’s just casual, you need to communicate that so that he knows exactly what he is getting into and all should be good. 

Your approach should be according to your reason for rejecting the first time, this is important as when anyone is rejected they tend to remember, so it’s very important to address the reasons for rejection in your approach. 

Let’s Look At A Few Reasons For Rejection And How You May Approach Him 

  • “We are not compatible, both of us want different things in life and I don’t see a future going forward.”

The reason is pretty straightforward, wanting different things in life is natural and a good reason for not going forward. 

If you were to change your mind, you may approach by saying I now understand how important the things you do are for you and I would like to explore more, ask him out after. 

The favorable impression you put across by acknowledging his life goal will cast out the self-doubts he had the first time. 

  • “I am not interested in a long-distance relationship.”

If you find yourself willing to work out a long-distance relationship or you are moving into the city he is in, this leads you to think back on giving a chance to see how things will move forward. 

A situation like this is pretty simple as there is no hurt ego or any reason to hold the rejection against you. 

Approach him once you have settled down and let him know that you are interested in meeting him. If he still likes you the same things should work on from there. 

  • “I see you more like a friend than someone I would be romantically involved with.”

Things get tricky when a guy interested in you is rejected and friend-zoned. It’s not your fault, in fact, you did him a favor then. 

So if you are having a change of heart, you can tell him that the more you thought about them together, the more sense it made. 

Feelings take time to cultivate, I am sure when he confessed, even he took a while to come to that conclusion. 

You can approach him by saying that after thinking about it you really feel that there can be something more. 

Assure him that the time you took to come to this decision was after careful consideration. If he likes you the same, you will definitely get that date you were thinking of. 

  • “I have a boyfriend.”

The most cliche reason for rejection. Let’s not get into the authenticity of that statement and consider it to be true. 

The approach is pretty simple, ask if he still has feelings for you and informs him of your breakup. 

Loyalty towards a partner is never frowned upon. If you had a boyfriend and you chose to be loyal, it's a quality most guys appreciate.

So go forward and communicate your feelings, let him know how you have been thinking about him a lot. It will be reciprocated if the guy still has feelings for you. 

If there is something to reiterate, I would like you to know that feelings and attraction towards someone are not set in stone. The popular phrase “We missed the right timing'' is there for a reason. 

So if you feel the timing is just right don’t shy away from informing him the same. A guy who still has feelings for you will most likely happily give it a go. 

All you need to ensure is that all the self-doubts for the rejection earlier are cleared and then have a fresh start to an exciting and fulfilling relationship.

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