Has Your Ex Ever Come Back When It Seemed Impossible & Your All Hopes Are Lost?

Ahiri Chakraborty
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Did you go through a hard breakup? Do you feel lonely, lost, and completely hopeless? Well, breakups are never easy. They take a toll on even the strongest person’s mind.

Although it seems easy on paper. You think that you will keep yourself busy, go on dates with random strangers, live the most of the newly gained singlehood once again and everything will be sorted. 

But in reality, things are a bit tricky. The vacuum that is created in your heart, mind, and soul after your partner has gone from your life, is hard to fill up so quickly and easily. 

You find yourself at the bottom of the earth. Nothing seems to make you happy. Your mind only keeps on thinking about your ex, the memories spent together, the plans you made together, and all of sudden the lovely bubble just burst, leaving you hopeless.

So you might wonder, do exes come back ever, especially when it seemed impossible and your all hopes are lost? Yes, exes can come back when you expect them the least. As per studies, 30% of exes do go back to their partners. Couples once again resume their relationship even after being apart from each other for 1 year. Usually, an ex comes back after 3 months, but it can take more than 6 months to a year as well. 

After a painful breakup, you must be in a situation when you are completely lost in your thoughts. You try to figure out what went wrong, how you can fix them, is there actually a way to fix everything and get your ex back. Your mind just becomes a house of puzzles.

However, slowly it starts taking a toll on your heart and you eventually decide to give up. But, as I always say, love never lets up gives up. You never know how love can surprise you in the most beautiful way. So, your ex certainly can come back to you even when all hope is lost.

Let’s now see in what situations your ex can come back to you.

Situations Where Your Ex Can Come When It Seemed Impossible And Your All Hopes Are Lost

No breakups can't always be the ultimate decision. There is still room for hope and for your ex to come back. Let’s dive in. 

  1. You two were together for a long time

It’s hard to forget the person all of a sudden just because of silly fights. Remember, one thing anger, ego all are temporary. But the love doesn’t die so easily. So, if you and your partner have been together for more than 4 or 5 years, you can certainly expect your Ex to come back to you.

Your ex fought with you for some serious reasons and finally decided to call off the relationship. Although initially, he could cope up with such huge life changes soon he realized how important part you were in his life.

Since you two spend such a long time together, then the moving on part becomes difficult. Everywhere they go, they think of you. All the little moments spent with you flashes in their mind.

So even after trying many times, when you have lost all your hopes, your can ex makes a stunning come back because he loves you still very much and understood no one can replace you in their life.

  1. You two have been in an LDR

LDRs can be extremely tough. And that’s why most couples fail to have a successful LDR. Anyway, LDR involves a lot of complex problems and when you’re away from each other it becomes difficult to solve everything.

Let’s be real here. Not every problem can be solved via Facetime. Right? So in cases like this, couples decide to break up because it becomes a burden for them to carry on the relationship.

But as soon as they come back during their holidays or for any other reason to their home city or country, they have an urge to meet you. You might have lost all hope and thought there is no way that you can work out this LDR anymore. But your ex is craving to meet you.

Probably, things would not have got so worse, if you two could meet face to face during your actual fight. So this time, your ex won’t miss a chance to meet you and try his/her best to solve the problems and be on the same page again. 

  1. You and your ex were best friends before the relationship

This is another common situation. We have seen many best friends becoming romantically interested in each other and taking the relationship to the next level.

But even best friends fight, have differences of opinion, and can break up. However, in such situations, the exes actually can’t stay away from you long. Even if you have lost hope perhaps because you two hurt each other very much. You did something wrong and knew that there is no way that he/she will come back to you.

But your ex can’t forget nor the beautiful friendship you had with him/her nor the relationship. Very soon it will hit him/her that what significance you had in their life. They not only just lost their partner but also lost their best friend. 

  1. Your ex can’t move on

Your ex tried many things. From dating apps to talking to strangers on social media or meeting friends of friends. But nothing worked out. You are the person that they can’t get out of their head or heart. 

The time period can vary in this particular situation. Some exes try to move on within 2 or 3 weeks of their breakup. And some move on after a year or so. But not all the times those silly moves work out.

They try to boost their ego by doing such things, to look cool, to show you that the breakup did not have any effect on him/her. 

However, he/she realized that their life has actually become utterly miserable without your presence. It’s time to stop showing how indifferent they are from the entire situation and actually come back to you. 

Your ex’s life is a complete void in your absence. 

  1. You have been a supporter in his tough times

Yes, it takes time for people to actually understand the worth of someone. And we often take our partners for granted and only value them after they’re gone.

Some couples face extraordinary or tough situations in their relationship. You can go through some financial issues in life or familial issues. But not every partner stands by you all the time. Most of the time, partners only stay during the happy times, and just when there is a dark period, they leave their partner.

But you were exceptional. You stood by him/her no matter what the situation was. You gave them the reassurance and support that they needed the most. 

So now when you two have broken up and some time has passed, they realized that how much you valued not just the relationship but your partner in real.

They accept their mistake and make true attempts to come back into your life. Although you have become completely hopeless, your ex will come back with a ray of hope.

What Should Do You Do In This Situation?

First of all, never lose all your hope if you have genuinely loved your partner and truly want him/her back in your life. Fights, problems are just part and parcel of every relationship. But it’s the bond, love, and trust that keep any couple stick to each other. 

But when your ex doesn’t contact you after the breakup or you see no signs of efforts from their side, what should you do?

Let’s find out that.

Show Your Care

Show that you care for them. Yes, just because your ex is no longer a part of your life, or you two have broken up, doesn’t mean that you can’t show your care for him/her.

You can still keep them in your prayers and never bad mouth about them. Especially, if you had the same friends circle, always try to show how much you miss him/her. Ask your friends how he/she is doing, how are their parents doing, etc.

You can send them Birthday cards or just a Take care card, or flowers just to show them that you haven’t forgotten them and you still care for them.

Put Efforts

If you have been the mistake maker, isn’t your responsibility to make up for it? Obviously, your partner was hurt and broke up with you. But if he/she knows that you regret your mistake and are ready to make efforts to correct them, it will send them the green flag.

So, make genuine efforts. Write them a letter and apologize. If you can visit their school or workplace, go there with an apology card.

They will understand, although the relationship is no more, he/she is very much into your thoughts. And your consistent efforts will lead them back to you once again. 

Give Them Their Space

It might sound contradictory but sometimes space can make things easier. Your partner may have broken up with you out of impulse or there can be many other reasons. But you must give them the space and time to put their thoughts into place.

So, don’t nag them by constantly calling or messaging. If you do so, he/she will think that you don’t respect their choice at all.

So leave it. A little time can actually be a great healer. As soon as he/she will realize that you did not bother him unnecessarily, they will know how maturely you have handled the situation.

Don’t Take Hasty Decisions

I know, the post-break-up period can be painful and difficult. And that’s why people make awful mistakes during these times. 

But if you want your ex to come back in your life, you must not make any such hasty decisions. Hasty decisions often lead to bad decisions. So be cautious.

Don’t start flirting with every random person you come across. If your ex comes to know about this, he/she will be hurt and will think probably you were just waiting for the break up so that you can move on. 

Keep Their Gifts And Stuff

His hoodie would soothe you after the aching breakup. Her cute scrunchies will remind you of her presence. So never part with their gifts and stuff.

These are the only way to feel them even though they aren’t physically there. Also, when you keep their stuff, it shows your value towards the relationship.

So when your ex will come back to you, he/she will know how much you missed him/her and carefully kept everything. 

Be Patient

The most important thing you can do is to be patient. Reflect on the situation. Why did he/she break up? Analyze what kind of relationship you had- Was it a casual relation or was he/she seriously committed to you? Did you two have a solid bond of trust?

Rather than jumping to illogical conclusions, be patient. If you love him/her truly and you know that your ex genuinely loved you too, he/she will come back to you. Patience can be the greatest companion for you during such a time. 

Should I Lose All Hope After A Breakup?

Never say never. As I said, there are certain situations when there is more than a 90% chance that your ex will come back to you. You just have to be patient and take the right step at the right moment.

Don’t forget that this is a crucial period and one wrong step on your part can mess up everything. So be careful and never lose hope.

Did Rachel lose all her hope even when Ross almost married Emily? No right? 

So, I say, be a hopeful romantic and embrace the many facets of love. You are bound to be surprised with special moments each and every time. 


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