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Is It Normal To Lose Feeling In A Long-Distance Relationship?

Is It Normal To Lose Feeling In A Long-Distance Relationship

When two people invest so much in a long-distance relationship, bearing the hardships that come along, is it normal to lose feelings for each other? 

It is normal to lose feeling in a long-distance relationship. Distance, lack of physical touch, anxiety are reasons that lead to loss of feelings for your partner. Feelings can also be lost if a person is not in a psychological position to reciprocate their partner’s thoughts. Loss of feelings can also be due to a gradual lack of interest in your partner.

In a long-distance relationship where both partners invest so much time and effort it feels highly improbable for them to lose feelings, but it is normal to lose feeling in a long-distance relationship.

Well if you have gone through something similar or are going through this phase now, you will know that there were early signs of things not going the right way. 

Perfectly good relationships while going through tough times may falter, anxiety or depression may also be one of the reasons for you to lose interest in your loved one.

Reasons Couples Lose Interest In Their Partners

So let us see a few reasons couples lose interest in their partners

Not Looking Forward

When you start avoiding those long conversations you definitely loved at some point, these are signs of finding your relationship monotonous or boring and that they are not looking forward to communicating with their loved one. 

No Time

When there seems to be no more time to work out the issues that are putting a strain on the relationship. Partners who tend to lose feeling often avoid such topics. 

When your partner has less and less time for you and the issues you are facing, it is time to have a serious talk to understand what is going on and where you stand in their heart.

No Contribution

When your partner feels that the relationship is going nowhere they will tend to believe that being there is of no use and that the relationship has no positive contribution in their life.

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We all are human and although this sounds selfish, we all tend to make our lives better and plan for the future, so it is important to feel growth even in relationships. Feeling that the relationship is a dead-end will result in your partner losing feelings for you. 

Disrespect And Doubt

Often in a long-distance relationship trust between two people is tested the most. It is natural to meet people your partner finds attractive or subconsciously compares them to you. In certain situations, this will create doubt and you may even disrespect your partner. 

Most couples are not able to live in doubt and certainly not disrespect. Such doubts over time will chip away your partner’s feelings for you. 

Tired Of The Wait

Sometimes the wait to reunite with your loved one is so long that you get anxious and frustrated, getting tired of waiting can also cause doubts about the relationship which if not addressed will cause your partner to lose feelings for you.

Lack Of Intimacy

Some couples are not able to take the physical distance, especially if the relationship is young, your partner might think if it is all worth it. 

Lack of sexual intimacy may leave your partner frustrated and if such a concern is not shared or resolved they may tend to lose feelings and try to find someone else. 

Signs That Prompt Talking To Your Partner About Your Relationship

It can be normal to lose feeling in a long-distance relationship, so it is important to see the signs early, here are a few signs that prompt talking to your partner about your relationship.

  • You feel like your partner has changed, often before a person loses all feelings towards a relationship they tend to change. Their behavior may even surprise you and this is a definite sign that something is wrong.
  • You feel a void in communication, and you are not clear about the reason why. Many times there may be no communication as your partner is genuinely busy, however, there is always a plausible explanation. If you feel that you just cannot figure out the reason your partner has stopped communicating with you it’s time to have the talk. 
  • You don’t know where you stand in the relationship, if during the course of your relationship you are not sure how you will feel about your partner when reuniting back, such doubts are subconsciously projected out. Your partner will surely lose their feelings if they are aware of your self-doubts, it is better to talk about any such feelings you get as early as possible. 
  • Your partner is tired of talking to you, which can be a very serious sign and must be addressed as soon as possible. Although there can be a lot of reasons for their waning interest, if you discover that it is due to their anxiousness about the relationship, you must talk to your partner about it.
  • Your partner keeps comparing you to a new person in their life, which is also a sign to look out for. In such a situation you may want to talk to your partner about how such comparisons make you feel uncomfortable and if their feelings have changed for you anyhow. Such a sign may not necessarily mean anything; however, a constant comparison will result in losing or hurt feelings.
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How to Avoid Losing Feelings In Your Long-distance Relationship?

Once you spot the signs, here are a few things you can do to avoid losing feelings in your long-distance relationship.

Make Your Partner Feel Yours

In a long-distance relationship, it is often easy to take your partner for granted, this should be consciously avoided. Every relationship needs a spark to sustain.

You can do so by showering your partner with support and attention. Always remember being in a long-distance relationship is harder and so you need to put in your hundred percent for it to succeed.

Ascertain Distance Or Disregard

In a long-distance relationship, it is easy to misunderstand distance with disregard. Your partner may just be maintaining a normal distance due to their nature or the time crunch. 

So it becomes very important for you to ascertain whether your partner is maintaining a healthy distance as you both have individual lives or are disregarding you.

There is no worry for the former however you must have a serious talk with your partner about where you stand in their lives if it’s the latter. 

Ascertain Doubt

Doubts on infidelity may crop up as we are all humans and we tend to doubt all good things, in a long-distance relationship doubts can crop up faster, you need to pace yourself and ascertain if there is a need for such doubts.

Always remember that you are an adult and can have a mature conversation about being attracted to someone else if things are not working out for you. 

If your partner feels the same for someone do not get clingy instead wish them luck as you are then free to find your own opportunity in love.

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Ascertain Anxiety

You may find that your partner has been shutting themselves off and not connecting with you like before.

Our minds instantly relate this with losing feelings for each other however it is seen that in most cases one of the partners is dealing with their own anxiety and depression which made them shut themselves off from their loved one. 

You must learn to discern this as not everything is about you and the relationship and your partner may really be in turmoil. Be supportive and give them time. 

If they have shut themselves off due to anxiety or depression they will recover and get back to you, it's just a matter of time. 

In Conclusion

It is possible to lose feelings for your loved one while in a long-distance relationship. Good relationships that last, go through such tests too, they make it out safe due to their sheer will to sustain together.

It is not easy to be in a committed long-distance relationship nor is this for everyone. So if you feel that you have found that special one, do work hard to not lose feelings for your partner. 

Notice the worrisome signs early and ascertain the cause, if the mistake is yours then improve on it. However, if distance causes them to lose their feelings for you naturally then it is better to move on and find yourself a partner who does not let go in the hard times.


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