How Do Dumpers Feel During No Contact?

Megha Chanda
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No journey is ever easy and the journey of two lovers is not an exception. We sail on this adventure with dreams and hopes in our eyes. We promise to hold our hands tightly if ever our relationship passes through a turbulent phase. 

Unfortunately, few promises fade away in the distant horizon as the relationship changes its course with time. Dreams get shattered while hopes die and one day we realize that the connection had hit the iceberg.

While some of us somehow manage to pull out ourselves from the situation, some remain stuck. And the wisest visit to save either themselves or the relation from drowning.

Hello, I am Megha. Your relationship best friend is here to spill the beans over How do dumpers feel during no contact.

Your heart is broken into thousand pieces as your partner has gone into hibernation. Although you are mourning you can’t stop thinking about the dumper and how do they feel during the period of no contact.

Dumpers do have feelings and during no contact, dumpers may feel liberated especially if their partner was too bossy in the relationship. They also may feel inquisitive after all who doesn’t want to have a sneak-peek into dumpee’s life. Dumpees appropriate behavior during the NCR can make dumpers feel regretful and powerless.

Are you gonna stick to the end to know some saucy techniques related to dumpers and our favorite No Contact Rule?

If you are a regular visitor to RSO you must know what NO-CONTACT RULE is. As the name says, you cannot contact your partner by any means, ideally for 30 days if you are following this rule. No phone calls, no message, no emails, and NO NOTHING. This practice can be the power stone to revive the lost glory of your relationship. Our readers have applied this method not only to gain their ex but also to heal themselves from breakups or divorces.

But today it’s not about the No Contact Rule, It is all about how dumpers feel during NCR. Chill, dumpers also do get feeling, just like not all men are the same similarly not all dumpers are the same. 

So, are my readers ready to dive deep into the dumpers mindset? But, before that I want you to have a fair understanding of the No Contact Rule.

Why I Used No Contact Rule?

The words are directly from the horse’s mouth. Yes, I have unknowingly used the No Contact method in my relationship several times. So basically I was the dumper. 

The reason I opted for NCR was: 

#1 I Wanted To Know How He Feels About “US”

I always felt that it was me who put the most effort to keep the relationship going. From sending the first text to making date plans it was all me. Sometimes I felt he was just getting nice to me only. I purposely decided to go on No- Contact only to understand if my absence has any effect on his life. 

Thank God I practiced no contact. The person who barely sent a text made a plan with my friends to get in touch with me. The person who hardly says I Love You expressed how much I mean to him.

#2 I Wanted Him To Realize His Own Mistake

After failing several times to make him realize where he was going wrong, I decided to cut off all the connections with him. Here comes the NO CONTACT power stone to my rescue. My ignorance and absence affected him and he was ready for the adjustments our relation needed. No contact rule saved my relation.

Was I a bad dumper? I know, I can’t be. But, Yes there are dumpers whose intention was not as pure as mine.

There are several other reasons a person starts following the No-Contact Rule, like,

  • Maybe s/he has got over you
  • Maybe s/he is attracted to someone else
  • Maybe s/he has other priorities 

Now, let’s discuss

How Do Dumpers Feel During No Contact?

It is quite obvious that all the dumpers will not feel the same way. While some may feel relieved, others may get anxious.

If you are reading this, can I assume that you have been dumped recently and wants to find out how the dumper is feeling right now? 

I got you. Keep reading the article to know how dumpers feel during no contact. These are some general feeling that more or less a person who initiated the breakup goes through. But no one mindset fits all. Some dumpers may feel in some other ways too.

#1 Dumpers Feel Relieved

When a relationship reached the zenith of toxicity taking a break or moving out is the best choice one can ever make. We all start a relation to feel love, secured, and complete so what’s the point of keeping a relation that cannot afford mental peace or emotional fulfillment? 

If you were in one such relationship and you have been dumped say a loud Thank You to the dumper.  The dumper has taken the right decision for both of you. We all have the right to focus on our mental health before ANYTHING. So, if your partner has chosen mental health over the toxic relationship with you s/he deserves a brownie point.

Thus during the no contact period all I can say is that your dumper is feeling lightened and comforted. Not only the person is feeling relieved s/he has also paved the way for your mental sanity.

Note to a dumpee: Don’t rush to strike a conversation. You don’t need to have that last talk. You don’t need any closure. It is all done and dusted. Accept it

Being a dumpee maybe you are not in a state to look out for the silver lining. But hold on, you’ll also start to feel relieved and relaxed too. You’ll start experiencing you deserve more than you were getting from that relationship. You will start recognizing that by dumping you, the dumper has made your journey towards peace and love easier. It is okay for a dumper to feel relieved and I wish you feel the same very soon.

#2 Dumpers Feel Worried

When a dumper initiates a No contact with a positive ulterior motive s/he feels worried. The partner who has started No Contact to learn how much they mean to you or wants you to say the first sorry after that fight, those kinds of dumpers feel concerned.

Though they have started the No- Contact they are head over heels for you. They have dumped you because they have some expectations from you which you don’t fulfill. To follow no contact is maybe the hardest gig for them and the dumper is nailing it to get his/her job done.

During the NCR period, they are worried about your well-being. They are anxious to know your whereabouts. The more time you take to contact the more anxious your partner will become.

Note to dumpee: If you can relate this to your dumper, don’t waste any more time. Dial the number or send the much-needed text. Don’t play with his/her feeling. You have the best dumper who has dumped you to get loved enough from you. Don’t make him/her wait. With time passing by, your reluctant nature may dissolve all the love your partner has in his/her heart.

#3 Dumpers Feel Confused

This is the worst feeling I think for a dumper to feel. The dumper cannot decide if they have taken the right decision by going on a no contact with you. In the beginning, the dumpers feel liberated that they can do whatever they want, can go wherever they want, or can talk to whoever they feel like.

But this feeling of liberation is temporary when all the jazz goes down they start missing you. Whenever s/he  has no one to join him/her they wish you were there for him. They start regretting their decision and might contact you soon.

Note to dumpee: Dear Dumpee, this is a major red flag. If your ex is contacting you because s/he has no one around run away from him /her. Run away as fast as you can and go far far away from the dumper. This kind of person is the worst person to be around. 

They are contacting you not out of love but because they have no one to spend time with. They will not take a second to replace you with someone else when the time comes. Don’t allow the dumper to play with your emotion time and again. You are precious so are your emotions, treasure those for the right one who knows your worth.

#4 Dumpers Feel Regretful

They had dissolved all the ties with you because they had found someone better than you. Things were all lovey-dovey between your ex and his/her newfound love. But it didn’t take much time when their love went south. Your ex’s partner had left him or her for something better.

Or your ex’s partner left when they needed them most and the dumpers get back to his/her sense. Your partner regrets his/her decision and realizes what a great mistake s/he had done. Your dumper recalls the good and the bad days you spent together. It becomes crystal clear for him/her to note that no one else other than you is the right match for him/her.

Note to dumpee: Uh, should you go back or not? Giving second chance to the one who had once ditched your feeling is like giving a gun loaded with bullets. On the other side too err is human.

In this case, I would recommend you to give that chance but be cautious. This time you need to gain all the control over the relation. This is the time to love and to guard your emotion at the same time. You must learn how much to give and how much to hold back. 

So even if they leave you again you will not feel vulnerable. I wish that time never comes and your relationship turns into a forever fairy tale.

#5 Dumpers Feel Powerless

There are dumpers who find joy in seeing the dumpees feeling dejected in their absence. 

The sadder the dumpee feels more the dumper feels a sense of accomplishment. In making the dumpee hopeless the dumper feels as if s/he had achieved the highest place. And, if you don’t react the way they wished for they feel powerless. They cannot tolerate that in your absence you are leading a life in complete sanity.

They get awestruck to see that this time you are also not giving any effort to revive the contact. You are leading a peaceful life and this is completely unexpected to the dumper.

Note To Dumpee: Give him or her the taste of his own medicine. Made the dumper completely powerless, the way they wanted to make you feel. Ignore them so hard that start doubting their existence. Take up new hobbies, meet new people. Spend time with friends and families. Do whatever it needs to make yourself happy. 

But remember you aim to make yourself satisfied not to attract your ex back. If the dumper dissolves the no contact period and comes back it is all good. But if they don’t come back you will not be in a good state. Thus we aim to make ourselves happy and let everything falls into place.

You know your dumper well and you must have identified how your dumper is feeling right now. All you need is to follow the notes I have left for you and bring the ball to your court.

In a nutshell, all dumpers are human and they also go through emotional roller-coasters even they have dumped you. Not all dumpers have bad intentions behind their decision. You need to go deep into yourselves and your relationship to understand what led him to take that decision. As soon as you find the problem the solution comes running behind it. I have also equipped my readers with enough information that would enable them to make wise decisions.

Remember team RSO is always there for you to give the best solutions to any problem that you are facing in your love life.


What is the No Contact Rule?

The No Contact is a period of 21 to 30 days where the dumper cut off all the means of communication with the dumpee. This is a popular technique used by thousands to get back their ex. The No Contact Rule has also helped the dumpee to heal themselves from breakups or divorces

What should a dumpee do during the No Contact?

A dumpee must try to understand what has led his/her, partner, to take such a decision. Once realized work on that and try to connect with your partner. If you learn that your partner has ditched you for someone else or to see you suffer you shouldn’t try to re-establish any contact ever.

How do dumpees feel during the No Contact?

During the No-Contact the dumpee is expected to feel disheartened. Dumpee feels eager to know the whereabouts of the dumper. Sometimes the NCR had also made the dumpee realize his mistakes. The distance also brings the dumpee and the dumper closer.

How should a dumper help a dumpee?

The dumper knows his/her intention the best. So, if you have initiated the No contact to come out of the relationship you should not try to stay connected with your ex in any way. Ignore your ex if s/he wants to get connected. It may sound very cold but by doing this you are rather helping the other to move on.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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