He Kissed Me On My Forehead: Here's The Meaning & How To React

Nishtha Tutlani
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Forehead kisses are one of the most honest and pure ones when it comes to showing affection or genuine care for someone. Our elders give us forehead kisses to bless us and show care, our partners show affection, and sometimes friends too give us forehead kisses. Though the kiss on the forehead is a very intimate one emotionally and is mostly exchanged in the moment of a heart-touching or deep period between two people.

Forehead kisses can be seen being exchanged between a child and her mother, between two partners, between two very close friends, and even though they are the purest form of love, there is always a first time to it as well.

So, let’s see what does it really mean when your partner or a very close male friend kisses you on the forehead? A forehead kiss is the sign of care and respect so when he kisses you on the forehead it means they genuinely care for you and are attached to you and will be by your side whenever you need them.

Let's Decode The Reasons Behind Forehead Kiss

Besides above, it can actually mean a lot of other things as well when your boyfriend kisses you on the forehead, you may feel that they caught you off guard with that forehead kiss, so here are all the possibilities of what it means: 

He Cares!

Whenever a guy, be it a boyfriend, your husband, your best friend or even your father or brother kisses you on the forehead, it means that they genuinely care about you. Forehead kisses are emotionally intimate rather than physically so it’s not a bad thing if your relatives kiss you on the forehead.

When your boyfriend kisses you on the forehead, he just wants to convey to you that he genuinely cares for you as a person and respects you wholeheartedly.

It is also very normal for a close male friend to kiss you on the forehead given that you are comfortable because a kiss on the forehead doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel any romantic feelings for you, but it just simply means that they genuinely care for you and just wanted to convey this message to you in the form of a forehead kiss. 

He Wants You To Know That He’s There For You

Forehead kisses are pure and when a guy kisses you on the forehead he wants you to know that no matter what the situation may come, no matter how small or big any problem is, he will be there for you and you can always count on him. This is often a gesture to let someone give comfort and just be there in times of hardship.

So consider yourself lucky if you have a guy or even a girl by your side and are willing to be there for you no matter what. 

He Loves You And Is Scared To Tell You 

Well, above all this is also a very big possibility if and when a male friend of yours kiss you on the forehead out of nowhere. When someone of the opposite gender who is just a friend comes as close physically to you and feels a rush in his body and an urge to kiss you, they may not want to cross a line without your consent, and to fulfill the urge, he kissed you on the forehead.

A guy who is close to you and kisses you anywhere, be it on the cheek, on the forehead, or on lips, it means that they love you and feel comfortable kissing you and showing their emotions through physical means. 

The above situation is a possibility, it suggests that if you feel the same love and care for them and like those forehead kisses then one should probably talk to him about his feelings and there is a big chance that the guy will let you know about his true feelings. 

He Respects You

Above all, he respects you is what it means when we talk about forehead kisses. A guy may give it to his mother even to show how much he respects her care and upbringing. A guy may kiss his wife or girlfriend to let them know that they respect their existence in his life and is thankful for all that you do or have done for him.

Forehead kisses are pure and can be used to show respect to someone who makes his life easier and makes him thankful for all the efforts that you put in. 

He Wants You To Feel Loved 

When one morning your partner wakes up and kisses you on the forehead rather than the usual lip or cheek kiss and it’s taking you a minute to digest the change and you are trying to figure out what and why he would kiss you on the forehead out of nowhere.

Well, the thinking can be sent to pause as we need to tell you that he wants you to feel loved. He wants to pamper you and drown you with his love with this gesture and so you know it's serious for him. 

It Is Not Just A Physical Attraction For Him 

Forehead kisses can mean that he wants to kiss your soul. Sounds deep we know, but is deep as well. When a guy wants you to know that it’s not just a physical attraction for him and he is genuinely into you and sees a future with you, that he connects with you and respects you on a deeper level, is when he kisses you on the forehead.

It can be a close male friend or a partner, know that they respect you and wants to connect with you on a deeper, soulful level. This may just be a sign to actually give more importance to your relationship as this can turn out to be something even more beautiful than it might be currently. 

What Should You Do Now? 

It can be confusing or mind rattling at first when a guy kisses you on the forehead for the first time. It may be new for you to come this close to someone and feel all the feelings and know that there is someone out there who cares about you and loves you deeply.

It can be overwhelming at times and since its a very deep gesture we shouldn’t overreact or make them feel underappreciated, so here are a few tips to follow when a guy kisses you on the forehead

First ask yourself if you are comfortable with them kissing you. 

When You Are Comfortable 

  • If the answer to the above question is yes, that you are comfortable with him kissing you on the forehead and don’t feel particularly “disgusted” or that your personal space is being disrespected, then the confusion as to why he kissed in the first place is very genuine. He simply kissed you on the forehead because he cares for you and wants you to know. And he may also be in love with you and is too scared to let you know. 
  • When he kisses you on the forehead and you are comfortable with it or even like it, then to figure out his feelings for you, the first and most appropriate thing to do would be to talk to him directly. Either ask him directly “why did you kiss me on the forehead” or “is there anything you want to talk to me about? “ etc. It’s preferred you be as direct as you can to ask this question as there are big chances that he will be direct with you as well in conveying his true feelings. 
  • Other than talking about it, you can kiss him on the forehead back if you feel like it or give him a kiss on the cheek to let him know that you approve of his gesture. 
  • When a guy kisses you on the forehead, try to feel the feelings and connect with him on a deeper level and give him a smile so he knows that the kiss means just as much to you as to him. 

When The Forehead Kiss Makes You Uncomfortable

  • If the answer to the first question is no, that no you did not feel comfortable when he kissed you on the forehead and felt like your personal space was intruded, then what you can do is, ask him why he did it and tell the guy directly and nicely how you feel about it. 

You can say “I appreciate the gesture but it makes me uncomfortable” or “I didn’t feel comfortable when you kissed me on the forehead, it’d be great if we can respect each other’s personal space” etc. 

  • Other than telling him directly, for the next time you can distance yourself from him physically a little bit so that you two naturally do not come as close and to avoid the situation in the future. 

Other Kisses That Shows You Mean A lot To Him  

There are many kinds of kisses and not all are sexually intimate, like the forehead kiss conveys a deeper affection between both the partners, and just like it, there are a few more kisses other than the lip kiss which says a lot about the feelings of a guy for you. 

Kissing On The Cheek

When a friend of the opposite gender kisses you on the cheek it means they like you. This is a sweet gesture and simply means that they like you, it doesn’t have to mean anything more than friendship and it simply means that he likes to be around you and will want to keep you as a friend and not lose you. 

Kissing The Hand 

Kissing on the hand is a little more romantically intimate than kissing on the cheek. As a guy who wants to show you love will only kiss you on the hand. Either this guy who kissed you on the hand is crazy or is crazy about you. Figuring out one won’t be too tough! 

Kissing On Shoulder/Neck

When a guy kisses you on the shoulder or neck he wants definitely wants to be involved with you sexually. The neck and shoulder are very sensitive places in a woman’s body and when a guy kisses you on the neck it usually sends chills to anyone and he definitely knows it. So if you are just as interested, then go with it and the two will soon have an intimate time together.

Kissing The Eye

This is similar to a forehead kiss. When a guy kisses you on the eye or eyes it means that they want to show you that they care about you and will protect you from any evil that comes your way. Kissing the eye is also a very emotionally intimate feeling and is bound to make deeper bonds. 

Kisses are intimate times when two people engage themselves physically or sexually to showcase the different human emotions that exist. You can convey any emotion through a kiss like a forehead kiss being a small but deep gesture to show how much you really appreciate a person. Forehead kisses being the purest form of love are exchanged not only between partners but also in the family.

When a guy kisses a girl on her forehead, we know it’s the truest form of love and his soul is connected with the truest form of her soul. There are other kinds of kisses that truly show that different emotions can be conveyed just with the help of one kiss. 


Is a forehead kiss intimate? 

The forehead kiss is emotionally intimate rather than being sexually intimate. The forehead kiss signifies deeper feelings while the lip kiss or neck kiss may imply to sexual intimacy between two people. 

He kissed me on the forehead, does he like me?

If a friend kissed you on the forehead it may mean that they genuinely care for you. This is a big step for him too and can mean that he is really into you and might want something more than friendship. The best way to know for sure is to ask him directly.

Can a girl kiss a boy on the forehead? 

Yes, a girl can absolutely kiss a guy on the forehead if she feels like it. Forehead kisses show care and support and guys need that too from their partners or people close to them. 


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