Author: Moumita Roy

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Know Exact Reasons Why A Guy Goes Offline When You Come Online

You had a nice conversation with him last week. You don’t realize how the topic of conversation moved to Taylor swift from chicken salad. Throughout these random conversations, you laughed hard. In some places, you felt nostalgic too. It was going smoothly. You enjoyed it. But out of a sudden, something feels off. Or, maybe […]
Written by Moumita Roy 
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I Texted Him Too Much How Do I Fix It?

You wake up and text him, "Good Morning." While sipping your first cup of coffee, you ask him what he is having for breakfast. You take a shower. Dress up. Text him you are about to leave for your classes, and what about him. While stuck in traffic on the way, you check on him. […]
Written by Moumita Roy 
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