My Ex Hasn't Blocked Me On WhatsApp (Still Love Me?)

Adhideb Ghosh
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In relationships, a breakup hurts a lot. Who knows it better than a sufferer! A few things are very common after most of the breakups. One of those is almost everybody wishes their ex-partner to be still in love with them. To understand how the ex-partner is feeling, people tend to try many different approaches. And It’s indeed a truth that social media has taken a huge toll on modern-day relationships.

That’s why a lot of decision-making depends upon how an ex-partner treats you on Whatsapp and other platforms. Blocking and unblocking is a whole new perspective of parting ways with someone from the past, one who is no more interested in.

After breakups, we often keep checking our ex’s social media and especially WhatsApp DP and status to analyze their emotional state and feelings towards us. If sometimes we find them blocking us, we understand that they don’t want to maintain the past connection anymore.

But if even after a long time of break up our ex doesn’t block us on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media, we tend to suffer in various confusions.

‘Does he/she still love me?’ ‘Should we approach him/her again?’ ‘Didn’t the breakup affect him/her?’ These silly questions keep roaming in our minds when we find our ex not blocking us on WhatsApp even a long time after the breakups. 

If you have searched for these kinda blogs and landed on this page, then you also may be a sufferer of such post-breakup confusion. Don’t worry, I will be resolving all your doubts regarding this context in this blog. 

Now if you ask me why your ex hasn’t blocked you on WhatsApp and whether it means he/she still loves you or not, I must say that loving you can indeed be one reason for not blocking you on WhatsApp. But there can be many other reasons too behind not blocking you. But from my experience, I wanna say if your ex hasn’t blocked you on Whatsapp, it rarely means that he/she still loves you. You also always remember that he/she is your ex for a reason and the quicker you get that straight is better. 

Love is an honest feeling and you will know if a person is in love with you, through his/her actions. In this write-up, I will help you understand what it exactly means when an ex has not blocked you on WhatsApp and if he/she still loves you. 

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Has Not Blocked You On Whatsapp?

If you wanna understand whether your ex still loves you or not, you must know the potential reasons behind not blocking you on WhatsApp. After knowing the reasons, you must identify your specific one and then make the mind about your ex.

But look, not blocking you on WhatsApp is very a personal thing for your ex. It could simply be his/her choice without any definitive reason.  It is, however, important to not overthink the fact and keep building castles in the air. his/her reasons could be anything. But, if you still need clarity on the same, here are some reasons you can consider. 

He/she is Keeping Communication Open

It has been months or years since your breakup and he/she is of course well aware of your existence in his/her WhatsApp. Keeping you unblocked on WhatsApp can simply mean that he/she is over the past bitterness (if any) and has kept the channel of communication open for you. You can communicate with them over the text and start afresh communication from again. 

However, this unblocked state of your contact on his/her WhatsApp will never mean that he/she still loves you. So if He/she has not blocked you on any social media platform, it is better that you take the situation as it is and not overthink it.

He/she Is Playing Mind Games

In some cases, it can be that your ex-partner is simply trying to play mind games with you. The person maybe has not got over you yet or is trying to test the waters that you are standing in right now. He/she is simply confused to make a clear decision whether to reconnect with you or let things just be the way it is. 

Love is not yet the answer here. The air of confusion is still in the room. If you are interested in this man/woman, I suggest you think twice! 

He/she Is Thinking To Pursue You Again

Keeping you unblocked on WhatsApp after a prolonged time of no contact can also mean that the person is trying (or rather planning) to pursue you again with a possible love offer.  In some cases, it can also be a platonic offer to be friends and just build contact and start afresh friendship. 

Whether this person still loves you or not, it will vary from situation to situation. Whatsapp contact is a personal choice. Unblocking someone doesn't necessarily mean anything at all sometimes, yet much more than the other times. I advise my readers to evaluate his/her unique situation based on his/her relationship prospects with this ex-partner.

He/she Is Just Being Real And Mature 

Yes, I agree that breakups are traumatizing, painful, and stressful. However, sometimes we can act mature after it has been really long after a breakup. Both of you have moved on in life and respective profession with other people, friends, and family. Your hearts are healed and both of you are doing great and happy in respective situations. 

This is a very healthy stage when an ex-partner may connect with you or unblock you on Whatsapp and other social media platforms. Of course, there is no more lingering energy of love or hard feelings left. So it is a healthy situation to have a good conversation with the person.

He/she Is Being Too Ignorant About You

After many breakups, people tend to get too ignorant about his/her ex that blocking them on WhatsApp hardly matters. In this case, your ex is giving too little priority to your virtual presence in his/her life. In fact, it isn’t bothering him/her. Maybe he/she is happy in his/her current state of life and your presence of absence doesn’t bother her. 

Something Or Someone Is Stopping Them From Contacting

When an ex-partner has not blocked you on WhatsApp, chances are he/she is trying to contact you. If your breakup was fresh and you intuitively feel the other person is trying to contact you as well, it could be true.

However, there is someone or something (mental stress, overthinking, possible present partner, family issues, preconceived perception, etc…) that is stopping them from communicating clearly with you. 

In such cases, you can also try to contact them and clear misunderstandings(if any). 

However, keep your expectations low from this person(ex-partner) and do not overthink the situation as a possible love offer. Not without proper and clear communication at least.

He/She Still Feels For You

It’s maybe the most desired scenario you were looking for. Maybe your ex has now realized that the breakup was a mistake and he/she still feels for you. That’s why he/she kept you unblocked on WhatsApp to get some attention and most importantly to notice your virtual presence. In such scenarios, your ex expects you to text him/her. 

You Will Know If An Ex Still Cares About You

Well, now you already know most of the possible reasons why your ex-partner has not blocked you on Whatsapp. But the answer to the second part of the topic "he/she loves you or not?" Is here. 

How can you understand that your ex still loves you or not? Look, when somebody loves a person, he/she does many such activities and sends many such signals from both conscious and subconscious mind, that through those activities and signal his/her mental tendencies can be identified.

Look, if someone loves you or has caught feelings for you after a long break; chances are you already know. You just have learned the art of identifying those signals. Here are some of the confirmation signs I wanted to assure my readers with. 

Slight Hints

sometimes things become awkward between two partners after a breakup. The person who was once the closest and unfiltered buddy or partner feels like a stranger now. Talking to them without any filter or awkwardness feels strange and new again. It thus becomes difficult to reveal our honest intentions to them at once. 

However, as your ex-partner has already unblocked you (or has not blocked you at all in the first place); he/she will give slight hints by action and words to reveal if he/she still loves you

Either light-hearted flirting, romantic status tagging you or dedicating you, song recommendations, leading conversations to know your current relationship status and whereabouts are definitely to follow in the initial stages. These hints that the ex-partner is still interested in you and would like to know you more. 

Frequent Texting Or Calling 

Well, when an ex-partner who has not blocked you on WhatsApp, starts calling and texting you again after a period of pause, it hints interest from his/her side. All of a sudden he/she will start calling you often and frequent texts will follow from his/her end.

Asking you about your day-to-day deals, health, office plans and sometimes he/she may end up planning a dine out too. This sudden overflow of care and affection is important to be taken with a pinch of salt though.  

If you are also interested in connecting afresh with this ex-partner, there is no need to rush. Go slow at your own pace and trust his/her actions over words. Frequent texting and calling is a common way to confess love and affection to an ex.

Making Small Efforts

As it always goes, our actions speak louder than words. If an ex still loves you or not will be revealed by his/her actions mainly. The way a person makes efforts to talk to you or keep in touch, makes you feel special, and more added efforts as he/she is reconnecting after a prior breakup will help you gain the much-needed air of clarity. 

Keeping you unblocked on WhatsApp or any other social media platform is never enough. It will require more out of him to prove his/her honest intentions towards you. Watch out for the added efforts he/she puts into knowing you again. What are the differences you see in them? It is often easy to look out for his/her growth as you have known the person intimately before. 

Remember little things are the only things in relationships that make the most bigger differences. If you are interested too, this new start will require more effort from you too.   

He/she Say So

If an ex has feelings for you, he/she will make sure that you know his/her truth. He/she will come up front and reveal that he/she wants to start all over again. This is honestly a very rare case scenario when an ex-partner will do so. But if the person is making sure that you know he/she loves you still, do not be the one to jump straight into a fresh start with the same old person.

Take your time to know them from the scratch. Evaluate them and yourself too. Observe how far have you both come and if this growth will eventually result in something serious.

Honestly, there is no point going around in circles with an ex-partner just because he/she says he/she still loves you. Ending up after a few months, fighting out the old fights, and repeating the same on-off relationship status with them is of no help. 

So in case an ex-partner says and proves by his/her actions and behavior that he/she is indeed in love with you and trying to make a difference, believe him/her! Take your own sweet and slow time and then proceed. 

You Share Friendships On Good Terms

Not necessarily love always has to be romantic. As we are discussing an ex-partner here, it can be a platonic new start as well. Relationships fall apart, people break up, and then move on. If this person has not blocked you on WhatsApp, it may mean that he/she still loves you in a very platonic state of mind. 

He/she share a healthy bond of friendship with you and would love to sit over a cup of coffee with you. 

This very clearly means that this ex-partner loves you as a great friend and someone who he/she can rely on when in need. These beautiful bonds of friendship are to be cherished and not to be overthought. All you can do is put a beautiful smile on your face and enjoy your friendship with this ex-partner. 

Hopefully, after going through this entire blog, you have understood the potential reasons why your ex hasn’t blocked you yet on WhatsApp. Perhaps, you’ve already figured it out too whether your ex still loves you or not. If your ex still loves you, then I would like to suggest proceeding slower. Don’t rush and jump into anything, take your time, evaluate yourself, and then go for it accordingly.

But if you have figured out that your ex doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore, don’t be disheartened. Your life hasn’t ended here. There are thousands of guys and girls out there who may be waiting for someone exactly like you. So, feel the freedom, wings up, and explore. Who knows, maybe this breakup is gonna change your life. 

Happy dating. 


Why hasn’t he/she blocked me yet?

Chances are the ex you are enquiring about is a person who keeps all numbers in his/her contact list. Maybe He/she is okay with sharing a healthy, friendly connection with you. There could be various other reasons behind your ex’s not blocking you on WhatsApp. The reasons are often personal and vary from one person to another. 

Does he/she still love me?

He/she is your EX for a reason! He/she is a past connection. Having you on WhatsApp or any other social media can never mean that he/she loves you still. Also, if he/she does, his/her actions will show the same at best. It’s not hard to understand the love language of a person who genuinely feels for you.

How can I start talking to my ex again?

Before you start talking again with your ex-boyfriend, you must let go of the past grudges, anger, and resentment. Once you are ready, simply connect with your ex as a good old friend and get to know them as a new person, shading all the images that you have to hold on to in your mind. Start talking about new interesting topics and get to know each other better.

Can we start an afresh relationship with an ex?

Yes, you can start an afresh relationship with your ex-partner, only and only on mutual acceptance. If you are sure that your ex-partner wants it to, you may give this connection one last chance. However, be prepared to pursue with a strong mind as anything may follow both in negative and positive perspectives. 


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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