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What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug?

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Hugs are one of the deepest acts to express every kind of affectionate feeling to someone. It may be friends, family members, or loved ones. Hugs do not only express the type of affection but also talk a lot about the depth of the affection. From the days of the beginning of civilization, human beings tend to hug their close people with whom they feel some kinda affectionate bonding. 

But as we all know, the human mind is a very complicated element and every expression that comes out of human minds has various types and carries many different meanings alongside. Hugs are not an exception in this context. There can be many kinda hugs and each one can carry many different meanings depending on the relation and the situation. 

If some guy squeezes you in a hug and you’re utterly confused about why on earth he does so and what does it mean exactly, I must tell you that you’ve landed on the right page. Here we decode the complicated phenomena of human minds with some straight and simple approaches. 

Female minds have a reputation of being more complicated than males. But when it comes to expressing internal feelings men aren’t at all different from females. Rather sometimes, men tend to think more deeply before expressing any feelings to women. They always try to stay quite aware of their acts whatever they do in front of their opposite sex, even while hugging someone. 

So, now if you ask me what does it mean when a guy squeezes you in a hug, the short answer is gonna be, if a guy squeezes you in a hug it can mean lots of things. Maybe he’s overwhelmed by your cuteness and expressing his love for you, maybe he’s expressing the closeness of his friendship with you, or it can also be a deep sexual attraction that he feels for you and expressing through squeezing you in a hug. The reasons and the meanings are totally interdependent and keep changing with the situation and chemistry between you and the guy.

But such a short and quick answer is definitely not gonna resolve all your confusion. Don’t worry, I’m here to resolve all your confusion regarding this today. That’s why I’m gonna present you with a detailed blog in this context where we will be decoding the reasons and the meaning along with the process to identify your specifics and how to respond in different situations. Give the blog a thorough read to master the art of identifying the meanings of guys’ hugs. 

Potential Reasons For Squeezing You In A Hug

Before knowing the exact meaning of the squeezing hug that’s bothering you, you must be aware of the reasons why on earth guys squeeze someone during a hug. As I’ve already mentioned; a single type of hug can have multiple reasons behind it. 

Without knowing the reasons, you won’t be able to identify your specifics, and without identifying your specifics you won’t be able to understand the exact meaning. The reasons for squeezing you in a hug depend on the relationship and the bonding you share with the guy. Here I’ll try to pick up all the potential reasons that can work behind a guy’s squeezing hugs.

He’s A Close Friend

When the guy is one of your close friends and you two share a good bonding with each other, then squeezing hugs are possible. The guy whom you’re talking about, is he a close friend? Many times we don’t maintain any specific boundaries with our close friends, and that’s why squeezing those friends in a hug, beating them, surprising them, and doing other fun activities are quite natural.

If the guy is your close friend and occasionally squeezes you while hugging, maybe there’s no hidden intention behind those hugs, and perhaps you don’t need to get worried about it.

He’s Meeting You After A Long Time

No matter if the guy is your friend or not, you two are meeting together after a long time, he may squeeze you in a hug. As I have already mentioned in many of my previous blogs, guys tend to express their feelings differently compared to women. 

In nature, men are quite dominating, and such a persona sometimes even results in squeezing hugs. The person whom you’re talking about may be your colleague, family member, partner, or friend. If you’re meeting him after a long time he may hug you and squeeze you. 

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He’s Going Away For A Long Time

Again, the guy can be anyone. It’s not mandatory for the guy to feel for you in some different way. If you two share a close bonding together and he’s going away from you for a long time, he may squeeze you in a hug. It’s a mere gesture of the closeness you two share with each other. The primary reason behind such hugs is the guy’s regret for keeping this close bonding behind and going away. Such squeezy hugs are always sweet and must always be appreciated.

He’s Overwhelmed By Your Cuteness

Do you know what’s empathy? It’s like putting your leg in another person’s shoe. Empathy is the best way to understand the reasons for guys’ squeezing hugs. Think for yourself. When do you squeeze someone while hugging? Remember those times when you squeeze some cute babies for being overwhelmed due to their cuteness? 

It may be the same for your guy too. He may find you very cute and overwhelmed by your cuteness. You may think of yourself as cute or may not. But he finds you cute and that matters. Maybe that’s why he squeezes you while hugging.

He’s Sexually Attracted

Unfulfilled sexual attraction can be another reason behind squeezing hugs. When sexual attraction ends up in fulfillment it causes physical and mental relaxation. But when it’s unfulfilled it results in physical and mental chaos. 

The guy whom you’re talking about may be sexually attracted to you but can’t express his feelings. But you two share a close connection. In such situations, he may squeeze you in hugs due to his unfulfilled sexual desire. If you suspect this guy has certain feelings for you, sexual attraction may be your case.

He’s In Some Kinda Trouble

When guys fall into some kinda trouble they want to grasp everything whatever they get in front of them. Guys are generally strong from the outside but many guys are quite vulnerable from the inside. If your guy is in some kinda trouble, no matter if you’re a close one to him or not, he may give you a squeezing hug. 

Through squeezing you in that hug he may try to find some kinda momentary relief from his trouble. Maybe you’ve shared your sympathy with him or maybe you’ve recently had a deep conversation with him. Maybe due to that he felt a momentary closeness with you and gave you that squeezing hug. 

There’s Some Good News

Guys may squeeze you in a hug as a part of their naturally dominating personality if they’re excited. Do you remember those times, when something big happened in your partner’s life and he called you and talked to you with utmost excitement? For the same, he may squeeze you while hugging as his excitement is resulting in physical expression instead of being expressed through mere words. 

Identify Your Reasons

You may know all the potential reasons behind the guy’s squeezing you in hugs and now can guess something. But if you can’t identify the specific reason for you, you would never be able to understand the meaning that the squeezing hug carries with it. That’s why knowing the exact reason is the most important job in the entire process of decoding the meaning of hugs. 

So, how can you identify your specific reason? It’s a complicated task indeed. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you out in that regard.

Remember, I told you that the reason solely depends on the situation and the approach of the guy who squeezes you while hugging. So, as we already have some basic ideas about the situations, now we must focus on the approaches in order to identify the exact reason/reasons.

So now, let’s understand the various types of squeezing hugs and connect them with the situations accordingly. 

Sudden Hugs And Squeezing

The guy you’re talking about, does he hug you occasionally and in all of a sudden moments? Does he want to irritate you by squeezing in hugs? If yes, then the chances are he’s just a friend, and doing so is just a close friendly gesture. Sudden squeezy hugs are very common between close friends and sometimes even irritation with its sole intention. But don’t worry. These hugs are the purest one and almost never come with harmful intents. 

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Squeezing Hugs Of Relief

Did your guy hug you and you felt that it’s a hug of relief? Did you feel that he’s also resting in your arms along with squeezing you while hugging? It’s a kind of squeezing hug that often comes from those guys whom people meet after a long time. 

This type of squeezing hug is a gesture of affection that is being revealed after ages. This squeezing thing gives the guy a relief that he’s meeting someone he likes or is very close to after a long time. 

Long Squeezing Hugs

Ask yourself about the hug. How was it? It’s only you who have to answer to identify your specific reason. Was it a never-ending long hug? Was the hug long enough to give you some muscle-ache? Is the guy whom you’re talking about going somewhere away from you for a long time?

If all the answer is ‘YES’ then you’ve already understood the reason why he squeezes you while hugging. When guys head to leave someone they like or someone close to them, they may hug those persons with such a squeezing approach.

Frequent Squeezing

Does your guy frequently give you squeezing hugs? It’s common for those guys who find their women or maybe even sisters overloaded with cuteness. Talking from personal experience, the approach of squeezing someone comes from being overwhelmed by the cuteness. 

Does your guy take utmost care of you and often treat you as a child? Are his squeezing hugs too frequent to irritate enough? If yes, then definitely he finds you so cute that he can’t help himself hugging you. 

Squeeze And Touch

This is a specific kind of hug where women often face illicit touches while having squeezy hugs from some guy. If your guy is doing the same then he is sexually attracted to you consciously or subconsciously and most importantly he’s sexual desire is unfulfilled. 

From sexual unfulfillment, guys tend to squeeze women while hugging. But their unfulfilled sexual desire leads them to touch the women illicitly both from the conscious and subconscious minds. There’re ways to deal with such situations that you’re gonna know about afterward. 

Deep And Resting Hugs

If you assume that the squeezing hug is deep and the guy is kinda resting in your arms even while squeezing, then something deep is going on with the guy and your recent words or maybe presence have given him such a feeling of confidence that all his inner affection is resulting in squeezing hugs. 

Hugs With Surprise

Did your guy squeeze you in a hug with surprise? Maybe from the back, or from the side. Did he do so? If yes, then there’s some good news waiting for you. When something good happens to guys they tend to squeeze their close persons with surprising hugs. Through this approach, they try to physically share their joy with the persons they love. 

Meanings of Squeezing You

As of now, you already know the specific reason through decoding the situation and type of squeezy hug that your guy gives/gave to you, it’s time to know what exactly that hug wanted to convey subconsciously or consciously. There are some specific meanings behind all those squeezy hugs that guys give no matter to friends, family, or partners. As you know all the reasons for squeezy hugs, now it’s very important to understand the meaning of the hug that your guy gave you.

Your Friendship Means A Lot

If you identified that the guy is just a friend and his squeezy hugs are a symbol of his friendly gesture and don’t carry any deep emotion, still then subconsciously he may want to convey that your friendship with him means a lot to his life. Only when we want to express some deep friendly emotions to our friends our subconscious mind often leads us to choose funny actions over deep words. 

He Values Your Presence In His Life

Maybe the guy is going somewhere away from you for a long time and you had a squeezy goodbye hug from him. It means that he deeply values your presence in his life and doesn’t wanna leave your company. That’s why he’s hugging you for so long and he wants it to be a never-ending hug. The situation was hurting by reminding him that he has to leave and he doesn’t want to. 

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He Was Missing You

If your guy has met you after a long time and hence squeezed you while hugging it definitely means that he was missing you desperately. It was his desperation that led him to give you that squeezing hug and finally he’s there where he was waiting to be for a long time. In such a situation, you may even feel his sigh of relief while squeezing you in the hug.

He Needs You

The guy may be in some kinda trouble or dealing with some kinda complicated situation, and now what he needs is support from someone. Maybe your presence or words have provided him that support and that’s why he squeezed you while hugging. This squeezing approach means that the guy desperately needs you and he’s feeling safe and relaxed in your arms. 

He Wanna Share His Happiness With You

If the guy has hugged you surprisingly and presented some good news while squeezing you in that hug, it means that you’re a valuable part of his life and he wanna share all his excitement and joy with you. He wanna make sure that his happiness becomes your happiness too. 

He Wanna Take The Relationship To Next Level

If the guy has squeezed you while hugging and touched you illicitly maybe from a subconscious mind, he wants to take the relationship to the next level. It’s his unfulfilled sexual desire that is leading to such a phenomenon and unfulfillment always tries to find a compliment to fulfill itself. 

He Wanna Be Your Protector

Maybe it’s your cuteness that’s leading him to squeeze you in the hug, and he treats you like a cute child he cares enough, then his squeezing hugs mean that subconsciously he wants to be like a protector to you. In his mind, he’ll never let you go within something that hurts you. In such a situation, if you get hurt, it hurts him too. 

Hopefully, after going through the entire blog, you would be able to identify your specifics and can solve whatever confusion you’re dealing with. But always remember, if you don’t like something from someone, the best thing is to speak up. Otherwise, you will eventually compromise with your self-dignity. If not so, hugging is the best expression to connect with someone without speaking a single word. 

Happy hugging and enjoy getting squeezed. 😉

Related Queries:

Despite knowing all the reasons as well as the meanings of guys’ squeezing hugs, some people still suffer from a few confusion due to some unanswered questions. That’s why for your further help I’m gonna answer a few frequently asked questions below that I usually face from women who’ve to deal with similar situations.

How should I respond to a squeezing hug?

You should always respond according to the feelings you go through when he squeezes you while hugging. If you feel safe and overwhelmed while getting squeezed in his hugs you can respond with a reply hug. And if you don’t like him squeezing you in hugs be straight and clear with your words. Speak up with your truth. But always choose your words and attitude according to the relation and situation you’re dealing with. 

Does the guy like me if he squeezes me while hugging?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Look, not necessarily the guy has to like you or has to have some mushy-mushy feelings for you to give a squeezing hug. Yes, you’re definitely one of his closest persons and he values you a lot. But he may just value you as a close friend. Whether he likes you or not depends on several other factors. 

Despite being his family he squeezes me in hugs. Why?

Simply because he loves you as his family and he looks at you as one of the closest people to his heart. You may be his sister, his cousin, or anything. There may be a lot of things that go on in the subconscious mind of men, but they hardly think that deeply before squeezing someone in a hug. 


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