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What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You Multiple Times?

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Kisses are beautiful expressions of love and affection. When we are talking about love, words fall short to express what one person feels for the other. If you want to learn what a guy genuinely feels for you, watch the way he kisses you! 

Yes, kisses are indeed such a strong expression to express one’s feelings and emotions. But the emotions from which the kisses come vary from person to person and situation to situation. Always remember that the expression of love is unique for each person. So, why or from which emotion your guy is kissing you might be totally a unique phenomenon.

But there’s something called common human nature. Based on these common human phenomena some reasons and patterns of guys’ kissing can be predicted. Guys tend to kiss their girlfriends/partners/potential partners/friends due to various reasons. It may be when they feel happy and complete with them, when they want to appreciate their partners when they feel romantic, and when they want to approach them sexually.

But you must understand that kisses alone are not enough to decode a guy’s honest feelings. A guy may kiss you out of attraction and lust. Once the moment is gone, their feelings will wither straight away.

All kinda kisses have a similar pattern. If you’re a mature woman, you must have understood casual kisses. But what if your guy is kissing you multiple times? What does that mean? The meaning of multiple times kisses relies upon the types and the frequency of kissing. Depending on those, it may mean that the guy is obsessed with you, or he’s over-protective of you, or he feels insecure about you, or he’s horny 24/7 or it may simply mean that he cares for you.

Hopefully, you’ve now understood that predicting the reasons why a guy kisses multiple times is not as simple as it seems. However, his overall attitude and actions towards you will always reveal his honest feelings.

In case you are living in an air of confusion and inquiring about his multiple kisses, you have landed on the right page. In this article, I will try to help you understand what his multiple kisses mean.

Types of Kisses And Their Meaning

In order to understand the meaning of his multiple times’ kisses, what you must know about is the various types of kisses and their meaning when planted multiple times. After learning about the types, you must head to identify your specifics and then understand the meaning. 

Remember every kiss that a person ( in this case, your man) plants on your skin, carries a meaning behind it. As he is already kissing you multiple times, all you need to do at least is to understand these messages. 

Here are a few types of most common kisses that often leave a gesture of love, respect, affection.

Forehead Kiss

Carrying a message of respect and care, forehead kisses are beautiful and nurturing expressions of love. If your man kisses you multiple times on the forehead, I must say that it is a wonderful sign to celebrate and feel content. This man indeed cares about you and feels a deep sense of respect and connection at a soul level. He definitely wants to keep you close to himself, protecting you “against all odds” making your romantic life all “PERFECT”!

The Romantic French Kiss

There’s always this fun, young, and romantic energy lingering in the air when we talk about French Kisses. Well, why not? He is so attracted to your gorgeous being and your alluring, confident, and vibrant energy. His words may fail to express how much he is attracted to you, but his multiple French Kisses will never fail to do so

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The beauty of lip-locking with a french kiss only carries the meaning of how much a person is fond of you. His life is no less than the rom-com dream that we all have dreamt about living in!

Neck Kisses

If your man is kissing multiple times on your neck, I am quite sure you are already melting into his arms!  He loves the feeling of you being in his arms. Those back hugs and a few gentle kisses on your neck will never fail to set your mood right after a tiring day. 

However, if these multiple neck kisses come in a bit of a sensual and wild way from your man, you better know how sexually attracted he is towards you. In some cases, you may have to put some serious effort, hiding that hickey. Romantic, wild, or sensual, a neck kiss will say volumes about how this man feels for you.

The Eyelid kiss

Well, it is time again to gently slip down the curve of wildness and instead radiate some deep love and nurturing vibes. Eyelid kisses are again similar to forehead kisses. Multiple eyelid kisses will reflect a man’s embracing side towards his beloved. Protecting, nurturing, and respecting her being and embracing the woman of his dreams, a man will often show his gratitude with an eyelid kiss.

If your man is not expressing enough but kissing you multiple times on the eyelids, it is just another way of saying, “I see the world through your eyes!”.

Hand Kiss

Multiple kisses on the hand or on the wrist are often a more formal way of expressing love. You will see this coming from most shy men or men who love to keep it simple yet romantic when in public. They do not believe in an unnecessary public display of affection. However, he will also make sure that you know about his deepest feelings. 

He is not a firm believer in expressing everything through words, but he never misses a chance to kiss your hand. He respects your existence in his life and appreciates every ounce of your nurturing, caring, and flowing femininity. This is a very subtle yet expressive way of projecting love towards a beloved partner.

Casual Cheek Kisses

You both have not made it official yet, or he is still just a good friend and trying to express something. Maybe if he tries, his words will fall short or he is just making sure to let you know that you are greatly valued in his life. Cheek kisses can be both romantic and friendly.

But, if he is kissing you multiple times on your cheeks and that leaves you blushing all the time, you better not be confused about what he is trying to express! Casual cheek kisses are just a more young, sweet, bubbly, and friendly way of expressing love to one another.

Intimate kisses

Intimate kisses are common when he is attracted to you physically. He may be kissing you multiple times when you are caught up in the act of lovemaking. You are very sensual to his eyes and he loves this physical intimacy with you. If he is kissing you multiple times intimately, chances are it is more about physical attraction rather than any emotional involvement. 

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Things To Observe When He Kisses You

So, as of now, you’ve understood the types of kissing and probably identified your specific. But his behaviors are still confusing you! You’re still not getting why he keeps kissing you multiple times!

To be honest, you will never know WHY, unless you learn how a man’s emotions and expressions work. Men are often far less expressive than women. But their actions indeed speak volumes about their intentions. 

Observing your man when he kisses you is the next step towards deciding what they feel in their heart. Here are a few things you must observe if he kisses you multiple times.

How Does He Behave Otherwise?

The way a man treats you when he is not caught up in the act of kissing, or any other physical love-making, is what every woman should watch for. You guys are still “just friends'' and respect, understanding, acceptance, and consent are his natural way of being towards you. 

He always asks for your permission before kissing you multiple times, respects your space, accepts whatever your consent is, and always tries to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe with him. Undoubtedly this situation could potentially evolve into a beautiful romantic relationship

However, if your situation is not what I just described and rather based on more aggressive and lustful lovemaking, it will not be hard to recognize. His least respect towards your time, boundaries, and consent will always reflect strong physical intimacy and aggressive kisses. Unless that is what you want, better consider it as a red flag! 

What Kind Of Bond Do You Share With Him?

The way a woman feels around a certain man is another strong way to recognize his genuine intention towards her. Ladies, I want you to watch others for the vibes he radiates when he is out spending time with you. Is he just catching up for some physical intimacy, or does he want to see your beautiful face and spend some quality time before heading home after a tiring day at work! 

Do you feel safe, comfortable, understood, and heard with him? OR is it just you who has grown feelings and he is there to pass time? The way he makes you feel when you are around is a legit way to decode why he kisses you multiple times. Trust those vibes; they will never lie! 

What Is His Kissing Style?

Well, the most important point in my checklist here is to observe his kissing style. Ask yourself a simple question? How does he kiss you? A man can kiss you with various approaches. If he cups your face, embraces you with love, and looks into your eyes before kissing, rest assured this man loves and respects you above all. However, if his kissing style is a bit sensual and wild, his feelings toward you may sprout from physical attraction. 

If you watch his body language when he kisses you multiple times, I am sure, all answers to your question will be revealed at once. 

His Kiss Are Not Enough To Say If He Loves You

We never plant kisses on anyone and everyone we meet in our lives! Kisses are always for those few handful beloved ones who we really value instead. It does not take much effort to differentiate between a friendly kiss, a respectful kiss, a casual kiss, and a romantic kiss. 

If you think his multiple kisses are confusing you, I must mention that it’s not really the kisses that create the confusion. Rather it is the emotions and intentions that go behind his expression of love towards you! 

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Sitting there wondering about his honest feelings and the meaning of all his kisses will not answer any of your questions. Rather than staying stuck in the ongoing loop of overthinking, It is always better to have clear communication about where this relationship between both of you stands. 

  • Ask questions directly to your man about the future of this relationship. In the process let him know about your emotions, intentions, and expectations from this connection that you share with this person.
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself, if this is a “friends with benefits” relationship between you two. Physical intimacy is cool if you are cool with the same. However, if you crave a deeper and emotionally fulfilling relationship, it is better to walk out from this. 
  • Learn to understand your man well. Most men are shy and guarded when it comes to expressing love. They will choose kisses, hugs, cuddles, and different physical ways to show the love they hold in their heart. If your man is shy, he may kiss you multiple times to express what he feels!

You are not the only one to live in the air of confusion. So if anything you are doing or being that does not resonate with your soul, leave! 

I am sure, by now it is clear to my beautiful readers, why a guy kisses you multiple times. Each type of kiss has a hidden meaning to it. However, a kiss itself can only reveal the true feels of a man, when you observe his pattern of behavior towards you, 

Romance can only keep blooming if your guy is already trying to express his deep involvement by kissing you multiple times. However, when your gut calls his kisses a “red flag” or in a situation where you do not encourage it, be vocal and express what you feel about the same. 

Keep those kisses coming, you ladies! 🙂

Related Queries:

Here are some frequently asked questions in this context that I often face from my friends.

Why are guys fond of kissing so much?

Kissing is quite a natural phenomenon of human beings. It originated from the complicated hormonal mechanism of humans and leads to the secretion of dopamine that gives us pleasure. As guys’ sex hormones are much expressive as well as responsive than women they tend to be desperate in expressing their sexual interest hence fond of kissing. 

How to deal with a guy who’s obsessed with kissing?

Again, direct and straight words are the ultimate solution to this situation. If you’re just in friends with benefits relationship, or you’re just friends it’s better to set healthy boundaries between you two. Talk again and again about your true feelings for him but try not to be harsh.

Does frequent kissing mean deep love and bonding?

Not at all. Frequent kissing may lead to many different equations. One of those equations indeed means deep love and bonding. But that solely depends on how the guy is kissing you and what’re the intentions behind his kissing. 

What’re the types of kisses guys come up with when they’re in love?

Every human being is unique on their own. So, the types of kissing while in love are bound to be unique too. But some common typical types are kissing on foreheads, kissing on eyelids, kissing on hands, and on cheeks. 


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