[Reasons] My Ex Still Has Pictures Of Me/Us On Instagram and Facebook

Ahiri Chakraborty
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If you’ve bumped into this article, then surely your relationship was not a happily-ever-after. Well, it’s fine. We are not Cinderella and not everyone has their happy ending with that one person. Sometimes, you do need to try out that cinderella’s shoe a few more times to find the perfect fit. 

As we are living in the age of social media, we are bound to post about our social life on Instagram and Facebook especially. And when you have a significant other in your life, the rate of posting on these social media platforms definitely increases. After all, let’s just agree we all love some PDA and a little bit of attention from all the social butterflies out there. 

Everything goes perfectly well in life and on social media, until that much dreaded day. You two are on the verge of ending the relationship and finally broke up with each other. Just as you started to pick yourself up after the not-so-called breakup, you bump into some of your pictures on your ex’s social media handles.

And that’s when it starts to trigger again. You will have a lot of questions going through your mind, you will feel a rush of memories puzzling in your heart. But most importantly you would wonder why your ex has pictures of yourself or the two of you together on his Instagram or FB even after the breakup. 

So, why does your Ex still has pictures of yours on Instagram and FB after the breakup? Your ex can have your pictures for many reasons. One of them is definitely that he/she is not over you. Your ex still misses you and keeps the pictures as a memory. Also, it can mean that he is acting cool in front of his followers and showing you his indifference towards her. He/she can again keep it to make their current partner jealous or hurt them.

Most couples choose to unfollow each other after the break-up on social media platforms. However, there are some couples who like to be cordial to each other and do not unfollow. But seeing each other’s pictures on Instagram or FB can be an unpleasant experience altogether.

Your obvious question would be “ Why is he/she keeping it?” So, let’s explore the various reasons for your ex to keep your photos on their social media.

Reasons Your Ex Still Has Those Pictures

When you are in the process of deleting the memories with your ex, you find that the selfies and the photos taken together are there on social media platforms. All your friends and close ones know that you two have broken up and you find it quite embarrassing to go through those pictures. 

So, let’s jump in and find out the reasons for your ex’s actions.

  1. Your Ex forgot to delete the photos:

Well, have you been dating a person who was careless, hardly remembered any special day of yours, forgot to call and text you? Then this is not going to be a surprise for you.

He/she simply never put in the time and attention you needed even during the relationship. So forgetting to delete the picture from his/her social media is not uncommon. You never mattered to him/her when you two were together and similarly, now when you are no longer in his/her life, he completely forgot about your existence.

You were just one of his many dates with whom he/she clicked pictures, posted on FB or Instagram, spent some time, and finally called it a day. Even if the pictures are bothering you, he/she is completely fine with it.

He/she will probably delete it maybe after 6 or 8 months. Or they can keep it even longer because clearly those photos have no importance in his/her life. 

  1. Your Ex wants to get back to you:

Does breakup mean the ultimate warning? Don’t couples reunite even after the breakup as they realize they were meant to be together or the reasons for the breakup were really stupid. So wanting to go back is not unnatural.

If you had a smooth relationship with your ex but only had a few ups and downs, and your ex actually loved you a lot, then he/she still has hopes to get you back.

Your ex certainly does not want to come across someone who has forgotten you right after the breakup. He/she wants to show that they still care for you, have feelings for you, and would love to get a chance to sort things out. 

And, he/she wants you to see the pictures and that is why they will make sure to never delete from their social media handles.

  1. You were part of your Ex’s memory:

Breakups can be nasty, painful, heartbreaking. But think about the time you two spent together. There must have been some reasons that you two clicked and decided to be with each other even if that was not forever. 

Your ex spent some good moments with you and had a good time with you. Probably, you two knew that at some point or other you would have to part ways because of studies or career issues. 

But deleting the photos from Instagram or FB seems a very stupid move for your ex. It just dilutes the whole fact that you had a good time with each other. Keeping the phots does not mean that he/she loves you, wants to get a second chance. It simply means you were part of his/her past. And nothing else. 

  1. Your Ex wants your attention:

Many times when the break-up is not mutual when it’s one-sided, you would notice that your ex still has photos of you on his/her social media handles. If you dumped him/her for x number of reasons and finally he/she realized the mistake, they will make sure to grab your attention by any means.

Obviously, keeping the pictures is one of the easiest options. Your ex wants to show you that he/she still believes that the relationship has not ended yet. It’s also a way for your ex to apologize to you. They have understood what went wrong and how it was important for you to make such a bold move.

But there is always room for improvement. So, he/she is trying to show that you two need to sort things out a bit and everything will be back on track again. So, deleting the photos is never an option. 

  1. Your Ex is on a social media break:

Taking a break from social media is quite on-trend nowadays. People are tired of posting and seeing others’ pictures. So a social media detox is a must.

This step becomes all the more important when you go through a breakup. You obviously don’t want to hurt yourself intentionally by seeing your ex’s pictures, memories, etc.

Also, constantly looking at the phone, waiting for the notification can cause you more pain and won’t let you concentrate on any other things. So, your ex decided to uninstall all such apps like FB or Instagram right after the breakup only to make the post-breakup process a little bit easier. 

So, obviously, he/she did not get the chance to delete those pictures from their social media. Also, deleting them would mean taking out that extra time and the pictures can trigger some good, bad, or ugly memories. So going off on social media is the safest option for your ex to keep his/her mental health in place. That’s why you still those pictures out and loud on his/her FB or Instagram. 

  1. Your Ex misses you:

It’s not easy to move on from a relationship. Especially if you two have been together for quite a long time. Also, it applies to couples who are in LDR. 

So, when your ex still keeps your photos on his/her social media, it means your ex misses you. Perhaps, he/she knows there are no other ways to get back to you, probably the relationship has reached its saturation level. But it’s difficult for your ex to move on fast. And somewhere you are still very much there in his/her heart.

He/she loves to scroll down on Instagram and FB, seeing the photos, reading the comments. This is a sign that he misses you.

Also, if you two were in an LDR, definitely the break-up has been harder than normal ones. Missing the ex becomes more normal for LDR couples. So keeping the photos is just one way of holding onto you. 

  1. Your Ex is acting cool:

We all have come across certain people in our life who love to be on social media, who love to post every little update about their life on Instagram or FB. They are the wanna-be ones, the trying to be too cool ones. 

And if you happened to have dated a guy or girl like this, then be rest assured that he/she will keep those photos just to act cool.

Deleting the photos would be an embarrassing movement for him/her in front of the followers and friends. Your ex wants to show off that it does not matter whether your photos are still there or not. As long as he/she is getting attention from his followers, getting likes and comments, he/she is totally fine keeping the pictures. 

  1. Your Ex is trying to make their present partner jealous:

Couples often decide to break up because of a toxic partner, because of the toxic nature of the relationship. And these toxic people do the same thing when they are in another relationship.

They will keep your photos to make their current partner jealous, to come across as someone that it does not matter to him/her having many partners in the past. They deliberately keep the photos to make their partner jealous and hurt them

The pictures have nothing to do with you. You are a closed chapter for him/her now. 

  1. You and your Ex are still friends:

Many couples choose to remain friends even after the breakup. It can be a cordial, friendly, semi-formal relationship between the two of you. 

This is often common between couples who were friends before coming to a relationship. So deleting the pictures would be hurtful to you. Hence he/she keeps the pictures as a token of memory and also just out of courtesy. 

There are no romantic feelings attached or there are no chances of you two getting back together. 

Now you know the possible reasons for your ex to keep your pictures after break up. 

Things You Should Do When You See Your Ex’s Social Media

  • Ignore the pictures. The best option is to ignore the pictures and not pay attention them to at all. He/she might be doing it on purpose to get your attention and if you don’t want any kind of contact with your ex again, then simply unfollow him/her.
  • Block your Ex on all social media. Blocking can sound like a silly option but sometimes it’s the best way to get rid of toxic people. If you have been in a relationship that involved a lot of fights and you are very much certain that you don’t want to go back to your ex, yet the pictures are still bothering you, then simply block him/her.
  • Keep yourself busy. Heartbreaks are never easy to deal with. And seeing those old pictures on your ex’s profiles can be hurtful even more. So try to keep yourself occupied with a lot of things. You need to keep your mind engaged and not mindlessly scroll through Instagram or FB all the time. 
  • Explore new people. Break up is certainly not the end of the world. You might find your soulmate. So don’t sit at home and sulk. Try talking to new people, meet them. Go out with them to explore new adventures. Remember, the first step to start a relationship is to know the person. 
  • Pick up a new hobby. Your heart will thank you for doing something fun than just thinking about your ex always after seeing those pictures. So do whatever you like. Paint, dance, do yoga, go cycling, etc.
  • Go on a solo trip. Backpacking can be quite healing. Spending a lot of time with yourself will give you clarity. So even you were uncertain about the decision of your breakup, you can analyze and think rationally. You will be busy visiting new places and hence you won’t be on your phone for the most amount of time. 
  • Talk to your Ex directly. If you still have feelings for your ex and know that he/she still feels the same for you and would like to give it a try once again, then talk to him/her directly. 

What Not To Do When You See Your Ex’s Social Media?

  • Do not comment on the pictures. There’s no need to let him/her know that you have seen the pictures and actually spending time commenting on them. It will serve his purpose and will make you look smaller. So don’t do it.
  • Do not post stories or posts about your Ex’s behavior. Some people love to call out on public for the right reason as well. But this way you only will get unnecessary attention and unsolicited advice from thousand of strangers. So don’t let it out. 
  • Do not change your decision of breakup. You surely had put a lot of thought into it when you decided to call off the relationship especially if it was toxic, he/she cheated on you, etc. So seeing the pictures might melt your heart for a bit but don’t change your decision. 
  • Do not assume things. The nature of your relationship actually acn determine why he/she is still keeping the pictures. Just don’t assume that your ex truly feels for you, he/she misses you a lot and thus didn’t delete the pictures. Think practically with logic. 
  • Do not hide it from your current partner. If you have moved on and your partner asks about your ex and your past, then tell him/her the truth. Tell him that your ex still has pictures of both of you on IG and FB. However, those really don’t matter to you and you won’t waste your time arguing with your ex who has no significance in your life whatsoever. 

How To Know If Your Ex Is Trying To Get back To You?

Well, if your ex wants to love you genuinely and wants you back in his/her life, he/she will make the right efforts. Your ex won’t just sit around and keep the pictures on their FB and Instagram with the hope that you will see them and come running towards him/her.

Your ex would apologize to you seriously. He/she will admit his mistake and would promise to not repeat them ever. 

They will try to have open and honest communication with you to clear things out. They will also give you the time to think through and respect your decision. Your ex will plan a meet-up with you if you agree.

So, only keeping the photos and not deleting them does not mean that he/she is not over you completely. If they loved you and want you back in their life again, they will do the right things. 

Lastly, I would like to say one thing clearly, ask your heart. What do you want? Do you want to give this relationship a second opportunity? Do you feel like that you two can work it out? 

If your answer is Yes, then don’t wait for your ex to make the move. Go ahead and talk to them directly. Know their real reasons and then you can come to a conclusion. 

If you have gone through a lot and you feel that even after giving your ex one last chance won’t be helpful, they are still gonna remain the same, then do not think about him/her again. Ignore the pictures, block them on social media, and start afresh. You will always find the right person for yourself. 


What are the signs that your ex still has feelings for you?

Your ex won’t block you. He/she will see all your stories, and react to them. They will also keep all the pictures of you on their social media like FB and IG because they miss you.

Should you delete the pictures of your ex on social media?

If you have no feelings for him/her and you are sure you don’t want the relationship back, then you should delete it. Also, if your current partner dislikes the fact of you having your ex’s pictures, you must delete it too.

What should I do if my ex still has pictures of me/us on his social media?

If you don’t feel for him/her anymore then, completely ignore them. If they keep on bothering you, then block him/her. Also, if you two have a cordial relationship after the breakup, then you can casually tell him/her to delete them in case you feel uncomfortable. 


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