How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends Not To?

Megha Chanda
How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends Not To
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A girl likes you but pretends to hate you. If a girl likes you and doesn’t tell why chances are she’s trying to make it hard for you. Unlike the usual flirting techniques used by girls, this particular technique is really difficult to guess. So how do you know if she likes you and pretend not to?

She often makes it seem like she is not interested in a relationship with you at all. But if you have noticed her playing with hair or blushing when you are around that can be one of the signs she likes you. If your eyes meet frequently and she tries to reach out to you that can also be a sign she likes you but pretends not to.

You know girls like to be desired but she will never admit it. She will pretend to have fun with her friends and other guys. You are different for her - you are not like other guys and you might be her only shot at finding a good man 

The more you take time and show interest, the more interested she will become in you and even dreams of being in a relationship with you. 

Why A Girl Likes You But Pretends To Hate You?

Have you ever tried to find the why? In this article, I will hold your hand and help you to find out.

  • She might be nervous about getting hurt. She could worry that the two of you are not right for each other, and she doesn’t want to get emotional over something that could never happen. As a result, she'll act aloof to protect her heart.
  • She’s scared of getting hurt. She’s been hurt before (by a previous boyfriend or by any male figure). Whatever the story is, it doesn’t matter. The only thing you need to know is that she’s very sensitive about falling in love again and that spells disaster for your chances with her. She has some trust issues that’ll keep her from letting you in. He just needs time to let down her guard again.

15 Signs She Likes You Even When She Says The Opposite

Okay so here are some clues that help you to identify that she likes you but pretends not to.

  • Understand her body language

Let's start with the first part of your statement: She may be trying too hard to impress you. If you want proof, you'll have to look for non-verbal signs because she won't come right out and say it. 

Preening is usually subtle, like a girl fixing her hair a little bit more than what it was before. She may also touch up her makeup or adjust her clothing in some way that makes her look more appealing to you.

  • She becomes a chatterbox

A lot of girls will try to make you think that they hate you but in reality, they just want to get closer to you. If they are talking a lot, it’s a good sign that they are comfortable with you. 

Girls like to talk about stuff and try new things, so if you just hang out with her doing something fun and exciting, I bet she will start talking more around you. Girls tend to feel more comfortable when they have a connection with the person they are talking to. It could be about anything, such as your dog, school, or the weather.

By talking often, even sending numerous messages throughout the day, you can tell that she enjoys your conversations very much. She is enjoying the time she spends talking to you and wants to make sure you know that.

What’s more, if she loves talking to you, then she’ll always find something to say. So if she’s calling and texting you maybe she’s into you. 

On the other hand, Some girls go silent and talk less frequently just when they start feeling something for a guy. They think if they show less interest, they can keep the other one interested in them alone.

  • She enjoys teasing you

Don’t be offended when you think you’re being teased. It may simply be a woman’s way of flirting with you. Girls know how to use subtle signals to attract a guy. If she gives you the cold shoulder when you’re trying to hit on her, don’t take it personally. She may just like you too much to admit it. It’s pretty simple — women tease men because it makes you look at her a little longer. And that’s the point — she’s making you want her attention

  • She crosses your road more often

So why does a girl pretend to hate you but keeps bumping into you when you least expect it? The answer is that the more often this happens, the more likely it is that she yearns for you.

Bumping into someone can be a pure coincidence. But when you keep bumping into a person even when you don’t want to, there’s a reason for that. 

If a person accidentally bumps into you, there’s a slight chance that she may change direction and walk away while blushing furiously. But if she makes eye contact with you and continues to bump into you again and again, then it is likely that she likes you.

  • She compliments you genuinely

 Most of the time, women try to hide their feelings from men. This is partly because they’re scared a man will lose interest in them if he feels he has her under his control. But there are also times when she literally can’t help telling you how much she likes you.

A woman in love or interested in you will compliment you more. She will praise you and tell you in detail all the things she finds attractive about you.

This is more than just giving a general 'you are nice' or 'you are handsome'. It's when she compliments you a lot about specific qualities that she likes, particularly those unique to you.

She doesn't want you to feel self-conscious about your looks, she wants you to feel great about yourself. That doesn't mean she wants to let you know that she loves everything about you: it means that she has noticed everything there is to notice.

  • Her friends know about you

She was once too shy to admit her feelings for you but secretly wanted to be asked out. The guy who is the object of her affection will eventually be told about by her friends. So if you notice that she’s suddenly being more open with her friends, it might mean that she’s starting to think about you the way you’re thinking about her. 

If you notice that the girl is telling her friends about you, then probably she has found her lover in you. Engaging her friends in conversation and actively listening to their conversation will help you understand your status in her eyes.

  • Shows interests in your stories

A girl likes you if she’s interested in learning who you are. I believe this is one of the strongest behavioral signs of a girl who has romantic feelings for you, and it’s relatively easy to spot.

If a woman romantically likes you, she will frequently reference information that you’ve shared with her. Such as knowing your favorite movie or music artist. She will even reference the information you’ve provided to her in conversations with you, or when talking about something completely different.

 It’s not always easy to tell if a girl genuinely likes you, but watch out for this clue! This can be a hugely helpful clue to know if she’s interested in you because it shows that she finds you interesting and wants to continue to get to know you more.

  • Your eyes meet frequently

Eye contact is how we connect with the world around us. It’s doesn’t take an expert to understand how important it is to gauge a person’s intentions in a business meeting or on your first date.

Eye contact is one of the most obvious ways to tell if a woman likes you. If a girl you like makes eye contact frequently, it shows a clear interest.

If a woman isn't making eye contact with you, it's usually because she doesn't like you, or she is just shy.

  • Seeks for your presence

When a girl is on the fence about her feelings for you, she’ll do everything she can to find out if your interest in her is genuine and lasting. If you’re attentive to her needs, patient, and courteous with her, then she may become more inclined to admit her feelings to you.

 Give her the time she needs to determine whether you’re someone that she can count on for a relationship.

  • She cares for you silently

Just be aware that sometimes it can take a girl a while to realize that she likes you. So she may not always be spilling her feelings when you want her to. But just as long as she’s there and helping, then you know for sure how she feels about you. Even if she claims to be uninterested in you, she’s always there for you then she’s trying to hide something. Her actions speak for themselves, and they reveal that she cares about you. She wants you to stay by her side, and cares about you but won’t admit it.

  • Laughs at your jokes

When it comes to a girl having feelings for you, laughter is a good indicator. If she finds you funny and side-splittingly hilarious then there’s a chance she may like you. Make her laugh by telling some jokes and watch as the smile and glint in her eyes become more obvious. 

Laughter has a very powerful way of making people feel connected to one another. It makes us feel like we’re in it together, and the experience of laughing together can feel very intimate. If you can make your girl laugh then things will start to move fast, because laughter can lead directly to love.

  • She goes extra miles for you

Women are not willing to go the extra mile for just any guy and stay up all night long. She might pretend she is not interested in you but deep inside she is fond of you. It is an open secret that women really can't deny their feelings towards the person they care about. And that would make her be up all night talking to you. 

You might be thinking what is it that makes a girl stay up all night to talk to you. The reason is that she has strong feelings for you and you don’t know about it. This is one way to know if a girl likes you.

  • She gets jealous if you talk to other girls

A girl who pretends that she doesn't like you but gets jealous when you talk about other girls is worth a chance to find out if she secretly does like you.

If she's interested in you and sees another girl chatting you up, it's perfectly natural for her to get the feeling that you might be interested in this new girl too. She may feel insecure and afraid that you may go off with somebody else. Noticing how she reacts when other people come into the picture will often give you a good clue.

  • Pretends too busy to spend time with you

If she appears to be a little too busy for you, don’t take it personally. She has every intention of spending some time with you but fears that spending more time will eventually lead to something more serious. It’s not like she’s intentionally trying to push you away (most of the time). She just enjoys your company and doesn’t want to lose it…by forcing things to the next level.

She doesn’t want to lose control of her emotions. She doesn’t want to be emotionally tied to you even if she knows that you are a good person.

  • You sprinkle happiness in her life

You are the person who makes her happy. She enjoys your company because she becomes happy around you. Who doesn’t want to be happy?  She may not accept her feelings for you but she glows differently when she is around you. She gets awkward and at the same time acts as the most confident girl whenever you are there. We can say she feels confident to be herself with you.

Love to know more about the signs? Here is an interesting video by Joyanima.

What You Can Do If You Are In This Situation?

If a girl likes you without showing it too blatantly, there are ways to get her to open up and reveal her thoughts. 

  • Go slow and build trust

 Don’t rush into things. You want her to know she can depend on you and you won’t hurt her. Feeling free to pursue her interests is important to her, and she may not be ready for a romantic relationship yet. Wait for her to make the first move and then go from there. As time goes on, the attraction will grow and become harder for her to fight off both externally and internally.

  • Security, Respect, and Honesty

What women want most from a relationship is security, respect, and honesty. Being honest with a girl about your feelings for her does not imply that you are pushy to have something from her. You should be honest regardless of your intentions because it’s the right thing to be. It shows respect for her as a person, and it shows that you are not afraid of responsibility. A woman will love always feel secure when she knows she can trust you and can count on you to be there

  • Be her friend above all else

 If you can build a solid foundation of trust and communication, she’ll be more likely to open up to you. Be there for her, talk to her, be available when she needs you. Don’t run away because she won’t show any “signs” of attraction to you.

Like caring for an orchid, if you want to get the best blossoms from your girl, you need to learn how to take proper care of her.

 Once a woman realizes you understand her and care about her feelings, she’ll much more likely to be direct with you. Don’t push too hard, but don’t shy away from expressing your genuine love and admiration for her (as long as it doesn’t come across as creepy).

  • Give her time and space

She needs to be able to work out her feelings and come to terms with them, and she won’t be able to do that if you’re always together. She might really like you but not yet be in love with you – or she might not like you at all but still feel an attraction. She needs time to figure stuff out on her own – so give her some space.

In a nutshell, the first thing to keep in mind is that most girls will not make their crush on you obvious. If you’ve been looking for a girl who just blurts out “I like you!” then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Women are just as concerned about how it will affect their reputations if they like a man and it doesn't work out. They don't want to be thought of as crazy or weak or desperate, so they put on phony attitudes, pretend to be disinterested, and drag their feet when a guy expresses interest in them. But a great deal of your life depends on you knowing more than how to tell whether a girl likes you

Whether or not she gives you a second date, and keeps giving you more, is in your hands. You can make that second date the best one you ever had. You can build comfort up enough to make your move. And then, the rest of your time with her is up to you. These are all skills that a lot of guys have lost, but they're easy to learn and fun.


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