What Does It Mean When Someone Tells You They Love You In A Dream?

Ahiri Chakraborty
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Waking up to a beautiful sunny morning after having a nice dream feels great. But just imagine you dreamt that someone said “I love you” to you. How would you feel?

Your heart will skip fast and your mood will be in a different level of happiness altogether. Let’s be honest hearing those three magical words from someone special is everyone’s dream and when it happens in your own dream it’s a win-win situation. Don’t you agree?

And to add a cherry on top, suppose you heard it from your crush or someone you have been dating for a while, you will literally be on cloud nine jumping with joy. 

Before going on to its actual meaning, let me give you a bit of trivia. Dreams are often the expression of our subconscious mind. Basically, we often dream about those things which are in our subconscious mind, and it’s through dreams that they find their expression. It can be anything.

From a serious issue to a trivial matter like your favorite ice cream. Some dreams leave you happy, some sad or anxious. It depends on what kind of dreams someone sees. When we think about a thing or a person for a long time, or we spend a lot of time together with someone, those memories or moments often occur in our dreams. 

So what does it mean when someone tells you they love you in a dream? It means you have strong feelings for them and you spend a lot of time with that person. Also, it may mean you want that person to confess feelings to you. Sometimes it’s also a glimpse from your past lover or from someone who did not reciprocate your love. 

Now the interpretation or the meaning of dreams will totally depend on whom you have seen in your dream saying that they love you. Let’s dig into the different meanings of dreams and unveils the mystery behind dreams. 

Your Crush Saying “Love You” In A Dream

I guess, if this happens in real life you can proudly say, “My dream came true”. So, when you dream that your crush has said “ I love you” in a dream, it’s more about you than your crush. You certainly contain quite strong feelings for your crush and that thought is expressed in your dream.

You might have a crush on your school friend or college mate, or a boy/girl you know through one of your friends. You like talking to that person and gradually over a period of time you have developed certain kinds of feelings for him/her which are more than just a friendship. 

Naturally, you are thinking about that person all the time, you are talking about your crush to your friends, you are putting up Instagram stories just to see if your crush happens to see them or not. Whenever you receive a text or call from your crush, you get excited. Your mind has only one thought right now and your crush is ruling it. 

You obviously want to take this feeling forward. You’re waiting for that special moment when your crush too will respond to your desires. 

Hence it’s not unnatural to see your crush in a dream. But when you hear your crush saying those words you definitely feel something else. It means that you are having romantic feelings for your crush and you really wish to have a relationship with him/her.

It’s your inner thoughts that came into being through a dream. But one thing you should definitely keep in mind that, it’s your feelings or you dreamt of something you want to hear from your crush. It hasn’t happened in your real life yet. 

How To React To This: 

After this dream, you might take this as a green signal. Your crush hasn’t yet said these words however you’re confident that he/she feels the same for you. So, what should you do?

Take things slowly. As I said, this dream is more about your feelings than your crush’s. So do not hurry. And do not say to him/her what did you dream. 

Why? Simple because, if by any means he/she doesn’t have the same feelings for you, things will be a mess between you two.

You would lose a good friend and you two will just start having an extremely awkward situation. 

I’m sure you don’t want this to happen. 

On the other hand, even if your crush does possess the same feelings for you, he/she might be feeling intimidated by hearing your dream. They can think that you are giving them a hint to express their feelings. Perhaps, they want to wait a bit longer. They want to know you better. So telling them can make things take a different turn altogether.

Instead, you act quite normal. Talk to him/her as you used to and this time you try to notice any changes in their behavior or actions. Try to get a tangible sign from them from which you too can be assured of their feelings. 

Make a movie plan together or go out to a cafe. Give him/her something he/she is fond of just to show your feelings. But never overdo it.

Their reactions to your little gestures will surely give you a clear sign of what’s going on in their mind. If you find those responses to be positive, you can after some days tell them about your dream. Just make sure it’s the right time and place. You surely don’t want to make him/her uncomfortable. 

And if you have been getting negative responses from them, you should not disclose your dream to them at all. Rather spend more time with them. Build an understanding and trust and reach a safe point. 

Just because you have dreamt this doesn’t mean he/she would do that in real life too. So take little steps. 

When A Friend Says They “Love You” In Your Dream

We have many friends in our lives. Girls have boy best friend whereas boys also have girl best friend. And having feelings for a friend or your best friend is not at all unimaginable. In fact, it’s quite common.

I can’t agree more with the saying that a great friendship is the beginning of a great relationship. So two friends or two best friends can definitely have romantic feelings for each other.

But when you dream about that friend or best friend of yours saying they “love you” what can it suggest? Once again, it comes down to you. You surely see this friendship as more than just a friendship.

Your feelings for this person are not only limited in a friendly way. You have started to like this person in a different light. And you won’t actually mind going on a few dates with this person to see how things work out between you two.

Again, it can also suggest that you have been getting certain romantic vibes from your friend. Maybe he/she has become a little flirtatious with you. He/she calls you and talks to you for hours and hours. They are really keen on knowing you more than as a friend. They are making plans to go out to you. Or surprising you with gifts. Some gestures like giving flowers or giving a special card on Valentin’s day, or sending a cake on your birthday at 12 o’clock, are hints that You are special in their life. And they are turning no stones unturned to make you feel important and these gestures are proving it. 

If your supposed friend or best friend is behaving in this way, then having a dream like this is typical. 

What’s Going To Be Your Response?

What do you feel about this person? Do you think he/she can be your girlfriend or boyfriend? Are you ready to make this transition?

If you have some passionate emotions for your friend then this dream is a sign to take a step forward. This dream will act as an assurance for your feeling giving you more control. So if you know that you two have strong bonding and confessing about this dream is not gonna ruin your current friendship, then go ahead. Tell them about your dream and in this way also make them understand your feelings for them as well.

But if you get a not-so-positive attitude from them, you must step back. Never impose your feelings upon them. Just disregard the dream in a joking way. And make sure that you won’t let your friendship reach an uncomfortable position. Ultimately, that person is your friend so I’m sure if you tell the right way, they can surely understand your perspective as well.

However, if you don’t possess any kind of feeling for this friend yet you had the dream, then it’s certain that this is only a friendship to you. It doesn’t mean anything else or your friendship hasn’t reached that point yet where you can have a relationship with him/her.

In this context, there’s no need to reveal this dream. Keep it to yourself. Observe how your friend is actually behaving with you. Is he/she giving you any other signal by their actions or behavior? Do you think they might have feelings for you? 

If it’s yes then give yourself some time. Reflect upon your friendship. Be neutral in your response but never hurt them. Have little chats with them and slowly reveal how you feel about these kinds of special gestures. If you never want this friendship to develop into anything else, it’s good to tell them directly. But be polite in your tone and word choice. After all, you won’t like to hurt your friend right? 

All in all, you should always remember, that the friendship should not ruin because of a dream. It’s in your hand. If you listen to your heart mindfully, then you would be able to tackle this like a pro.

Someone From Your Past- Your Ex Or A Childhood Friend/Crush Saying They Love You In Your Dream 

This can be a surprising one. But dreams are supposed to be like that. Right? When you see someone telling you that they love you in a dream and it that someone is from your past, then the meaning is going to be different. 

If it’s your ex-lover then you must have been staling his social media profiles lately, or have been thinking about your past relationship a lot. Maybe, you got some news about him from one of your friends and some old memories triggered in your head. Then you are likely to have a dream about your ex. 

However, things can get a little complex if your ex is saying “I love you” to you. You will wonder why did you have such a weird dream. Does this mean your ex is still in love with you or you’re in love with him till now?

Always ask yourself in such situations why you two broke up? What was the reason behind that decision? When you know the reason was serious and the decision too was mutual, you really should not indulge in that dream anymore. Give it a pass.

But oftentimes, couples break up for silly reasons, and later they regret it. If you have broken up with your partner and haven’t moved on yet, you can still have a dream like this. In that scenario, it means you are still not over him. Maybe you want to give your past relationship a second chance and fix your earlier mistakes. 

Also, you might dream about a childhood friend of yours or a crush from your past. Even in that situation, do not let the dream overwhelm you. Probably you two have connected over FB after a long time or stumble upon each other in your workplace. Our mind is sometimes a hard nut to crack and some dreams are just as complex as a puzzle. 

How To Handle This?

As I mentioned, if it’s an ex from your previous toxic relationship, do not give importance to this dream. Rather if you have been stalking at his profiles, it’s time to stop this. Also, if you’re in a relationship, you should not linger on this dream at all. You don’t want to upset your current partner because of a silly dream. 

If you have recently broken up and still not over him/her, this dream can be a sign to patch things up. Go give him/her a call. Meet at your favorite cafe and talk. Let him/her know what you saw, how that dream helped you to realize your love for him/her, how you are ready to patch up. 

Once again, you should acknowledge his/her feelings as well. If they aren’t willing to meet you or patch up, give them their space. Respect their choice. 

Moreover, if you and your ex have been on talking terms after the break-up and are friends now, you can share this dream. Here also, just be sure that neither of you has any romantic feelings for each other. Otherwise sharing this dream can mislead them. Say it in a friendly way and move on to other topics. Do not give them a chance to lull on that forever. 

And if it was your childhood friend or crush, take it very casually. You can share this story with him/her if you two share a good bonding. If the bonding is professional then skip it. Laugh over it and forget it. 

And finally!

When It’s Your Partner In Your Dream Saying “I Love You”

Well, this must be the most romantic dream one can have. You two have been dating for a while and now you both know about each other’s feelings. You’re counting the days to come when he will utter those amazing three words. Voila, you saw that in a dream!

What can it mean? It certainly means you’re in love with your dating partner and you want to have a relationship with him/her. However, this dream of yours not only centers around you. You two must have been quite in a comfortable space where you got that vibe from him already. 

Both of you are pretty much sure about each other and you are taking this dating phase very seriously. It’s just waiting for the perfect moment to confess each other’s love. 

If you have dreamt this, take this as a crystal clear sign from your partner. You can be assured of his/her love and his/her true feelings for you.  Get prepared for that huge surprise. You never know when he/she is going to say “ I love you” to you and leave you feeling on top of the world. 

Again, if you have been getting any mixed feelings from your girlfriend/boyfriend, this dream can be a great conversation starter to clear all your doubts.

In both ways, this dream will open a door for you and your love. 

What Should You Do?

First of all, you need to be sure of yourself. Are you in love with that person? Do you really want this dream to come true? Or you want to date this guy for some time. Perhaps, you feel it’s too early to be in a relationship with him/her

You must clearly know all the answers by heart. If you’re in love with him/her and planning to make this dating phase into an official relationship, then you should tell your partner about this dream.

However, before telling about your dream, you two must be sharing a comfortable space where you can tell each other anything freely.

Once again, the objective is not to make them anxious about their next step. When you’re with the right person, that person will get a hint after hearing your dream that you are waiting for him/her to say this. They can take this as a cue and plan a cute surprise for you to finally confess their affection for you. This dream of yours will guide him/her in the right direction and your partner will also understand that this is the right time to say. 

However, if you’re not sure about your admiration for him/her yet you’ve dreamt this, you should not tell about your dream. This dream will act as an eye-opener for you. Even after this dream, if there is a little doubt, then maybe he/she is not the right person for you, or maybe you two need more time. 

Once again, take every step cautiously. Do not rush into anything or jump to a conclusion either. Having an honest conversion about your future plans with him will give you a proper picture. You too should be aware of his plans. And if this dream means to you it’s too soon to handle a relationship, you can be open about it too. There is no point in keeping him in dark.

Rather you say that you had a dream like this, however, you feel you’re not ready for a relationship yet. But you enjoy dating him/her. It’s just you would like to take more time. That’s it. A simple conversation will make everything easier for you two. 

What if, you are sure and very happy to see this dream, but after telling him/her, they react weirdly. Now, what does that mean? Well, it suggests that he/she isn’t ready yet. So if there is a negative reaction from his/her side, don’t get angry with them or start blaming them.

Rather, take it casually and say that you just shared one of your dreams. There is nothing to worry about it. You’re genuinely happy about the way things are going and the perfect time will arrive when things will get rolling automatically. 

That’s why I say, never underestimate the power of communication. 


The interpretations of a dream can be innumerable. But when you analyze your dream carefully, you will see that the answer is right in front of you. So be it your crush, or boyfriend, or your ex, now you know what does it actually mean when you dream about them and how to respond to each of them.

Dreams are a common phenomenon and everyone dreams about something or the other every day. So never let your mind lose its peace because of a dream. Take charge of your dream and act accordingly.

Did you have a dream like this and if yes how did you react to it? Let me know your dreamy experiences in the comments section below. 

 Just one last thing- Never stop dreaming! 


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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