My Ex Texted Me After 3 Days of No Contact [Here's Why]

Ahiri Chakraborty
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You must be going through a difficult phase. You had an ugly fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and now you two are in a no-contact zone.

But that no contact lasted for 3 days and suddenly your Ex appeared in your life once again. The situation indeed became all the more complex. So what to do? How to handle this? Already, your heart is going through so many options and on top of that, his texts made you more perplexed.

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. 

Why does your ex text you after 3 days of no contact? He/she misses you. He/she wants to check up on you. He/she texted you to show you that they have unblocked you or to show you their life update. And he/she loves you and can’t live without you. Your ex wants to know whether you miss them and you have the same feelings for them. 

Exes often use the no-contact weapon to pave a way back to their partner’s life again. And honestly, the no-contact magic potion most of the time works amazingly and can actually bring in changes. But sometimes it can backfire on you too.

Just as there are no fixed rules of love and relationship, similarly a breakup also does not have any set of rules. And obviously, you can’t control your ex’s emotions and you never know what’s going on in their mind. 

So, Let Us Check Why Does Your Ex Text You After 3 Days Of No Contact? 

3 days is a very specific time period. Now you might wonder, why do exes wait for 3 days? Why not 2 or 5 days? Well, 1 or 2 days is usually a little bit early.

The earlier they will text you or try to contact you, it will show their desperation about you. Also, being too late can cause more trouble. he/she might come across to you as someone who doesn’t care or who has forgotten you very quickly. 

But 3 days is like a midway. It’s neither too early nor too late. Your ex won’t come across as desperate or as a laidback, indifferent person as well.

So, exes tend to choose the point of contact after 3 days. During this period, they get a sufficient amount of to reflect upon the situation and the relationship. They can understand the problems and may come up with even possible solutions. 

Now let’s jump straightaway to the various possible reasons why your ex texts you after 3 days?

Reasons For Your Ex To Text You After 3 Days Of No Contact

Couples fight for many reasons. While sometimes the fights can ve resolved by just a hug or by saying Sorry to your partner, sometimes it can be bigger than this. When both the partners can’t find any kind of solution, the only escape route for them becomes Breakup.

But you don’t have control over your emotions. So exes text their partners even after 3 days of no contact. Here are the top 9 reasons for your ex to text you. 

  1. Your Ex is curious about you

Honestly, I have come across many guys and girls who text their partners only to know where are they, what are they doing, whom they are meeting. They aren’t genuinely concerned for their partners.

Their motto is to only satisfy their curiosity. So when your ex texts you after 3 days of no contact, one of the reasons is that he/she wants to know what you have been up to.

If they had cared for your genuinely, he/she could message you just after day 1. But he/she didn’t. They are very to keen know about your life updates rather than how you have been or how you have been feeling.

If you’ve been with a partner who was very suspicious or questioned you on every step, you will most likely face a similar situation.  

  1. Your Ex misses talking to you

Well, isn’t it obvious? If you’ve been in a relationship then you two must be talking to each other a lot. Most probably, your days start by talking to them and also end in the same way.

So, when all of a sudden you’re out of your natural habit, you would miss talking to the person who was special even 3 days ago. 

Also, if your ex was a talkative or an emotionally expressive person, you can come across this situation. Here he/she is not texting you with the intention of getting back to you. Maybe they will eventually, but not so soon.

At this point, they just want to casually talk to you just like in the old days. Usually, he/she thinks that talking to you for some days again, will bring comfort and ease which is almost lost because of the fights. So, for them, it’s one of the safest options.

  1. Your Ex thinks about you

Love can’t vanish within 3 days. And if you think your ex did not text you for 3 days and that means they don’t think about you at all, you’re completely wrong. 

He/she was thinking about you all these 3 days and on the 3rd he/she could not resist anymore. They just picked up their phone and texted you.

It shows how much involved your ex was in you and obviously they could not keep themselves away from you for more than 3 days.

  1. Your Ex is feeling lonely

Loneliness is difficult to handle especially after a breakup. A relationship gives you a lot of things. You get a companion with whom you can share every little thing about your life without a thought, who is there for you through thick and thin.

So after a breakup, you lose not only a romantic partner but a friend too. And this no-contact period can make a person lonely even if it’s for 3 days.

Your ex is feeling very lonely and realizes how important you were in their life. So he/she does not waste any more time and texts you. 

They, not just text you to cope up with their loneliness but your ex also understands how you played a big role in his/her life and your absence is making everything quite difficult. 

  1. Your Ex cares for you

Love demands a lot of care and attention and a healthy relationship has all these important ingredients. When you suddenly see the notification of your Ex’s text in the middle of the night, you might be surprised. But take it as a green signal.

Your ex genuinely cares for you. The no-contact period for 3 days made him/her worried about you. He/she really wants to know how are you. He/she is not texting you out of curiosity or just to see your life updates. 

Your ex wants to know whether you’re fine, how is your health- all the genuine concerns that a partner usually has for their Bae. So, initially, he/she was worried about you and could not hold anymore. 

  1. Your Ex wants you to know that he/she has unblocked you

This is not an unusual trope for the exes. After you two fought with each other and decided to take a break, your ex just blocked you. 

But after making such a stupid mistake, he/she realizes that it was not at all logical. Now they’re ashamed of their silly move and the best bet for them is to text you to let you know that you’re unblocked.

Also, they need a conversation starter. Obviously, they need to first apologize to you for blocking you and a text message is a very sweet way to not only enter the inbox of your partner but also their heart.

If your ex called you, you could not have picked it up. But it’s hard to ignore the text, especially after a no-contact period. 

  1. Your Ex wants to know whether you miss them

In these 3 days, did you text him/her? If not, then perhaps, your ex is thinking that you’ve forgotten him/her so quickly and easily.

You also made no effort to show you that you care and you want him/her back in your life. So your ex basically takes a chance and texts you to see if you’re also missing them or not.

Here, he/she is texting you with hope. Definitely, he/she is interested in you very much and misses you. So texting you is just a way for them to know if you still feel the same for them as they do. 

  1. Your Ex Wants to disturb you

If you’ve been in a toxic relationship or your ex was a manipulative one, this is not unlikely. These types of exes actually love to take a toll on their partner’s mental and emotional health by doing so.

They fight a lot during the relationship and always put the blame on you. And when you finally lose all your temper and decide to break up, they take it on their ego. So, they would turn the table and stop contacting you totally.

But after 3 days, he/she again wants to disturb you because they can’t stand your happiness. So he/she texts you and starts manipulating you again. Their objective is to melt your heart with some sweet words and eventually make you beg in front of them to come back. 

  1. Your ex wants you back

Yes, your ex wants you back and that’s why he/she texted you after 3 days. He/she did not wait for any more days. Your ex loves you and values the relationship and hence wants you back as early as possible.

They would usually text you very politely and try to solve the problems in a very mature way. He/she would also confess to you how much they love you and miss you. He/she can’t wait to have you back in their life again.

How Should You Respond When Your Ex Texts You After 3 Days Of No Contact?

You might be first shocked to receive a text from your ex as in these 3 days you pretty much thought that there is no chance of getting back together. Or if you’re quite relieved to be out of the relationship, you might be really puzzled thinking about what to do now?

So your response has to be very careful. You have to understand the tone and intention of your ex by their texts and respond accordingly. 

Your response will actually depend on the type of text your ex sends you and how you feel about them. 

  • Text: “How are you? I miss you a lot and I know I can’t live without you”. 

Your response: Respond positively if you miss your ex and want him/her back. When you receive a text like this make sure that your true feelings reach your partner. Don’t bottle up your emotions or keep the text on seen. Reply as soon as possible and tell him/her you miss them too. 

  • Text: “Hey, what’s up?”

Your response: The tone of the text is very casual and kind of indifferent. Your ex is not genuinely concerned about you. He/she is checking on you to know what you have been doing, whom did you meet in these 3 days, etc. So, don’t reply immediately.

Take at least 5 or 6 hours to reply and send them a very casual text like “ Nothing much”.

  •  Text: "I’m sure you miss me a lot”

Your response: It’s your egoistic, toxic ex who thinks the world revolves around him/her. If you don’t want to go back to that relationship once again, then I would suggest don’t reply. But if you wish to let him/her know how much you dislike them then you can send a rude text saying not to bother you ever again.

  • Text: “Good morning. Hope you’re fine”.

Your response: Your ex wants to talk to you and wishes to resolve the issue. So he sends an indirect text to initiate the conversation. If you too feel the same way for your partner, then send him/her a sweet, polite reply and start talking again. 

  • Text: “I’m sorry. Let’s get back together”.

Your response: Your ex is truly sorry for his behavior and action and has admitted that too. Now he/she wants to make everything perfect like before. If you too want to get back to him/her, be vocal about your feelings. Send them a long text saying how much you miss them and you can also mention that you want to meet him/her soon. 

Why Does Your Ex Text After 3 Days And Not Call?

Texting is definitely less intimidating. You can choose not to pick up his/her call or you can miss the call if you’ve been super busy. 

But a text will surely catch your attention. Sooner or later you will check them and probably reply. Whether the reply is positive or negative that is not of huge importance right now. But your ex’s intention is to reach to you and covey their feelings to you.

So, texting is always a great option especially in a no-contact period of 3 days. Also, calls can sometimes lead to more fights and quarrels. 

But texts are written thoughtfully which reduces the chance of further disagreement and arguments between you two. 

Final Words

You can dismiss the chances of your ex texting you again if he/she has been in no contact for 3 days. He/she can just pop up on your mobile screen once again for various reasons. It’s upon you how you want to react to that and how you want to take forward that move.

Now that you know the probable reasons, the kind of texts you can expect, and the possible responses to them, it will become easier for you to take the right step. 

So go ahead and make the right move at the right time.


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