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How Do Dumpers Feel When You Ignore Them?

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Breakups never happen on a happy note. You would find very rare examples when a couple mutually decided to part their ways and there was no crying and shouting involved.

Most of the time, it’s either of the two dumping the other. Obviously, when you’re dumped by your partner it’s never a great feeling. You feel sad, hopeless, shattered, unhappy, stressed, frustrated and thousands of other emotions. 

Your mind also goes through several calculations. You’re always caught up in thinking about what to do after the breakup? Should I keep on texting him, should I try from my end, or should I completely ignore him?

Well, to be honest, the last question is the most perplexing one. Many times partners can’t decide whether to ignore the dumper or be in touch with them. And if they ignore the dumper then how they’re going to feel? Will this ignorance would have any effect on them or they would even ignore the ignorance and completely forget them. 

So, how do dumpers feel when you ignore them? The dumper would be sad if he/she wishes to go back to you. He/she will miss you more when you ignore them. He/she will be curious to know about you and end up calling or texting you. It will have no effect on him/her as he/she has already to moved on or never loved you truly. He/she will feel inferior and insulted when you ignore him/her.

Let us see how can the dumper actually feel if you ignore them.

The Different Feelings Of A Dumper When You Ignore 

A dumper can go through many phases after dumping their partner. Usually, we all assume that dumpers live freely and happily as they’re the ones who dumped and ended the relationship. 

But the reality is a bit different when it comes to feelings. Even a dumper has feelings and emotions and can have ups and downs after dumping. And when the dumpers are ignored they have an array of emotions and thoughts going on in their minds and hearts. 

Let’s check out those.

  1. Dumper is sad

Are you surprised? Don’t be. Dumpers can be sad too. Dumpers take a lot of pride when they end a relationship and move on. They feel they have authority and dominance over you as they were the ones to take the final call.

This sense of pride and ego actually begins a false sense of satisfaction in them and they start feeling superior about themselves. But when you ignore them completely after they’ve dumped you, they slowly start feeling sad.

Initially, they thought, you would come to them begging for more chances to go back to the relationship again. The dumper did not expect that you can ignore him/her. So, he starts feeling sad as he/she knows that there’s no chance of getting back to you.

They go back into thinking whether they did the right move by breaking up with you or not and your ignorance causes them more pain. 

  1. Dumper feels guilty

Oftentimes, the dumpers dump their partners in haste, without putting rational thoughts behind it. It’s more like an impulsive decision for them. But as soon as they dump, they start taking that their ex-partners would definitely try to reach out to them.

But when that doesn’t happen, they actually start feeling guilty. Your ignorance actually has an impact on them. He/she finally starts thinking about where they went wrong, what the mistake was on their part, how they could actually solve it in a more mature way etc.

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So, your ignorance leads them to feel guilty for taking such a rash decision and actually ending up hurting you. The fact that they broke up with you, and you’re hurt hence you chose to ignore him/her, makes them feel super guilty. 

  1. Dumper misses you more

This is common human psychology. We tend to not value the person when we’re with them. We start taking them for granted and if the relationship has been for more than 6 or 7 years, partners have a tendency to take each other for granted.

They don’t realize that how important you’re to them. So when the dumper dumps you and you completely ignore him/her after the breakup, he/she actually starts missing you all the more.

He/she never understood how much you meant to them. But your absence hits him/her real hard. It becomes impossible for the dumper to handle your ignorance. Simply because he/she thought that you would definitely go back to them no matter what. 

But when things don’t go as per their assumption, he/she misses you more. He/she realizes that they ignored you when you two were in a relationship and now that you’re not present in their life anymore, they start noticing the difference. The end result is, he/she misses you terribly. 

  1. Dumper wants to go back to you

Ignorance has a powerful impact indeed. Dumpers dump their partners and try to move on in their life. However, a little part of their heart still craves for you. They don’t realize right after the breakup.

But when he/she tries to meet other people, hangs out with their friends, he/she starts to feel empty. Their heart feels like a void without you. And you ignoring them totally makes them want you even more.

Perhaps he/she thought, moving on would be easy. Maybe you two had many problems in your relationship and finally, he/she thought of dumping you rather than making this relationship a burden.

But your ignorance taught him/her a lesson. Now when you don’t contact him/her at all, or don’t even try to make changes to the relationship status, he/she wants to get back to you.

The dumpers will actually put effort into making things right and try their best to get back to you.

  1. Dumper feels insulted

Dumpers feel proud when they take the bold decision which is to break up. They have a tendency to go out and tell their dumping stories to their friends. And they obviously portray themselves as the good ones, who suffered a lot due to their partners.

He/she will never actually admit his/her own mistakes. Also, in their mind, they have a feeling that their partner would come back to them. 

However, their bubble bursts when you don’t send them a single text, or call them or try to stay in touch with them after the breakup. That’s when they feel insulted.

He/she thought himself/herself as a superior one and they were overconfident with the fact that their ex surely tries to come back to them. Ignorance was beyond their wildest imagination. So, when it happens, they feel less of themselves and are extremely insulted. 

  1. Dumper feels nothing

Here comes the hard truth. Yes, the dumpers feel nothing after they dump you. They quite easily move on and they have no after-effects whatsoever.

Even if you think, that your ignorance can be a weapon and he/she can come back to you, then you’re living in an imaginary world. The truth is, he/she never loved you.

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You might wonder, that “ We were in a relationship for 5 years”. No, you can’t define love or attachment by time period. Many couples break up after being even for long. And when after the breakup, the dumpers have no feelings, it clearly means that your love started to fade away a long ago.

Also, if you try to contact them, he/she will not respond to you positively. The dumpers have no emotional attachment with you and that’s why your

 ignorance has no importance to them. 

How Do Female Dumpers Feel When You Ignore Them?

If you have been dumped by a female dumper, then the feelings of your dumper will actually depend on the kind of relationship you two shared.

So, if you two had a relationship full of love, commitment, and loyalty, then when you ignore your dumper she will feel sad and perhaps will also regret her decision. 

Probably, she dumped you to see whether you miss her or not, whether you try to come back to her or not. So, when she notices that you are ignoring her after the breakup, she will be sad.

On the other hand, if you two had a rough relationship or you were just dating each other casually, it’s not gonna have a lot of effect on her. She was really never interested in you that much and is quite comfortable in moving in. 

It is a misconception, if you think girls become super sad, they cry a lot and become emotionally vulnerable when you ignore them. Girls are strong enough to make a decision and when they don’t get their due respect they will move on without even a second thought. 

How Do Male Dumpers Feel When You Ignore Them?

Male dumpers also go through various feelings. Do not assume that they never feel sad or upset. Although they come across tough and strong, they too are human beings and are bound to have emotions.

So when the male dumpers dump you and will ignore you in the beginning. They hope that you will come back to them or at least try to contact them.

But when they are ignored they feel restless and hopeless. Slowly they start understanding the fault they have made and try to bring changes in their behavior.

When you ignore them for more than a week, he will be the one to text or call you. Sometimes male dumpers directly send apology cards or gifts to their ex-partners to win their hearts once again.

Let me share a real story of a friend who had gone through a similar situation. Emma was in a relationship with her long-time bae Joyce. But they had a fair share of fights too. It was always Joyce who spoke of break up and Emma always went back to him.

Joyce was confident that no matter what he does, Emma loves him so much, and that he will always come back to him. But at one point, Emma was super heartbroken and could not tolerate this nonsense anymore.

So, after an ugly fight, where Joyce dumped her, she totally stopped talking to him and made no contact with him. Her ignorance was unbearable for Joyce and he realized that he was wrong and how he has been hurting Emma.

After a week, he texted her and when he did not get any response from Emma, he called her up and apologized sincerely for his misbehavior.

Does Ignoring Help To Make The Dumpers Come Back?

It can work or not work. Different dumpers have different impacts and it’s the kind of relationship you shared with the person that determines whether they will come back.

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But if your partner loved you truly and genuinely misses you, he/she will come back to you even if you ignore.

He/she will probably take 7 to 10 days to come back to you but your ignorance will work on them as magic if you two were in a serious relationship.

However, if he/she takes more than 1 month to come to make any move, you should definitely think about their genuine intentions. In a scenario like this, you need to think rationally and make the right choice.

If you feel having a conversation with the dumper will give you clarity, then go ahead stop ignoring and call him/her. His/her positive or negative response will give you the right signal. You will know whether to wait or to it’s time to move on.

How To Ignore The Dumper?

Now comes the most difficult part, how will you ignore them? It’s hard to forget the memories and time spent with a person whom you loved all of a sudden.

  • Do not look at their older texts over and over again. This will cause more pain to you and will remind you of their existence even more. So, stop looking at the texts.
  • Do not stalk them on social media. Yes, don’t see their Instagram stories or like their posts. You need to make him/her understand that you’re not at all interested in what he/she is up to.
  • Block him/her. Blocking is very powerful. It directly hurts them and they get a sure signal that you’re ignoring them.
  • Do not reply immediately if they try to contact you. Wait for some time, leave on Seen and reply after 1 or 2 days if they at all try to contact you.
  • Do not wish them Happy Birthday. If your dumper ahs his/her birthday, don’t wish them. He/she will know that you are totally neglecting him/her.

How To Respond When They Try To Come Back?

It means your ignorance worked. The dumper missed you, understood your value, and is now finally trying to come back to you.

If they contacted you within a week, it means they are putting in genuine efforts and they did not wait any longer. So it would be wise not to disregard their efforts anymore. Go ahead and accept their apologies.

But if he/she took more than 1 month or 2 months to contact you, you need to look back and think seriously. Do you really want to go back to the person who survived without your presence happily? And now all of a sudden trying to come back to you?

If you still want to give a chance to this person, you can. But not only listen to your heart but listen to your brain also.

Finally, it’s not easy for the dumper or the person being dumped to go through this phase.  But only wait for the person who is worthy of waiting.

Always respect your choice and decision and have a partner who respects you too.

Related Queries:

Does no contact work for the dumper?

It works when the dumper loves you genuinely. He/she will miss you more when you keep them in a no-contact period.

Will no contact help me to get over him?

If you had been in a toxic relationship and you were constantly hurt by your partner, then no contact will surely help you to get over him quickly.

How long does it take for a dumper to regret?

The dumper will regret after 7 days when you ignore him/her only if he/she was serious about the relationship.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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